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There are a lot of different electric bikes available to the public, including road, commuter, beach cruiser, cargo, mountain, folding, and touring. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine what will best suit your needs. The kind of electric bike you 'll need should depend primarily on how and where you 'll be riding it. If you need it to commute around town, then a beach cruiser probably isn 't the best option.

Likewise, if your plan is to eventually take your bike to the gnarliest mountain biking trails around, then a road bike isn 't going to cut it.

Pedal assisted versus throttle

Once you 've determined why you 're getting an e-bike, the next decision to make is whether you would enjoy a pedal assisted or throttle bike. These terms refer to the method in which an e-bike generates power.

A pedal assisted bike automatically generates power when the rider begins pedalling, which gives the rider a more organic experience because it doesn 't require you to operate any controls a normal bicycle wouldn 't have.

However, on a throttle bike, the rider must turn the power on and off, usually by a button on the handlebars or a twist throttle, similar to that of a motorcycle. Pedal assist bikes tend to be more popular, especially among beginners, because of the automatic feature and because they increase your bicycling possibilities.

Classes of Electric Bikes

Class 1 Electric Bikes

The first class of electric bikes are often recommended for new riders, as these bikes are more affordable, are commonly accepted in the same areas as regular bikes, and are most likely safer than bikes in the other two classes.

The power of the bikes in this first class is automatically provided when the rider is pedaling. Power is also limited to 20 mph; assistance stops once your bike is going 20 mph. Both the automatic pedal assist feature and the 20 mph speed limitation tend to make these bikes safer and easier to use, a better overall option for new riders.

Class 2 Electric Bikes

The second class of electric bikes are less common among newer e-bike riders. Bikes in the second class are only throttle-powered, which means power is activated by pushing a button or switch or by a motorcycle-type throttle, but not by pedaling.

Power is not provided automatically and these bikes require the rider to determine when they need additional assistance, which makes it less beginner friendly. Because throttle-actuation tends to cause more damage to trails, throttle-powered bikes are not accepted at all parks or on all trails. While these bikes are not necessarily suited for singletrack mountain biking trails, it is still a solid option for multi-use OHV trails.

Class 3 Electric Bikes

Bicycles in the third class of electric bikes are very similar to those in the first class. Like their first class counterparts, electric bikes of the third class are pedal-assist only. However, unlike electric bikes in the first class, the rider receives power assist until they hit 28 mph. (versus 20 mph).

Even though electric bikes within this class tend to be faster and more powerful, those features come with a hefty price tag. The extra speed also comes with additional accessibility restrictions, as there are fewer trails and paths that permit class three electric bikes.

Electric bikes are exciting and are here to stay. It 's very likely that you will love yours. Like many personal items, an e-bike needs to appeal to you visually and fit you physically. If you rush into purchasing one or even worse, buy one “sight unseen,” you will probably be disappointed. The e-bike technology is still a young and very competitive market with a tremendous rate of innovation.

As motors get smaller, batteries gain capacity, controllers become more intelligent, and levels of integration become deeper; “last year” technologies tend to move down-market. It is important to test ride as many electric bikes as possible to gain “a feel” for what 's out there. It 's entirely possible that you might completely change your mind about your initial pick for the bike and go for a model that you wouldn 't consider otherwise.

All of our Electric Bikes are made from quality materials that are guaranteed to be safe, comfortable and will last for a long time.

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