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Buying a Spa: What to Look for in Inflatable Spas

Buying a Spa: What to Look for in Inflatable Spas

An inflatable spa is one of the most luxurious things you can add to your home. Aside from the lavish look it brings to any space, sinking yourself into a warm, cosy bath is an experience like no other. Whether you're looking to unwind after a hectic week or catch up with your best pals, a portable inflatable spa is one sure way to ensure you have a grand time. 

A portable inflatable spa is sometimes called an inflatable hot tub. It's highly popular among Aussies, so it's also widely available across physical and online stores. If you're considering looking at hot tubs soon, you need a solid inflatable spa buying guide to help you pick out the best spa for your home. 

Ready to start your spa shopping journey? Here's a spa buying guide created by our experts at Outbax to get you started on the right path!

How Much Is an Inflatable Spa?

Buying a spa will dent your savings by a fraction. That is a fact. These costly leisure items usually start at around $500 for a 2-person spa. Have you got a bigger household? A 4-person or maybe even a 6-person spa is better suited for you, but these are, of course, more expensive, ranging from $600 to over $2,000. 

Don't let this discourage you, though. Portable spa prices may be higher, but they're worth every penny. A portable inflatable spa provides not just a venue for your get-togethers but also a space to relax whenever you want to. Let's admit—who doesn't want that soothing hydrotherapy experience right in the comfort of their home?

Dipping in a warm spa bath with massage jets also offers several health benefits. It relieves stress, improves cardiovascular health, and even helps with sports recovery. This is the fastest way to give yourself that much-needed break while improving your overall health and well-being. 

Lastly, a portable inflatable spa can last you more years with good care. Set it up on a smooth surface free of sharp objects, pack it up and store it properly when you're done, and pair it with inflatable spa accessories, such as spa covers, that will help maintain it in good condition. This way, you get to maximise years of getting an authentic spa experience at a lesser cost. 

What to Look for When Buying a Spa?

Safety, durability, and comfort are three primary factors when buying a spa. These should be non-negotiables and should come first before any extras. Buying hot tubs involves a lot of consideration, and skipping these crucial factors will defeat the purpose of buying them in the first place. 

All set to get your portable hot tub? Here's the ultimate spa buying guide on what to look for when buying a spa:


Unlike inflatable pools targeted at kids, the inflatable spa is not a plaything designed for the occasional amusement of children. It is meant to be used by 2 to 7 adults, and you must ensure it has a body robust enough for you to snugly lean back into it without it losing its shape or risking your safety.

Keeping your portable inflatable spa clean also contributes not just to safety but to your overall comfort. Regular spa cleaning is essential because there is a constant risk of contamination due to moisture. You need to be sure your spa is free of dirt before taking a quick dip because let's be honest here—it wouldn't be a relaxing time if you're dipped in unclean waters.


One reason portable spa prices vary is the materials used. Your portable inflatable spa's build will directly affect its durability, so it's a good idea to familiarise yourself first with what to look for when buying a spa in terms of materials. 

Good-quality spas use multiple material layers, especially for the spa walls. These materials include polyester mesh, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a UV protection layer, drop stitch fabric, laminated fabric, etc. Some manufacturers also use frost and tear-resistant fabrics.

At Outbax, we ensure that all our spas are designed for long-lasting use. Our Bestway Lay-Z-Spa range is made of high-performing PVC material that is resistant to scrapes and knocks. 

Additionally, our portable spas use extra-strong, 3-ply reinforced Tritech material with a polyester mesh core and encase it in two layers of laminated PVC with a rayon coating. The result? A super-strong build that does not easily stretch or puncture. 


Yes, an inflatable spa is designed for comfort, but this can still vary depending on many factors. 

For instance, do you have the right spa size? If you're looking at a 2-person spa but prefer a spacious inflatable hot tub with more room to move around, we recommend sizing up to a 4-person spa

You also want to consider the massage jets fitted in your spa, especially if you're after its massage function. Remember, the higher the number of jets, the denser the massage and the larger the muscle groups the spa could cover. We recommend opting for something with 120-180 massage jets for maximum relaxation.

