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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Flexible Solar Panels

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Flexible Solar Panels

Meet the newest type of solar panels in the market: flexible solar panels. As the name suggests, this solar panel's unique point is its ability to be bent by 30 degrees or more. They may not look like the typical panels you're used to, but they have their own perks as well, especially for vehicles with a curved roof such as caravans, campervans, and even yachts. They're super lightweight too, so you won't have problems carting them around plus, there's no added worry about complex installations.

If this is your first time buying a flexible solar panel, here are a few basic things you should look at to make sure you get great value for your money.

What Makes a Good Solar Panel?

Durability: Since most of these will be mounted on roofs, choose a solar panel that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This is an advantage of flexible solar panels, as most of them are designed to have excellent weatherproofing properties and are designed to cope with rigorous trails.

Installation requirements: Setting up a solar panel can be tricky especially if it's your first time. As much as possible, opt for something with plug-and-play components or get an entire solar panel kit so you have all the basic accessories you need already. This also eliminates the guesswork on which accessory is compatible with the solar panel you have.

Wattage and efficiency: The higher your solar panel's wattage, the more electricity it can produce. Make sure you know your wattage requirements so you can accurately calculate how many solar panels you need. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. If you get something with a low-efficiency rate, you will have to purchase more than one panel to produce the amount of energy that some single panels can actually provide.

Size and design: Check your RV first. How big is it and what does its roof's surface looks like? This way, you'll know what type of flexible solar panels you need and if it's compatible with the design you have in mind.

VoltX 240W Flexible Solar Panel - Premium Shingled Cells

Cost: Of course, we can't forget prices. Usually, you can get a decent solar panel kit already for less than $250. If you want a bit more power, you may need to buy more. The best option for this is to get only what you need for now, and then slowly upgrade afterwards.

Flexible solar panels are best for shorter trips as they pack lesser capacity than the usual fixed solar panels. Despite this, they offer better conversion rates in overcast weather and is compatible with a wide range of solar applications as well. If you're thinking of getting one for your RV, here are some of the models that topped 2022's best solar panels list.

Renogy Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Our top ranker boasts a 4-pound weight and is bendable for up to 248 degrees. It also offers excellent conversion rates even at low light settings plus, the quality, monocrystalline construction flaunts not just efficiency but durability too. Monocrystalline solar panels are considered the best technology behind solar panels since their efficiency rate ranges from 15% to 20%, compared to polycrystalline's 13% to 16%.

VoltX 12V 110W Flexible Solar Panel Premium Mono Shingled Cells Camping RV Power

SunPower Flexible Solar Panel

The SunPower Flexible Solar Panel may not be as bendable as the others but it is a win in performance. At 4.4 pounds, this camping solar panel offers efficient power generation backed with a 5-year warranty. It bends up to 30 degrees and while this is not as big of a number compared to the previous solar panel, it still does well on RVs with curved roofs like a camper.

Renogy Solar Flexible Kit

Perfect for newbies, this solar panel kit comes with a highly adaptive flexible solar panel with excellent low-light conversion plus basic solar panel accessories to help you set it up. It includes a solar charge controller and connector cables for fast and convenient DIY solar panel installation.

Renogy 350 Watt Solar Flexible Kit

If you need additional power on the go, this Renogy 350W solar panel kit is your best pick. It's packed with two ultrathin, 175W solar panels bendable by an impressive 248 degrees, a solar charge regulator, and connector cables. Mount in on the roof of your caravan and you're ready to take off anywhere.

Topsolar Flexible Solar Panel

On a budget? No worries, this 100W flexible solar panel from Topsolar has you covered. Priced a little over $200, it has a 50% higher conversion efficiency level than other traditional solar panels. The durable, waterproof construction also ensures long-lasting use, making it even more cost-effective.

Buying a good flexible solar panel doesn't mean breaking the bank. This portable power source is available at reasonable prices both in-store and online. Here at Outbax, you can also get them for a more affordable tag. We even offer other solar panel types such as solar blankets and folding solar panels. For even greater camping power, pair them with other camping gear as well such as a lithium battery or power station. Shop now!