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5 Ways to Glam Up Your Camping Trip

5 Ways to Glam Up Your Camping Trip

A campout used to be a challenge when campers were driven by the thrill of adventure, the casual interaction with nature, the joy of crafting camp utilities out of nature's bounties, and the diligence it took to accomplish it. Back then, it was the idea of fun. Times have changed. What remains constant, however, is man's love for the outdoors. For a city dweller like you, a campout can be a mixed experience. While you no longer need to manually develop your own camping tools, you can still have an enjoyable experience away from home. You can bring a few luxuries and the latest camping technologies along with you for your own convenience, safety, and protection.

Most city dwellers prefer to glam up their camping trip to experience nature with the minimum amount of effort. You do not have to do the heavy lifting on your own. You can rely on gadgets and camp appliances to conveniently stay inside a tent in the great outdoors. Here are several ways to make your camping trip an enjoyable one.

Glamping Tip #1: Appreciate camp life with portable folding solar panels

Electricity sets the modern world apart from the old civilisation. Going off the grid to live closer to nature does not necessarily mean abandoning the comfort of having power supply. A city mouse like you would not let go of your smartphones, gadgets, and toys that easily while at camp. However, these devices require regular charging when in continuous use; thus, you need rechargers, power generators, or charge controllers. A battery that runs and recharges on clean and renewable energy is important while you are camping out. Logically, campers are far from any household electric outlets, so you have to generate your own energy.

The most natural source of energy is the sun. As Australia is mostly known for its sunny weather, campers would naturally rely on solar energy or photovoltaic system. For campouts, portability is the name of the game. Folding solar panels usually fit the bill for this outdoor activity. Campers have a lot to choose from when looking for foldable portable solar panels for camping. Portable folding solar panels are exactly what you need to have an immediate and reliable source of energy off the grid. Here are some of the best folding solar panels that you can bring to the camp site.

12v Folding Solar Panels

Portable devices such as the 12v folding solar panels are useful and flexible during campouts for the simple reason that they are easy to carry around. They can power most of your devices and camp appliances. They can be placed on top of your camp van or installed elsewhere when your vehicle is parked in a shaded area. Most folding solar panels have extended waterproof cables that are long enough to be positioned facing the sun. Many camp appliances, including communications gadgets, have low voltage requirements to function. As such, the 12v folding solar panels are oftenenough for your electricity needs.

A 12v-folding solar panel can power a 40-liter camping fridge, an LCD television, a strip of LED lights, and 12v electric blankets (Australian-made). For gadgets such as cellular phones, laptops, and tablets, you may need charge controllers to protect these sensitive devices from fluctuating current. Some solar panels with a maximum wattage power of 250w include conversion provisions for 12 volts. The Maxray 250w solar panel, in particular, has specifications for 22.5v open circuit voltage, although it can generate 1000v at maximum system voltage. A portable energy generator such as a portable solar panel with a reliable regulator attached to it can provide continuous power without necessarily overcharging or short-circuiting your batteries.

The amount of solar energy you generate from solar panels depends on the season or the time of day. Solar output differs during winter and summer, or morning and afternoon. Rain and clouds can also limit the sunlight absorbed by the solar panels. You might also need to clean and remove the dirt accumulating on the surface of the solar panels. Dirt accumulation causes voltage drops. In short, you have to consider several factors such as the weather, the time of day, and the environment to determine the power output that you can generate from your solar panels. Depending on when and where you plan a camp out, external factors will play on how your solar panels generate and deliver energy.

100w Solar Panel

A 100w solar panel, particularly the Maxray 100 Watts Monocrystalline Portable Folding Solar Panel, provides an even stronger maximum power voltage of 18v.

120w Folding Solar Panel

A folding solar panel kit such as the Maxray 120w folding solar panel provides a maximum power voltage of 14v. This solar panel is also mountable and includes portable cables for flexible positioning capability.

160w Solar Panel

The Maxray 160w solar panel, another folding solar panel kit, provides a maximum power voltage of 12v. This solar panel also includes a 2-metre cable and alligator clips. It is weather-proof and has aluminium-folding support legs.

200w Solar Panel

This 200w solar panel is meant for residential roof installation, four-wheel drives, and motor homes. It is hail-resistant and is safe as it has an anti-reflective glass made to avoid accidental heat generation that can cause fire.

