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120w Solar Panel

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A 120w solar panel is a great investment for people that need some extra power where mains power is not easily accessible (or if you wish to avoid using it). Commonly solar panels are used in conjunction with a suitable lithium battery that can store the charge, but they can be used by themselves with appliances that can handle direct current. Depending on your exact requirement it is possible to set up more than one solar panel to your systems and increase the amount of charge you 'll generate in a day. Solar panels are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of getting electricity into remote locations.

When used with an appropriate battery, solar panels can generate enough power to light up your campsite, or power tools for use during a project build. At Outbax all our products have been tested in the field to make sure they are suitable for handling Australian conditions. To keep solar panels working at their peak efficiency it is recommended that they be kept reasonably clean. Inspect them every few weeks to see if they are getting dirty (especially for any permanent panels). You can clean them with regular water sprayed directly on to the glass side of the panels, but make sure nothing behind the panel gets wet. Using a soft cloth gently wipe the glass area free of any dirt and debris; if required you can use some very mild dish soap to shift stubborn stains. Looking after your solar panels will keep them working properly and extend their life, giving you years of trouble free energy production.

How to use solar panels for camping?

In using a 120w solar panel when you're camping it 's ideal to match it up with an appropriate battery. The transportability of a portable solar panel means that you can position it around the campsite to make the most of the sunlight available. When you arrive at your campsite you should get everything set up and running, your battery should have been fully charged before you departed, but if it isn't you can plug in your system and start getting it up to full charge. Depending on your exact needs you may need to charge your batteries all day long, so make sure your solar panels are far enough away that they will not cause any issues for people at the campsite.

What wattage solar panel is sufficient for camping?

To determine which wattage is best suited for your camping needs, it'll rely on your power consumption during the day. Check over all the items that you 're planning on running and add up all the watts or amp hours they will be using. After that you 'll have a good idea for what type of battery and solar panel combination you 'll need. With a 120w solar panel you can expect to get 120w of power per charging hour. The exact amount of available solar power suitable sunlight can be different based on where you 're travelling and at what time of the year it is, but generally speaking you can expect to get seven hours of quality sunlight per day. The means that you can estimate a charge of 840 watts out of one 120w solar panel, this calculates to 70Ah in a 12v system. If you had a lithium battery rated for 100Ah, you 'd get a 70% charge in one day. If you are not sure that the system you 're planning is going to be enough, or want to be prepared for those days of inclement weather, you can add in a portable generator to your camping power systems as a backup device.

Where can I buy a 120w solar panel?

When you need to buy a 120w solar panel the best place to look that offers a convenient experience is in the Outbax online store. We have many different solar panels for sale and you can easily determine which is going to be the best for your needs. When you 're camping it is ideal to only take with you what you need, and this includes not being overloaded with unnecessary items. When choosing your solar panels consider if a single 120w solar panel will be suitable for your particular needs or if you need more. We offer many camping solar panels and solar blankets that are highly suitable for people on the move.

Shopping online is the best way to find everything you need, and going with a camping specialist means that you 're getting highly focussed advice. You can search our online store and see what we have in stock very quickly, the other main benefit to shopping online is that you can do it from anywhere you have internet access, and at any time! You won 't need to drive to your local store, or call them, looking for that certain item. We can easily show you what other items people have bought to go along with anything you're looking at, so if you need a 100Ah lithium battery to go with your solar panels then you can buy those together and save on your shipping charges.

In addition to securing your power needs when you're camping, or simply looking to live off the grid, you can also look through our many other items that will see you enjoying the outdoors more. This includes UGG boots for relaxing on cold winter nights, or for the summer you have inflatable spas and above ground pools. When it comes to the outdoors experience you can rely on the team at Outbax to have what you need!

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