You can also add inflatable spa accessories when buying a spa for extra comfort. Some popular spa add-ons include drink holders, shades, cushions, and LED lights to elevate your experience.

Filtration System

A good filtration system improves both usage and maintenance. In spas with poor filtration systems, dirt can float back up when the spa is turned off. This can be particularly damaging to the spa and dampen your experience.

There are also inflatable spa accessories geared to help keep your hot tub clean. You can check them out when shopping for hot tubs and get everything in one go. Moreover, there are spas available today that come with dual filters, where each filter is covered with a one-way valve, ensuring a cleaner spa that conforms to mandatory safety standards in Australia.

Temperature Control

A balanced temperature is critical to ensuring a soothing experience and energy-efficient use. You want your water to be warm but not blazing hot, so a control panel is necessary. This way, you can easily adjust your spa temperature settings. Having an independent pump and a control panel is also beneficial for rapid heating.

Before, older inflatable spas had a flat sky-facing panel, and the user had to be on top of it to access its features. Some spas today smartly use the space around the digital panel so the users can use it to keep their keys, drinks, phones, etc.

At Outbax, our range of portable inflatable spas features water heaters capable of reaching temperatures up to 40°C. Our inflatable hot tubs are equally prepared to withstand the colder months with advanced Freeze Shield technology that automatically heats to prevent water from freezing in the spa, water lines, or pumps.

How to Maintain an Inflatable Spa?

Buying a spa also requires you to know how to maintain it properly. These leisure items can be expensive, so you want to take care of them for long-lasting use. If you're ready to purchase your first-ever portable inflatable spa, read this handy spa buying guide for the best spa maintenance tips you can follow after your hot tub purchase. 

Regular Cleaning

What to look for when buying a spa needs to be more than just ticking all the boxes. Even the best inflatable hot tub will look uninviting if it's unclean. Make it a habit to clean your inflatable spa regularly. Wipe the spa shell, jets, and waterline with a non-abrasive cleaner. Clean the spa cover to prevent mould and mildew buildup. 

Ensure the surrounding area is tidy and debris-free to prevent dirt from entering the spa. This includes trimming plants or trees nearby that could drop leaves or other materials into the water. It's also recommended to drain and refill your spa completely every 3 to 4 months to maintain fresh water and reduce the demand for chemical treatments.

Maintain Water

Regularly check and balance the pH, alkalinity, and sanitiser levels to keep the water safe and comfortable. A well-balanced spa will prevent corrosion, scaling, and skin irritation. Also, Monitor the water level and top it off when necessary. If the water level gets too low, it can damage the pump and heater. When adding water to your spa, use a pre-filter on your hose to screen out metals and minerals that could cause water quality issues.

Do Maintenance Checks

Inspecting your portable inflatable spa for any sign of damage is beneficial and can save you money for repair in the long run. Check for leaks. Look for indications of wear and tear. Replace your filter cartridge as your manufacturer recommends to ensure efficient filtration and water circulation. 

It's also recommended to shock your spa to break down organic contaminants in the water, such as oils, lotions, and sweat, which can cause cloudy water and unpleasant odours.

Prevent Freezing

If you live in a cold climate, ensure your spa has freeze protection or maintain the water temperature to prevent freezing and potential damage to the spa's components.

Keep a Maintenance Log

Document your maintenance activities, including water testing results, chemical additions, and any issues you encounter. This can help you track the spa's history and troubleshoot future problems.

Shop Inflatable Spas at Outbax

There you have it—the ultimate spa buying guide from Outbax! Now that we're done with the guide, it's time to start shopping! Visit our website today for a range of premium Bestway Spas waiting to be added to your home. Available in different sizes and at excellent portable spa prices, buying hot tubs has never been this easy. Check out your options today. Who knows? You might even catch our special offers and seasonal discounts for an even sweeter deal. Shop now!

Last Updated on May 13, 2024