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Aussies love yoga. That's a fact. It's a popular physical activity for both young ones and older individuals, which is why it's not surprising that yoga mats and straps are pretty in-demand as well. After all, you get to enjoy the craft to its fullest with the right essentials at hand. Quality yoga mats and straps also help users maximise the benefits of yoga as these help with proper positioning and execution of moves.

By utilising these accessories correctly, you get to improve your flexibility, tone your muscles, and maintain your balance for better overall health. 

Just like most home gym equipment, these yoga essentials also come in different types, sizes, and qualities. They're typically available in most of your favourite local stores. For instance, you can easily get a Kmart yoga mat or something from the nearest all-in store to your home. 

Here at Outbax, we also house some of the best yoga mats and straps online. Each of our yoga mats and straps is crafted with comfort and quality in mind so you can freely do all those stretches hassle-free! You might want to look at our available workout equipment as well including treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and more!

How To Choose Your Yoga Mats and Straps?

As mentioned earlier, yoga mats and straps come in different types. If you're a newbie and would like to know how to spot the best yoga mats, here are the top things to look for: 


Usually, standard yoga mats are about 1/8 thick, with the thickest ones about 1/4. What you need to consider here is comfort, storage area, and portability. If you prefer a cushioned mat, keep in mind that you should be willing to carry a little more weight and store a chunkier piece too. 


Your yoga mat's material impacts its texture, stickiness, and earth-friendliness. This could either be PVC, latex, or cotton. Consider if you're allergic to any material (like rubber, for example), how soft you want the mat to be, and as much as possible, try going for eco-friendly options. 


The texture of your mat also indicates how much traction it has. You don't want to be slipping and sliding throughout your routine, so make sure you choose something with a good grip such as jute or rubber mats.


Mats made of natural or recycled rubber are typically eco-friendly. You also have great options with jute and cotton without compromising on your other preferences such as thickness and portability.

For yoga straps, the two most important factors to consider would be the size and cinch. Yoga mat straps usually come in three lengths: 6', 8' and 10'. A 6' strap is enough to cover yoga basics but if you're taller, it might be better to go for a 10' instead. 

The strap's cinch can either be plastic, metal or quick-release. Among these, you can get the most out of traditional metal, D-ring cinch as these glide better and are easier to adjust. 

What Are The Types Of Yoga Mats & Straps?

Yoga mats mostly differ in material. For instance, if you're big on sustainability, your best options are either rubber, cork or jute. Durability is PVC's main advantage, while portability is the core benefit of EVA-made yoga mats. It all boils down to your personal preferences and needs.

Yoga straps, on the other hand, have different types to choose from. Here's a quick rundown of them for reference:

No rings/buckle

The best thing about yoga straps without rings or buckles is that they won't complicate your yoga routine. There are no adjustments needed and you won't create a scene in case you accidentally drop it during class. 

Cinch buckle

Yoga straps with a cinch buckle are the most popular because they're easily adjustable and provide maximum support at the same time. 

Pinch buckle strap

A pinch buckle strap allows for quick strap adjustment and locking. Pair it with a thick cotton strap and you got the best yoga strap combo that offers both comfort and support.


Straps with D-ring closures are perfect for taller individuals who prefer the extra length. These are highly durable and easy to secure as well, supporting different types of yoga postures. 

Why Do You Need Yoga Mats and Straps?

The purpose of a yoga mat is comfort, protection, and support. Yoga requires many different positions whether you're stretching or doing ab work and these could be uncomfortable especially for joint areas when put under pressure on a hard floor. 

Having a cushioned mat underneath not only adds comfort but protects you from injuries as well. It also acts as a protective layer for your floor, which prevents it from getting damaged. Some complex exercises can cause you to lose control, resulting in a dent or scruff on your floor. This can be avoided with a thick, quality mat that can absorb the impact of anything you throw at it. 

Yoga straps, meanwhile, are mainly used for stretching. These help you achieve a wide range of moves and allow you to change positions easier, perfect for both beginners and seasoned yogis. 

Ready for your first yoga class? Quit searching "best yoga mats Australia" on your search bar now and head straight to Outbax for your essentials. We got a full range of them here, plus other accessories you might need for your fitness journey. 

If you want a breath of fresh air and hit the outdoors, this is your go-to online shop as well. Outbax houses premium camping equipment for all adventurers out there so whether you're after a new mountain bike, a lithium RV battery, or a reliable quiet camping generator, we got you covered!

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