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Must Have Outdoor Gear When Camping In Australia

Must Have Outdoor Gear When Camping In Australia

Australia is blessed with some of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Ancient rock formations, gorgeous lakes, vast sand dunes, powder white beaches and wetlands brimming with life. So is it really a surprise that camping is the country's national (unofficially, at least) pastime?

Camping is very exciting that's true. It's also true that you'll never know what you'll encounter when you're camping whether you're in the woods, the mountains or the beach. Point is if you're not prepared enough, you may regret camping to begin with. This is why creating a camping checklist is important so you won't forget to bring essential camping gear for the trip.

So what are the must have outdoor gear when you're camping in Australia? The answer actually depends on a number of factors: type of vehicle you're going to use, size of your camping group and how long you're going to be away. To get you started, we've listed the gear that you really shouldn't forget.



The first thing you set up in your campsite is shelter. Whether you are camping with family, friends or you're going solo, investing in high quality tents is important. Check that the tent you're interested in is durable, thick enough to keep you warm at night, and water resistant.

4 Person Tent from outbax.com.au


Check also how well ventilated the tent is, considering that many places in Australia can get pretty hot especially if you're camping during the summer. You can also add a canopy at the entrance of the tent to add more shade.

If you're out camping alone, bringing a full tent can be inconvenient. Besides, it can be difficult to set up a tent when you don't have anyone to give you a hand. In this case, a swag tent is your best option for shelter.

Swag tents with air pillow


Sleeping bag

After you've set up shelter, you need to make sure you the right gear for sleeping. While there are some that enjoy really roughing it and can somehow sleep with just a blanket laid out in the tent, you will benefit from a comfortable sleep that sleeping bags or even inflatable camp mats provide.

Sleeping bags keep you warm and comfy in the outdoors


Thermal sleeping bags are great for camping during cold winter months. If you want to take your camping to the next level, bringing inflatable mattresses is another way to get a good night's sleep outdoors.


Power stations

A backup power source is necessary when you're camping. A power station or a battery allows you to keep your phone charged so you can make a call during emergencies, making it one of the best new outdoor gear nowadays. Batteries can also be used to power lights so you can keep your campsite safe at night. Sure, a campfire provides light but it isn't enough. Also, there are some national parks and campgrounds that don't allow campfires, especially during the summer.

Hyundai 300W power station from outbax.com.au


These power stations come with USB ports so you can charge digital cameras, cellphones, and any 12V gadget. You can use it to jumpstart your car and power up camping appliances like a portable electric stove or even a camping fridge. It can be charged via electrical socket or using a portable solar panel.

Alternative power sources like solar panels are essential when you're camping in remote areas. Not only does it keep your power stations/batteries charged, you don't have to worry about refueling it as it only needs sunlight to produce electricity. It doesn't emit noise or smoke so it won't bother other campers and you don't have to start a campfire to illuminate the site at night or power up your stove for cooking.

If you're a first time buyer and wondering which solar panels are best for camping, you need to determine exactly what type of camper you are. Do you go camping every weekend or just once a month? Do you just camp with essentials or are you the type to bring all the comforts of home with you? Answering these questions will narrow down your options.


Survival Gear

We can't stress it enough you need to be prepared for anything when you're camping. So, having a survival kit is a must wherever you go.


Image BY Global X via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 2.0


While you can buy survival kits online or in supply stores, it's more fun to put together your own. Make sure that your kit includes a first aid kit, flashlight with spare batteries, medication (antihistamine, fever and cough meds), and scissors, lighter, filter straw, insect repellant, multi-purpose knife/tool and duct tape. It's easier to treat wounds or deal with accidents if you have these essentials with you. It also helps to take first aid training so you'd be more capable of handling emergency situations.


Other outdoor gear

Just because you're camping doesn't mean you will completely leave the comforts of home. You can bring a folding table where you can set up your outdoor kitchen. If you don't like the idea of bringing camp chairs, you can lay down a blanket or a mat and have a picnic under a gazebo so you won't have to sit under the sun for too long.

Image BY RichardBH via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 2.0


If you're staying in an area where there aren't restroom facilities available, a shower tent, portable showers and portable outdoor toilets are available either in online stores or camping supply shops. You can set up your outdoor bathroom by setting up a separate privacy tent for a toilet and shower. You can even set up an inflatable spa if you have a water source nearby and a way to inflate it. That'd be a great way to go camping, for sure.


Camping in Australia is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. There's just so much to see and really, we can't think of a better way to experience this amazing country. Of course, having the right outdoor gear takes camping in Australia to the next level, so make sure that you got all the essentials covered.