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Beach Shelters

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Aussies are beach people, without a doubt. You'd often see them enjoying the salty water or basking in the sunlight with family and friends. After all, why settle for an outdoor sandpit when you have tons of nearby sandy stretches? Just pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and beach shelter and you're all set for a great day.

You want to enjoy that sunny day but still protect your skin from a nasty sunburn and a spacious, sturdy shelter is just the perfect item for that. Bring this with your underwater camera and snorkelling gear, so you don’t come home all red and in pain!

The great thing about these sun shields is they come in different types and sizes to accommodate both small and large crowds. They usually require a simple assembly as well, so you won't have to spend hours setting up your beach shelter tent.

Beach shelters are typically available in your favourite local market-beach shelter Bunnings, beach shelter Kmart, Big W beach shelter-you name the all-in shop closest to you and there's a good chance they have it. 

If you prefer shopping online and want to get yours from a specialised outdoor store, check out our collection here at Outbax. We got plenty of them made with quality materials, which will last for years of beach adventures!

What Are the Types of Beach Shelters?

Beach shelters are sometimes referred to as beach tents or canopies. The terms vary because of the many shapes they come in, so it's up to you to choose which one best fits your preferences. Here are some of the most common types of beach shelters you will encounter: 

Beach Shade/Traditional Pole Beach Tents

These come with individual collapsible poles that require simple assembly and have a lightweight (usually cloth) cover material. It's handy and perfect for solo or two-person use, especially for shorter beach trips. 


If you have a larger crowd, this is the best beach shelter for you. A cabana or gazebo beach tent is tall with no walls, allowing you to easily fit in a comfortable chair under its shade. They're one of the best options in terms of sturdiness yet also the bulkiest and most expensive so if portability is a priority, you might want to have a look at other beach shades instead. 


Canopy beach shades look much like the gazebo/cabana type. They have open sides but can have a wall attached to them if needed and have a higher ceiling than traditional beach tents which makes moving around so much easier. 

Pop up Beach Shelter

These look like your average camping tent but are much easier to set up and typically have an open front so you can relax in it with a stunning view of the ocean. Ideally, they should be lightweight and space-savvy for easy packing in the car. Pop-up beach tents are great for families too, although they only have a little height to them so you can only sit while enjoying the shade.

Half-Dome Beach Tent

Half-dome beach tents are a fusion of a standard beach tent and an umbrella. Offering more side protection from the sun, these are great options for additional privacy and protecting yourself from the wind. 

Umbrella Beach Shade

Umbrella beach shades are super affordable and take seconds to assemble. However, these can easily be blown away so it's not very ideal to use on a windy day.

What To Look For In Beach Shelters?

Don't just type "beach tents Australia" and click on the first thing you see. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a beach shelter.

Intended Use

Who will use the shelter? How much shade do you prefer? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before heading out to buy a beach shade. You want to prioritise how you want to use it before moving on to smaller details like design, as this will largely impact other factors such as size and assembly. 


The first thing you need to ask yourself here is how many people are using the shelter. You also need to consider how much space it takes up especially if you intend to pitch it on a crowded beach. You want your shade to accommodate your entire crew & be able to fit well even in busy areas, so size accordingly!


Most beach shades generally fold up into compact sizes which is good, since it's best to opt for something that's easy to set up and take down. Pay attention to how heavy and bulky it is as well for added convenience. 


Durability is your number 1 priority when it comes to your shade's materials. From the frames and poles down to the cover, your tent or shelter should ideally be light yet sturdy enough for long-lasting use - like aluminium for the base and polyester/nylon for the tent itself.

UV Protection

Very, very important. The main point of a beach shelter is providing protection from the sun, so go for something with at least a UPF 50+ rating. You also might want to consider a three-sided tent for a better shield against strong winds and flying sand.

How Do You Anchor Beach Shelters?

There are tons of ways to keep your beach shade firm and sturdy, but of course, you have to ensure primary factors before anything else. For instance, choose a quality tent and an ideal location as well. 

The best areas you can go for when pitching any type of shelter are somewhere with the least amount of wind and partially sheltered by trees. It's also beneficial to choose a terrain with a firm surface for the comfort and protection of your tent.

When anchoring your beach shelter, you can use ropes and stakes to make the entire ensemble as secure as possible. Using weights is also effective - you can either try putting sandbags on the legs of your shade or anything heavy enough to effectively hold it down. 

Stoked for your next beach trip? Make sure you come prepared with a quality beach shelter. The Aussie sun may be inviting but definitely not safe, so it's best to have instant shade wherever you choose to prop yourself on. 

For the best beach shelters, visit us at Outbax and browse through a range of them at the most affordable prices. All our beach shades offer UV protection and are made with premium quality materials, perfect for beach junkies out there!

If you're after more outdoor adventures in the sun, check out our range of camping gear as well. Whether you need to buy solar panels for your RV, install lithium battery systems for your 4x4, or bring a power station for an extra source of electricity, we got you covered.

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