Best Power Tools for Your Backyard

Best Power Tools for Your Backyard

Best Power Tools for Your Backyard

Let's face it, it's a point of pride to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. But let's be real here not everyone likes doing yard work. If you have the right power tools, you can spend a lot less time working in your backyard and have more time doing the things you do love like relaxing in your garden with friends or family.

The Best Power Tools for Your Backyard

Without further ado, we have listed the best power tools that will help you keep your backyard looking great.

Hedge Trimmer

If you want something that can handle various types of yard work, then you should have a hedge trimmer in your arsenal. Hands-down one of the best power tools you can get, they resemble chainsaws but are specifically designed to trim down hedges, bushes and shrubs so your garden will have a clean and neat look.

While you can certainly buy some for shears and go about trimming hedges and shrubs manually, hedge trimmers get the job done in half the time and effort. Choose cordless hedge trimmers so you can easily get to those awkward areas and you not have to worry about tripping on electric cords while you work.

Pole Saw

Pole saws are basically chainsaws mounted at the end of a pole. While that may seem like an odd power tool, it makes a very helpful addition to your gardening tools. Cordless pole saws make a quick and easy job of cutting down tree branches.

It is a safer and easier alternative to getting up on a ladder and trying to keep your balance while you maneuver an actual chainsaw to prune trees in your backyard. Again, the cordless feature allows more freedom to move around your backyard as you work.

Lawn Mower

Cordless lawn mowers get rid of the many problems that their corded counterparts have. These power tools use a rechargeable battery to power the motor, so you can trim the grass in your backyard. Keep in mind that the higher the voltages of the mower, the more power it has. Battery life depends on the amp hours. So, the higher the mower's amp hours, the longer it runs on a single charge.

Because many of the cordless mowers these days run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries, mowers are lighter, have longer lifespans and are more affordable. Add to that the fact you have an increased range of motion and mobility since you do not have those pesky electric cords to worry about.

Leaf Blower

Although this particular garden power tool has been around for decades (the first ever was invented in 1950 by Aldo Vandermolen), it is only in recent years that the cordless versions have become quite popular.

Cordless leaf blowers keep your backyard neat and clean in half the time it would take if you are clearing leaves and debris manually using a rake. This power tool is lightweight, easy to maintain and quite powerful. And because it runs on rechargeable batteries, you do not have to worry about not having a long enough electric cord to work on your whole yard.

Grass Trimmer

While lawn mowers do a great job at keeping your backyard's grass looking immaculate, there are still certain areas that a mower cannot get to. This is why having cordless grass trimmers make sense. Not only are they useful for all backyard/garden sizes, you can easily cut grass around walls, tree trunks, fences and pathways.

Advantages of Cordless Power Tools

For many homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, using cordless power tools for their backyard has the following advantages:

  • Cordless power tools are quieter Yep. Because cordless power tools have a smaller motor to run them and do not use petrol to power that motor, they are generally quieter than their petrol and electric-powered counterparts. And seriously, who would not want to jump at the opportunity to avoid irritating neighbours with the sound of your yard work?
  • Cordless power tools are lightweight Cordless power tools are built to be more compact and easier to carry around. As we mentioned, the motor on these cordless tools are smaller and they run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, making them even more lightweight.
  • Cordless power tools are easy-to-use User friendliness is a top feature of cordless tools. The controls are straightforward and not intimidating. This is great for first time users and DIY enthusiasts. You do not have to refill oil or petrol, or struggle with a rope just to get the motor running.
  • Cordless power tools are easy to maintain Since there is no gas-powered engine to worry about, all you need to do to keep your cordless garden tools in great condition is to keep them clean after use. And keeping the battery charged, of course.
  • Cordless power tools are eco-friendly Since cordless tools do not run on gas, they do not emit smoke or fumes when you use them.

Switching to Cordless Power Tools for Your Backyard

If you are looking for eco-friendly garden tools that do not require pricey and wasteful fuel to run, then choosing to go with cordless power tools is the best solution. Using cordless garden tools not only means you would do away with petrol and electric cables and other attachments that you may end up not using. It also means that you can reduce the time you spend working on your yard because there is hardly any need to maintain the tools you use.

If you are buying gardening tools for the first time and not really sure what is the best power tool brand to go for, give us a call and our team of gardening enthusiasts and DIY experts would be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best power tools for your backyard.

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