Glamping Tip #2: Shower in Style with a Portable Shower Tent

As much as city dwellers appreciate nature's natural bathing spots, privacy is always an issue. This is exactly why portable shower tents are useful in this situation. Take, for example, the double shower tent. The double shower tent is a portable pop-up contraption that also doubles as your changing tent and toilet. A user will need three people to set it up immediately on camp. Look for a good place to set it up that is probably away from the hottest part of the camp or near a body of water. Depending on how you configure its usage, the tent can be utilized for camping, events, and trade shows.

Whether it is for interior or exterior use, it is quite functional either way. It is also an all-weather tent, as its fabric material is made of PU2000mm waterproof coating. It is also an excellent cover from the sun. Moreover, the double shower tent is very durable, thanks to its poles. Its skeletal structure is made up of fibreglass. Its cross-pole roof structure or rain cover is quite sturdy, too. When not in need, a user can easily remove it.

The double shower tent can readily accommodate two to four people at the same time. If you need space for toiletries, it is not a problem with the double shower tent because it has four storage pockets to house your bathing knick-knacks. After use, the double shower tent has its own carry bag, pegs, and ropes. Portability is everything with this type of shower tent. There is also a provision for one portable shower tent or changing room and toilet contraption, all in one. This is where the portable shower tent comes in. While it is smaller than its double provisioned counterpart at 1.9 metres compared to its sister at 2.3 metres, the portable shower tent does not disappoint either. Its fabric is made up of 170T polyester and is coated with PA300mm waterproof-coating with side windows. It is very sturdy and weather-proof. What makes the package impressive is that it also includes a ground protection mat as well as its own removable floor drain.

When not in use, the portable shower tent has its own carry bag for convenience. But what's a portable shower tent without its shower component? Makers of various camping technologies have this covered with the heated camping shower. It can accommodate 5 gallons (20 litres) of water at once for multiple showers. The heated camping shower bag is made up of heat-absorbent material; thus, its name. As its colour implies, black absorbs the heat best. All you have to do is expose the heat-absorbent part of the bag to the heat of the sun, either on the roof of your 4WD while on your way to the camp or a part of the terrain where your camp is exposed to sunlight. The sun is usually hottest in the afternoon, so it is better to expose the bag at this time of day.

The heated camping shower, however, is not as effective as its propane shower counterpart. The contraption's effectiveness depends on the availability of the sun's heat. What is good about it is that it does not emit carbon dioxide and is quite economical. A word of caution: the package includes a thermometer for safety reasons. Use it!

Glamping Tip #3: Cook Your Favourite Food With a Portable Camp Kitchen

Cooking is a great part of the outdoor lifestyle, no matter where you are. Millennials are now less likely to experience the old-school way of preparing food on camp, but the present procedure with the new kitchen tech is more or less similar to what it was a hundred years agoâ”only it is convenient and instant this time. In the past, campers made use of the ground and nearby rocks to set up an assembled camp stove complete with tied-up tree branches as pan holders. Today's generation has prefabricated cookware, portable metal stoves, and cookers for campouts. A good example of the portable camp kitchen is the round multipurpose outdoor fire pit. This is basically a barbecue grille. This portable camp kitchen amenity is useful all-year round. No matter what the season or where the venue is, be it in your backyard, the beach, or your garden, this is a perfect portable fire pit. It has foldable legs, is heat and rust resistant, and possesses surface protection against high temperature. It is easy to transport and store after use.

Glamping Tip #4: Stock Water with a Portable Wheel Water Tank

Campouts would not be complete without a stock of drinkable water. You need to drink more water in the camp, because you will most likely be exposed to the sun. This 40L Portable Wheel Water Tank is big enough to contain your drinking water for five days. It is portable and equipped with wheels for easy transport and ferry. No heavy lifting is needed on this one. This amenity is also self-containing. There is no danger of spilling, as the water tank comes with its own flexible pipe and faucet. If you brought along your portable fridge, you would have a steady stream of cool water to drink. Campers can also go for the 59L Underbody Trailer Caravan Camping Fresh Water Tank if they are a thirst monster or if they decided to bring their family and friends along to the camp. This water tank fits under your caravan trailer or camper trailer.

Glamping Tip #5: Bring fresh food in a picnic basket set

A picnic is always a wonderful idea while outdoors. This 2-person basket set with a cooler bag blanket is useful for this particular purpose. It comes with stainless steel cutleries with plastic handles and fastenings to keep cups, plates, cutlery, and corkscrew in place. It also includes two sets of stainless steel flatware, two sets of wine glasses, two sets of napkins, two sets of ceramic plates, a set of stainless steel shaker, and a corkscrew. With the built-in thermally-insulated cooler bag, drinks that you have brought along are guaranteed to remain cold until you reach the picnic site.

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