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Afterpay Outdoor Store - Buy Outdoor Gear Now, Pay Later


Shopping has never been this easy.

Introducing Afterpay, a payment method geared for all kinds of shoppers. Get your hands on the best camping equipment including inverter generators, lithium batteries, solar panels, and power stations. Those who love soaking in water will also be thrilled with our wide range of spas and above ground pools. No matter where or how you want to relax, Outbax has something in store for you.

Even better, when you use Afterpay, you can pay for your items for over 6 weeks WITHOUT interest. How awesome is that?

Afterpay Perks

Afterpay allows users to pay in 4 instalments, both for online and in-store purchases. You need to pay your first instalment upon purchase, and the rest of it every after 2 weeks. No pressure, no hassle, and no extra fees if you pay on time. 

Think that’s all? Afterpay is all about convenient shopping. Download the app and you'll get regular reminders on when you need to pay. Creating an account is also as easy as it can get. You'll know if you're approved within seconds so no need to wait for a long time especially if you're downloading on the spot before paying your purchases.

In-store vs. Online Shopping

There’s no better way to shop with Afterpay. Enjoy a terrific shopping experience whether you browse in-store or via mobile.

More about Afterpay Card

Afterpay Card offer the same perks, but for in-store purchases. Set up is quick and easy as well—all you need is your email, phone number, address, DOB, and debit/credit card. Pay your first out of 4 initial installments and the rest for over 6 weeks with ZERO interest. Best of all, buy your favourite items instantly and make safe, contactless payments. Simply add the Afterpay Card to your digital wallets and you're all set to shop!


In cases of late repayments, Afterpay will automatically try to process payments on the scheduled dates from your card. There is an initial $10 late fee and an additional $7 if the payment remains unpaid 7 days after the due date. 

For orders below $40, a maximum of one $10 late fee may be applied per order. Purchases amounting to $40 and above may have a total of late fees capped at 25% of the original order value or $68, whichever is less. 

Have trouble paying? Check out Afterpay's Hardship option.

See Afterpay's Terms & Conditions to learn more.


  • Who can sign up for Afterpay?
    Those who are 18 years old and above who are authorised holders of eligible debit/credit cards may apply for Afterpay.
  • Which brands accept Afterpay?
    You can see where you can shop in the Afterpay app. Simply tap the card tab to browse stores near you.
  • How do I know my spending limit?
    The Afterpay app also displays how much you can spend. Open the app and view your pre-approved spend on the card tab.
  • Is there a minimum on in-store Afterpay purchases? Is there a maximum spend?
    Afterpay does not specify a minimum purchase amount but it's best to check with the store's policies beforehand as well.
  • How do I return in-store purchases using Afterpay?
    First, check with the retailer to make sure the item is eligible for return. If it is, follow the following steps:
    • Open the app and tap on the card tab
    • Select "How it works" on the upper right corner, then click on "How do I return an order
    • Choose the "Make an Afterpay Card return" button, followed by "Refund to Afterpay Card
    • Your Afterpay Card will open in your digital wallet. Tap the phone near the card reader to initiate the return
    • Keep your receipt for confirmation. It may take up to 10 days for funds to be returned after a successful transaction