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330 Watt Solar Panel

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A 330 watt solar panel can be one of the fastest methods for charging your batteries and powering your campsite. When used in conjunction with a suitable battery (we 'd recommend the 100Ah lithium battery), you find that it can charge them fast even in low light situations. Essentially a 330w solar panel means that it can generate as much as 330 watts of power in one hour of direct sunlight. As Australia has an average of seven hours per day of usable sunlight you can expect to generate approximately 2310 watts of power.

Naturally, all of this depends on the specific conditions of your campsite, and how your power systems are set up. With any new power system, we 'd recommend having it put together and working when you have access to grid power. This will allow you to make any adjustments and to determine if your power use calculations were correct.

Getting power free from the sun is one of the best ways to have access to clean and reusable power. When you use a 330 watt solar panel to charge your batteries, you 'll find that it doesn't take that long. These are especially great if you're travelling to many different campsites as they are designed to be highly portable. Our panels are low in weight and can be set up quite quickly with minimal amounts of effort, which is perfect after a long day of travelling.

Is a 330 watt solar panel enough?

Working out if a 330 watt solar panel is going to be enough for you all depends on what you plan on powering. Ideally, solar panels are good to use for anything that requires direct current (DC). For products that need an alternating current (AC) it is best to use the panels with a suitable battery and power station. If you need power after the sun has gone down (e.g. camping lights) then having a battery is an absolute necessity.

In Australia we have access to some of the best sunshine available, in most regions all across the land you 'll get a minimum of seven solid hours a day of good usable light. With the right solar panels, this can generate enough power for everything you need, and a 330 watt system can supply you with 330 watts of power per charging hour. To see if this is enough it is best to examine what you're going to be using it for. Consider everything you are planning on powering and add up the wattage they are likely to use, then add in about twenty-five per cent extra to make sure you're covered.

If you 're concerned that a 330 watt solar panel is not going to be enough to support the power requirements of your campsite, you can look at adding additional solar panels, and batteries. Alternatively, consider if there are any items that you do not need as often and leave these out of the equation. It 's always good to plan a little over your requirements just in case you run into a situation where you can 't get a full day's worth of charging time. This includes travelling days and bad weather conditions. If you need assistance you can get in contact with one of our team members during business hours and they can help you decide on the best power solution for you.

Where to buy a 330 watt solar panel?

You 'll find solar panels in many electronics and camping stores, but the most convenient place to get a 330 watt solar panel from is in the Outbax online store. Often going to a physical store can take a lot of time, that is if you can find one close by! There 's also no guarantee that you can find the exact camping solar panels you 're after. At Outbax we stock a huge range of solar panels and everything else you may need to complete your off the grid power solution. We have solar blankets, lithium batteries, portable generators, and many other items that are ideal in a home or camping power grid.

After you order a 330 watt solar panel from our store, we 'll get busy packing it up and ready to send to our courier team. In most cases, you 'll receive your order within 3-7 days, but if there are any problems you can contact us to follow up with what the issue may be. For the best results, we recommend that you get parcel insurance; this will help protect you if anything is damaged in transit. All the solar panels in our store, including the 330w solar panel, come with our 12 months warranty on workmanship and supplier parts (this is three months if it is used in a commercial setting).

Shopping online for your camping supplies is the best way to get what you need. You 'll have access to everything in our warehouse and we can carry much more than a traditional retail store. You can shop with us 24/7 and you have the benefit of being able to shop from any location. This is perfect if you 're out on the road and need to get something shipped to an address nearby where you can collect it.

You 'll find that our store has many different products and these can be used at your home or when out on the road to help you unwind during your holidays. Some of these products include UGG boots to keep your feet warm or cold nights, or you can relax in your inflatable spa, or above ground pool during the warmer months! After you choose the solar panels that are suitable for your needs, have a look around and see what else we can help you with.

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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