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Neovolta 60V Lithium-ion Battery Charger

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  • 60V Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Protected Fast Charging
  • Battery Identification Communication System
  • Smart Dual Fan Control System
  • LED Display for Charging Status

High charging current, high power, perfect charging protection, battery identification communication system, intelligent dual-fan control system, LED display to indicate the charging status, Quick Charge for convenient using Other 60V tools on the platform share battery and charger compatibility, and only one battery and charger is needed to power any tool in the series. The Neovolta 60V Lithium-Ion Battery Charger is available here at Outbax.

Please take note that there are no batteries nor tools supplied with this charger.

The lithium-ion charger is a fast-charging device that is perfect for the Neovolta lithium-ion battery which can be used in any battery-powered 60V tool such as the cordless blower, chainsaw, or trimmer. Only one battery can be charged in this device. And there is a LED display to inform you when the battery is already fully charged or still charging.

To avoid reducing the battery life of the lithium-ion batteries, refrain from fully draining the battery as it will permanently damage it. There will occur a short circuit on the metal plating which makes the battery unsafe to use. When this happens, it's best to buy another battery for safety reasons. Another thing to avoid is overcharging the battery. This will cause damage to the battery as well. It will become unstable inside the battery, it will cause thermal runaway or overheating, and it would increase pressure inside.


Whether you use a battery or gas, both of them still give power to the tools. However, most people prefer battery-powered tools because of various reasons. The first reason is that they are lightweight, so they are easier to carry and can finish the job immediately. Plus, you wouldn't have to worry about your body aching from carrying heavy equipment, especially when you use it for long hours. The next reason is they are quieter. It would be less likely to disturb a quiet neighborhood with low-level decibel sounds or disturb your neighbors.

Next is that they are durable and low maintenance. Yes, you have to charge the battery when it runs low but that's all you have to do. And the batteries are long-lasting as well, as long as they are used properly.

There are other reasons to mention, however, these three reasons are already enough to know that purchasing a battery-powered tool is worth it. They might be expensive but you are paying for the high-quality.

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Neovolta 60V Lithium-ion Battery Charger

$159.00 $449.00


Input Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Charging Voltage: 63V
Charging Current: 4.3A Max.
Charging Time: 35 min (2.5Ah)


1 x 60V Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
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