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Getting a goodnight's rest is just as important in camping as it is at home. You won't really get to enjoy the outdoor experience all tired and sleepy, so it's best to invest in a good camping mattress. Generally, camping mattresses and sleeping pads are not that expensive. There are also different kinds to choose from, each with its own standout features that cater to campers' varying preferences.

Whichever mattress you bring to your adventure should be able to provide you with a combo of comfort, convenience, and durability. We have pooled some important info and suggestions to help you choose the best camping mattress. Read on and you might just find the perfect one for your next outing!

What Are the Types of Camping Mattress?

There are three main types of camping mattresses: air mattresses, closed foam mattresses, and self inflating mattresses. Each one of them is suited for a specific kind of outdoor environment, so it's recommended that you take note of where you're staying and what your individual needs are. Let's take a look at them one by one.

Air Mattress

This is the best camping mattress if you're a fan of something thick and soft. An air mattress can usually be inflated as thick as 3 inches but is designed for easy packing. You just need to properly deflate it after use and it can already be folded down neatly to fit in your backpack. It's the ideal camping mattress to bring if you're going for a short hike or if you like to pack lightly. 

An air mattress also needs to be blown through the mouth or via an air pump. Some of them have an included built-in pump which is more expensive but is better as they eliminate the risk of getting moisture trapped inside your air bed. Here at Outbax, we have a collection of Bestway Air Mattresses to choose from that all boast extreme durability and maximum comfort during use. Some of them even come with repair kits for easy fixes!

Closed Foam Camping Mattress

That rolled-up, lightweight sleeping bag which is sometimes used for picnics as well is called a closed foam camping mattress. This is pretty common and the cheapest option for a sleeping mat although not that comfortable because of its relatively thin structure. 

It's constructed with a dense foam filled with tiny closed air cells and is often a good option if you're staying somewhere with a smoother terrain. A closed foam mattress can be bulky to pack too, which is not good if you have limited space in your RV or if you’re already carrying a lot of camping gear

Self Inflating Mattress

A self inflating mattress is by far the winner in terms of quality. It's more durable and the firmness is easily adjustable by releasing or adding air. The best part about this camping mattress is that it saves both time and effort. You no longer have to manually pump it and at the same time, it eliminates a longer waiting time for the mattress to be fully inflated. 

The only cons of a self inflating mattress are the slightly more expensive price and less compactable form. It might require a bit more space in your carry bag and can be heavier if you're going to do a bit of walking before reaching your campsite. However, if it's the best fit for your camping requirements and settings, this mattress is definitely worth the investment.

Where Can You Use a Camping Mattress? 

Obviously, you need a camping mattress for camping purposes but there are different types of campouts that require a certain type of mattress. For instance, if you're going car camping, you can either go for an air mattress or self inflating mattress. You can actually go for any kind here but of course, a cushioned one is best for maximum comfort. 

Backpacking, biking, or kayaking require something lightweight. You don't want your camping mattress adding more weight to the equipment on your back, so a closed foam or air mattress is best. Make sure you take note of other factors too, like the weather condition. While you have two options here, you need good insulation especially on a cold day so an air mattress is definitely the better choice. 

What Are the Features Of a Good Camping Mattress?

Good measurements: Camping mattresses come in different shapes. Whether you get a single or a queen-sized one, see to it that the measurements are the right fit for you. This is even more important if you're sharing the mattress with other people, so everyone can stay comfortable enough to move & sleep throughout the night. If you need a large-sized mattress, our Bestway Fortech QUEEN Air Bed Inflatable Mattress would be a great pick with its sturdy construction and convenient, built-in pillow. 

Insulation: Air mattresses have a tendency to get cold after some time. See to it that the R-value of the air bed you're eyeing is good, as this indicates how well-insulated your camping mattress is. 

Construction: This includes your mattress' support, fabric, and filling. Take note of the materials used, the technology behind them, and how study they are overall.

Want to make sure yours will be long-lasting? Try the Bestway Tritech TWIN Inflatable Mattress. It boasts a combined Tritech™ and I-beam construction for the most durable build that will last you for years of camping.

Easy inflation/deflation: This is where self inflating mattresses have an advantage. You can’t deny the convenience of having a camping mattress that’s easy to put up and pack up regardless of the type of outdoor activity you’re doing. 

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Here at Outbax, the best camping bed doesn't have to cost you a lot. We specialise in affordable yet quality camping gear and leisure items such as spas to accommodate all outdoor lovers. You won't even have to go outside your house anymore. Everything is done online, so all that's left to do is wait for your item to arrive.

Aside from air beds, we also offer portable power sources including lithium batteries, solar panels, and inverter generators. You might want to check them out as well for the most comfortable and high-power camping experience!

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