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180W Solar Panels

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A 180 watt solar panel can provide you with enough power for all your daily needs. By using the power of the sun, you can power some devices directly but for the best results, it is recommended to store the electricity in a suitable battery. Many of the solar panels we sell are monocrystalline and work on a 12v system, they are highly portable and perfect for use in situations where you need a reliable power solution. These panels are completely waterproof and can be easily moved to track the sun during the day giving you a maximum amount of charging hours.

If you 're into getting off the beaten track then having a reliable source of power, like what you can expect from the 180 watt solar panel, is how you can still enjoy some of the benefits of modern convenience. Even if you 're not into watching television or other luxuries, having a suitable power solution can keep your phone charged, and supply power to many other emergency items. As Australia has some of the best sunshine available (average daylight hours are about 7 hours per day year-round), you 'll never be that short of charging time. When planning your trip, we 'd recommend checking on how much light you can expect while you're travelling, this can help you plan out how many panels you may need. At Outbax we can supply you with all the equipment required to set up your camping power system. The exact requirements you 'll need are determined by what items need power daily.

Is a 180 watt solar panel enough for camping?

When considering which solar panels are best for your camping trip, you 'll need to think about how many hours a day you plan on having it running. Solar panels need good daylight hours to work as they should. On an average day of seven hours of sunlight, you can expect to get about 1260 watts out of a 180 watt solar panel. However, if you 're travelling in summer or winter this may change the amount of good charging sunlight. To figure out if this is enough you can add up all the watts required by what you 're planning on having running during the day and night. For the best results, it 's ideal that your solar panels are connected to a suitable battery; in most cases, the 100Ah lithium battery will be enough, but you can go for a higher model if required. To get the best out of your mobile power solution it 's a great idea to examine what you require and then add about 25%, as this will give you some wriggle room if you have a couple of overcast days and you can 't get a full recharge.

For most instances, a 180 watt solar panel will be enough to run several devices, unless you have power heavy appliances (televisions, microwave, fridges, etc.). If you feel that these panels may not be enough for your requirements, you can buy additional panels or a larger system. If you need solar panels that take up less space, you can opt for a suitable solar blanket or other camping solar panels. Working out the exact requirements of your power systems can be difficult, and we 'd suggest getting it all set up and testing out the system at home before going out on the road. If you have the 180w solar panels set up but they 're not enough, you can look at if you can reduce the load on the system as an easy solution.

Where can I buy a 180 watt solar panel?

You 'll find a 180 watt solar panel in many camping and electronics stores, but the place to get the best prices are in the Outbax online store. As we are specialists at offering complete power solutions for camping and travelling in areas that do not have grid power, we are best situated to get your needs sorted. We have many different power systems to choose from including portable generators, and lithium batteries.

One of the best things about shopping online is that you can do it from anywhere, and our shop is never closed. You can easily research anything that you 're looking to buy to make sure it is the right one for you. You can also easily see what we have in stock and what items may be on hold from the supplier. Being an online retailer, you have direct access to our warehouse and we can usually stock more items than many other standalone retailers. After you order your new 180 watt solar panel, we 'll get busy packing it all up and sent out to you within 24 hours, then it 'll be handed to our courier team and it 'll be on your doorstep in 3-7 days. All our products come with a standard 12 month warranty on the manufacturer's materials and workmanship; if used for commercial purposes this warranty is for 3 months. All products are shipped with care, but we recommend taking out shipping insurance to protect you from damages caused by improper handling during transport. If you do receive anything in poor condition, please get in contact with our team so we can start the insurance claims for you.

As well as offering many products for all your mobile power needs, you 'll also find other excellent items that can be used on the camping ground or at home. These include UGG boots, above ground pools, inflatable spas, and many other items to help you out as you unwind while on your holidays.

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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