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Outdoor Bar Carts

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Love hosting gatherings at home? Looking for a new way to spice up your outdoor setting? Whatever it is, an outdoor bar cart is sure to make a useful piece.

Also referred to as a bar trolley cart, this household item is both functional and stylish. It holds a lot of things and can also be used indoors if you want plus, with a ton of designs to choose from, it can easily transform any space you choose to put it in. Outdoor bar carts are also quite popular in Aussie homes. Fueled by a love for mingling, backyard parties, and fresh home designs, these carts are available left and right in your favourite local stores and of course, here at Outbax as well. 

How To Choose An Outdoor Bar Cart?

Size & Portability

A large, generous outdoor bar cart will look terrific on a sprawling lawn but can crowd a tiny balcony. Make sure to consider how big of a space you've got first-not just the actual size but also whether you have items in there that might be already taking up a big part of your area such as an inflatable spa, for example. 

You also want to decide how portable your outdoor bar cart will be. You're likely to be moving it around especially when serving, so something that's easy to transport from one place to another would be the best. We recommend you go for a wheeled one whether it has 4 or 2 wheels for easy manoeuvering. 

In terms of weight, go for somewhere in the middle, meaning not too lightweight that it won't be able to hold enough but also not too heavy that it's difficult to work with.


Your cart will be holding a bunch of things from time to time and will be exposed to the elements if you're going to use them outdoors. Choose an outdoor bar cart made from rustproof or powder-coated materials for long-lasting durability. 

If you want a natural-looking one, go for weather-resistant wicker or wood like acacia. You also want to check for sturdy wheels and casters that can still glide smoothly on uneven outdoor surfaces.


What's your home style? Is it minimalist, boho, or modern? Pick an outdoor cart design that will compliment the existing overall look of your house. If you're serving fancy drinks or tea with a couple of flowers for decor, a simple design will do. Storage space is another thing you need to consider. Some carts come with cupboards, wine racks, & utensil drawers, so pick something well-suited for how you plan to use it.

What Are The Ways To Style Your Outdoor Bar Cart?

Outdoor bar cart styling plays a big role in the overall appearance of your setup. With so many styles to choose from, you'll have fun getting creative on how & where your cart can be used. Here are some of the top ways to show off a bar trolley cart:

Keep It Classic

Nothing beats the original server-style outdoor bar cart. Use it as a snacks or outdoor drinks trolley when catching up with your best mates, entertaining guests, or hosting small dinner parties. Want it a tad fancy? Choose a vintage bar cart & pair it with equally dainty utensils!

Fashion A Drink's Station

If you're hosting a party, everyone is sure to appreciate a drinks station. Fill your cart with cocktails, juices, and an assortment of sodas for the ultimate drinks corner! 

Liven Up A Corner

Need a place for extra items such as decorative pieces, photo albums, and magazines? Use a cart in place of a regular shelf for a bit of flair. Take it up by a notch & go for a gold bar cart or rattan bar cart to instantly accent the space. 

Use It As A Side Table

A smaller outdoor bar cart would make a lovely side table as well. Use it to hold a lamp, a few books, and a vase full of flowers for a fresh, relaxed vibe.

Welcome Guests With Refreshments 

Be the best host ever & greet your guests with an outdoor bar cart filled with cooling drinks! This is the perfect backyard party starter on a hot summer day, followed by a dip in an above-ground pool!

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