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10 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Hot Tub Experience

10 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Hot Tub Experience

10 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Hot Tub Experience

Long day? A good soak in a warm, bubbling bath is probably just what you need to loosen up.

I bet an image of a hot tub just popped into your head. Something spacious to let you sit comfortably and with lots of massage jets to target those sore muscles. It should be easy to set up too, preferably, as you'd want to hop in right away

Well, getting a great hot tub is good and all, but what you do with it also matters. Want to level up that cosy dip? Check out these tried-and-tested ways how to make the most out of your hot tub bath.

Choose the right hot tub

If you're yet to purchase your hot tub, make sure to get great quality at an affordable price. Currently, portable hot tubs or inflatable spas are gaining popularity with tons of feature-packed models to choose from. Whether you want a small 2 person spa or something bigger to accommodate friends and family like a 6 person spa, you have tons of options available.

Find the perfect temperature

Set the temperature that works best for you. It should be warm enough to keep you nice and cosy, but not too hot that it's almost uncomfortable. A lot of blow up spas or hot tubs in the market such as the Bestway inflatable spas now have a touch-screen control panel for easy temperature adjustment as well as a rapid heating function to minimise your waiting time.

Catch up on your current read

Have you tried reading in a hot tub? You should. A great book and a relaxing soak are one of the best combos whether you're capping off a day or starting the weekend. Just make sure you don't drop the book in your bath or buy a caddy to prop it on.

Enjoy a game or two

Hot tub hockey, ping pong panic, or even a game of cardsplaying fun games makes quality time with loved ones a lot better! There are more of these you can try when you search online or maybe you can even invent your very own game to enjoy.

Soak up with friends

A hot tub dip is perfect for some me- time, but it's also equally great with your best buddies. Now's the best time to share stories, have a good laugh, or even play water-friendly games! Do you know what's even more fun? Host a weekend hot tub party! Some inflatable hot tubs like the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Maldives even feature multicolour LED lights perfect for little celebrations with friends.

Try aromatherapy

While essential oils are not safe for most hot tubs, there are other ways to enjoy your favourite soothing scents. You can either prop a diffuser nearby or switch to scented candles instead. Our personal recommendation would be to go for lavender, chamomile, and rose scents for a calming overall vibe.

Meditate and disconnect

Leave your gadgets behind and focus on relaxing your mind and body. The comfort of soaking in a cosy bath will help calm you down, so enjoy the peace and use this time to meditate for a restful day or night ahead.

Set the mood with music

Pick your tunes according to the ambience you want to set. If you're a peaceful me-time, go with mellow songs or soft instrumental music. Hosting a hot tub party? That calls for fun, upbeat music that will get everyone in the mood to have a great time.

Fix yourself a drink

This one's all up to youwhether you want a steaming cup of hot chocolate or your go-to cocktail fix, go ahead and treat yourself! You could even add in munchies too. They'll definitely taste better when you're all warm and comfy.

Go for an easy-setup hot tub

You don't necessarily need to assemble anything with a fixed hot tub but with a portable one, you need to set it up first. See to it that your portable hot tub or inflatable spa is easy to put together and won't have you wait for ages before you can relax. It should be as convenient to tidy up once you're done too, so you spend more time actually enjoying your bath and less time assembling or disassembling it.

See, it doesn't take much to level up a hot tub bathyou can even use what you already have at home! Prep a couple of these the next time you're thinking of treating yourself to a warm, soothing dip for the ultimate vacation-like experience right in the comfort of your house.

Don't have a hot tub yet but dreaming of one? No worries, you have lots of options both online and in physical stores. Here at Outbax, you can also check out our wide collection of portable spas and spa accessories! These boast durability for long-lasting use and convenient, user-friendly features that you're sure to love. Shop now to catch amazing deals and prices!