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Camping doesn't have to mean letting go of your usual comforts. Imagine how nice it would be to feel at home even when you're out and about? Nothing beats a comfortable outdoor adventure whether it's being able to quickly heat up a meal or sleep soundly on a soft bed. 

Speaking of bed, you can actually pack one in your RV or to a campsite! These portable sleep saviours come in the form of air beds or air mattresses. They are usually inflated during use then deflated and folded up afterwards. Just throw in your favourite blanket and you're all set for a goodnight's sleep. Even better, there are even self-inflatable mattresses nowadays so you get to skip the manual pumping and enjoy more time relaxing on your camping mattress. There are currently tons of air beds available in the market, with the Bestway air beds being among the most popular brands. 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Air Beds?


Comfort: Getting extra comfort is a given with an air bed around. Sleeping on one vs. sleeping on the ground is enough to tell you that. Another plus is that most air mattresses can be inflated to reach the firmness that you prefer. They are most ideal in campsites where access to electricity is likely to be available but also work well for off-grid campings as long as you have a portable power source like an inverter generator for your electric pump or if you're bringing a self-inflating mattress. 

Protection: No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a sharp rock hitting their back. You don't want to twist and turn all night either, feeling the cold dampness of the ground on a rainy evening. Sleeping pads are good but have a tendency to move around as you sleep so you can still find yourself lying on top of that thick tree root all of a sudden. Air beds can save you from these with their soft, firm surface. Make sure to get a thick one so it feels just like sleeping on your own bed!

Convenience: Sleeping on the ground might be fine for young ones, but definitely not for older people or those with back problems. Having a quality camping mattress makes getting up in the morning a lot easier and ensures that everyone gets to have a refreshing sleep at the same time. 


Cold/Hot Temperature: Air beds can quickly lose their heat to the ground and get really cold. Similarly, since most air mattresses are made with non-breathable vinyl or plastic, they can get hot and unpleasant during the summer season as well. There are lots of solutions for both of these though, which will be tackled later on. 

Leakage: A leaky air mattress can cause so much hassle especially if you have no other alternatives for a sleeping area. Camping grounds aren't always smooth and the slightest puncture can cause an air bed to pop. Luckily, there are available blow-up mattresses constructed with high-grade materials that don't get damaged easily.

Interested? Try our Bestway air beds at Outbax. They feature a durable Tritech™ and I-beam construction plus airtight seals for your extra peace of mind while camping. Our Bestway Pavillo FULL Airbed Inflatable Mattress even comes with a repair patch in case you need a quick fix!

Limited Space: Air beds can be bulky and this can be a problem for narrow RVs and small campsites. You can go for a smaller size if you're alone, but this won't be a solution for families or larger groups. This is also the reason why campers in groups usually opt for sleeping bags instead. 

How To Keep Air Beds Warmer or Cooler?

As mentioned earlier, one downside of air beds is that they can get really cold or really hot depending on the weather. This can be uncomfortable but there are ways to improve it. There's not even much difference in terms of how you can make your camping mattress warmer or cooler. Believe it or not, adding a layer or a barrier between you and the air bed is the key.

It's the same concept as sleeping on the ground: during colder nights, placing a blanket or a sleeping bag on top of your mattress can trap the heat from your body, allowing you to stay cosy throughout the night. You can also use a heat shield if you want to keep yourself even warmer. The same thing applies during summer evenings-placing pillows or blankets just before you lie down on your mattress will help you avoid a sweaty, way-too-hot air bed surface.

What Types of Air Beds Are Better For Camping?

Campers have several options when it comes to camping air beds. They can use an insulated topper, especially in colder seasons or go for an Aerobed if they're particular about thickness and softness. Air beds with built-in pumps are great too. We have plenty of them at Outbax, such as the Bestway Tritech KING Inflatable Mattress. You can bid that tedious pumping job goodbye and say hello to a quick, 5-minute air bed inflation process that you won't even have to pump yourself!

If you're camping alone, then no worries, our Bestway Fortech TWIN Air Bed Inflatable Mattress 25cm is perfect to serve as your temporary bed! If you're really keen on packing lightly though, you can always go for a carrying bag too. 

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Have you thought about getting air beds for outdoor trips yet? We can help you with that. Visit Outbax today for a range of air mattresses ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We specialise in quality camping gear so we offer not just air beds but portable power sources such as lithium batteries and solar panels as well.

The best part is that you get quality at an affordable price plus, everything is done online! You just have to wait for your item to arrive. Whether you're into boating, camping, or simply hanging out in your backyard dipped in a cosy spa, Outbax is the perfect camping store for you. Shop now for the best and cheapest outdoor essentials!

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