Solar Panels for the Modern Day Camper (Part III)

Solar Panels for the Modern Day Camper (Part III)

Part three of our solar panel series. If you are yet to decide what type of solar panel to buy, the third part of our article can help you make a decision.

What type of solar panel should I get? The answer depends a lot on what type of outdoor activities you enjoy doing. There are various types of portable solar panels that fit just about any outdoor need. But if you have not yet decided what to get, we have listed a few suggestions.

For the road trip and boating enthusiasts - Making sure that your cellphones, walkie talkies and GPS devices are fully charged all the time is important. You just do not know when you might need to call out for assistance while you are off on a road trip in remote areas or out on the sea.

Harnessing solar energy is an easy, practical solution to all your device charging needs. However, it can be tricky to install solar panels considering that campervans and boats have curved roofs.

So if you are looking for portable solar panels that you can use on your caravan or your boat, products like the Maxray 240W Flexible Solar Panel is among your best options.Flexible solar panels do not have steel frames or aluminum backing. This makes them ultra lightweight and can adjust to the curved roof of a caravan or a boat. This flexibility feature means you can adjust the position and angle of the solar panels according to your needs.

Like the rest of the Maxray solar panel range, flexible solar panels are made with monocrystalline solar cells for maximum sunlight absorption and higher power output.

For the adventurers that need an ultra portable power source - Portable solar panels are designed to be hassle-free in every way, Hassle-free use, hassle-free set-up, and hassle-free storage.

After all, you do not want to spend a lot of time worrying about setting up and packing away your camping gear when there are adventures to be made, right? If you need a power source that you can literally lay out when you need it, and fold away when you are done, the 120W Maxray Solar Mat would not disappoint.

Because it's from Maxray, the solar mat has monocrystalline solar cells and come with a built-in solar regulator so you are assured of stable maximum power output every single time you use it.

The matte surface not only looks great, it is easy to clean and can even be used in the rain. In addition, you can easily take solar mats with you anywhere.

The mat is designed to fold into an integrated bag with a handle. Plus, the mat weighs less than 5 kilograms, making it a part of your camping gear must-haves.

For those that love to go camping but do not have a lot of vehicle space - Not everyone goes camping in a 25 - foot campervan. There are people that only drive their car or pickup truck to the campsite, set up a tent and that is pretty much it. If you are a camper that falls in the second type, then you understand how vehicle space can become a problem.

And because it is not advisable to go off-grid camping without a reliable source of power, products like the Maxray 250W Solar Mat gives you peace of mind. More importantly, it quickly folds into a bag with handles so you do not have to worry about it taking too much space in the trunk of your car.

If you are looking for something that you can use to trickle charge your car battery, the Maxray 10W Solar Panel Mini Car Kit is a great fit. At only 1.3 kilograms, 10 inches wide and 14 inches long, it is the smallest and most portable solar panel car battery charger kit in the market. So yes, it will most definitely not take up a lot of that prime vehicle real estate.Do not be fooled by its size and weight though. This mini solar panel is made with highly efficient monocrystalline cells which are proven to generate more electricity than any other type of solar cell.

The frame and the leg is made of anonized aluminum, so it is sturdy and very easy to use and install when needed. It also has a built-in solar regulator so you are assured that the power output is stable and ready to use.

For those who want to live green Having a solar panel at home greatly reduces your carbon footprint. Products like fixed solar panels are not only essential in producing clean, renewable power for your home, these products are durable, too. You can use solar panels to heat water and your home.

You just need to connect a regulator to your solar panels to stabilize power output and you can start using it for your heating needs. Remember, heating usually accounts up to a third of an average home's electricity bill. So, having an alternate power source that is free to use can save you a lot of money down the line.

Camping does not need to be stressful or uncomfortable. Having solar panels as part of your camping gear helps make the experience more memorable and relaxing. Remember, by choosing the right solar panels from trusted manufacturers and sellers, you can easily take the comforts of home with you wherever you go.

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