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Lithium Batteries for Caravan

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Love caravanning? Give your ride the best upgrade with a lithium battery pack. Batteries add a bit of comfort to any outdoor adventure by powering your essential appliances. Bring a good power pack on road trips and you won't have to find your way around the campsite in the dark. Plus, a warm meal will only take a few minutes to prepare! Choosing your caravan battery can be a bit tricky for first-timers as there are different types to choose from like gel and AGM batteries. However, a lot of RV owners would tell you to go for a lithium battery instead if you want to get good value for your money.

Lithium is considered the best battery component not just for recreational vehicles but for off-grid camping and battery backups too. LiFePO4 in particular is rising in popularity lately, mostly because of its built-in battery management system and incombustible form that contribute a huge chunk to user safety.

Why Choose Lithium Batteries For Your Caravan?

As previously stated, lithium batteries present several advantages over any other type of battery in most camping battery setups, including in caravans. Their size alone is a huge pro already-compact, space-savvy, and almost half the weight of conventional batteries for added convenience, especially during hiking. Unlike lead-acid batteries that last for 2-3 years only, lithium batteries can be used for around 7 years or over 2,000 cycles with proper maintenance. If you're a certified outdoor lover, this will make a cost-effective investment for you. 

Another huge perk of lithium batteries is their ability to discharge at a slower rate, providing you with power for a longer period of time. It's even more long-lasting if you're using lithium deep-cycle batteries since you can discharge it safely down to 80% and still get stable power. They're less likely to be affected by temperature as well compared to a lead-acid battery that lowers in lifespan and efficiency under temperatures above 25°C. Also, since most lithium battery systems are compatible with solar charging, you have a lot of options to top off your battery. You can either use the appropriate lithium battery charger or pair them with solar panels, which is the better option for camping in remote locations. In terms of composition, lithium batteries do not contain toxic lead, making them safer for the environment. 

What Are the Best Lithium Batteries For Caravans?

Lithium batteries come in different specifications, so there is no universal answer to which one is best for your caravan. If we're talking about the brand, one of the most prominent names would be the Enerdrive Btec Lithium Battery Range. Aside from an integrated lithium battery management system, this line of batteries can be monitored via phone real-time. Simply download the Enerdrive app and you can quickly check your battery status, voltage level, temperature, state of charge, and more. Another known name is the Victron Lithium Batteries. These feature a built-in cell balancing and monitoring function, Bluetooth compatibility, and an intelligent BMS as well. While there are tons of excellent lithium battery packs for caravans, a lot of them will most likely be expensive. If you want to include it in a solar panel setup, you need to consider the price along with the installation costs too. However, there are available quality lithium batteries retailing for a competitive price that you can opt for if you're on a budget. For more options on affordable lithium power packs, you can check out our LiFePO4 range at Outbax. 

Can You Mix Lithium and AGM Batteries?

A lithium battery and AGM battery can be put into a parallel connection. However, the lithium battery will drain into the AGM because it has a significantly higher resting voltage compared to AGM batteries. When connecting batteries for higher voltage output or capacity, it's still best to pair batteries of the same model and of course, voltage level to avoid any kind of damage. Also, if you think you need more than one battery, it’s better to either install a lithium dual battery system or add solar panels, but be sure to use a solar charge controller for this.

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Since we're already talking about lithium batteries here, why not browse through our LiFePO4 range now? We have some of the best lithium batteries in Australia and the most exciting part is that they're wallet-friendly too. You can even get a 12V lithium battery pack or 24V battery for less than a thousand dollars! Worried about quality? You can check our lithium battery reviews from happy customers and even talk with our customer service team regarding our batteries' performance. Whether you want 100Ah lithium batteries, 200Ah lithium batteries or even slimline lithium batteries, Outbax is the perfect online battery shop for you.

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