Everything Awesome About the Gentrax 2kW Inverter Generator

Everything Awesome About the Gentrax 2kW Inverter Generator

Are you looking to buy a 2kW generator? If you are, here's a piece of advice: go for inverter generators. These modern units are a win in efficiency, lifespan, and output quality. They are also highly portable, so whether you're using them for a camping adventure or as backup power during a stormy night, you'll have no trouble carrying this around.

A 2kW portable inverter generator is one of the handiest ways you can power a campsite or keep your essential appliances running in case of a sudden power outage. 2kW generators pack just enough power for a whole day of use, especially with a non-full load.

Luckily, these portable generators are easy to get a hold of as there are tons of in-house and online camping stores with available inverter generators for sale. Some of the most prominent names that you've most likely heard of would be the Yamaha inverter generator, the Honda inverter generator, and of course, the Gentrax generator. These are also the best names you can go for in terms of overall performance.

Let's have a look at the Gentrax inverter generators in particular. Gradually carving its name in the generator market, each Gentrax generator is crafted with the utmost reliability in mind. From build to features and operation, these units have it all and have garnered impressive reviews over the years across multiple online platforms.

Here are the TOP reasons why you should definitely opt for a Gentrax 2kW inverter generator.

Safe For Sensitive Devices

Our 2kW inverter generator produces a pure sine wave output, just like all Gentrax units. This means cleaner, smoother power that is safe to use for sensitive devices such as mobile phones and laptops.


The Gentrax 2kW generator can run up to 9 hours on a 50% load but get this - it has an eco-mode feature that you can switch on for increased fuel efficiency! Practical and a total performer, this is every outdoor lover's dream portable generator for camping.

Easy Maintenance

Effortlessly extend the service life of your Gentrax unit with its built-in low oil and overload protection. You'd be thrilled to know that all our units are UV-protected as well, perfect for a day out during summer!

Eco-friendly power

Gentrax generators are EURO 5 certified, meaning they have passed the Australian emission standards. How cool is that - you get to enjoy & take care of the environment at the same time!

Quiet runtime

Forget those bulky generators that put the spotlight on you with their roaring noise. Our 2kW quiet generator runs at 58dB @ 7m noise level, similar to the sound produced by a TV on low volume for peaceful operation.

Outbax Tips on Camping With Your 2kW Inverter Generator

Aside from premium quality generators, Outbax also has a team of experts happy to assist you in buying your unit. We love the outdoors as much as you do, so here are some tips from fellow outdoor enthusiasts once you get your 2kW generator!

Tip #1: Safety First, ALWAYS.

This does not apply to 2kW generators alone. Whether you have a 2.2kw generator, a 3kva generator or whatever unit, read the manufacturer's instructions and follow all safety guidelines. When setting up your generator, prop it in an open area at least 20 feet away from you.

Tip #2: Mind Your Usage

When using a portable generator, especially in off-grid settings, only run the most important appliances & switch them off when not in use to conserve fuel and minimise noise as well. A 2kW generator in particular is not meant to run continuously for several days, so make sure to use it wisely.

Tip #3: Keep Your Generator Protected From Moisture

Electricity and water are not a good match. See to it that your generator is properly grounded for extra protection against electrical shocks in case your generator gets wet. Remember: it's always best not to use your unit in the rain unless you can keep it sheltered enough that no moisture can reach it.

Ready to purchase your brand-new 2kW inverter generator? Check out our very own Gentrax 2kW Max 1.7 Rated Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator. It's ultra-portable, high-power, & extra-efficientjust like all generators from the Gentrax range!

While you're at it, you might want to have a look at our other portable power sources too. We have everything from a 100 amp deep cycle battery, a foldable solar mat, and a handy power station! Visit our website now and shop from a range of premium outdoor gear!

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