39 Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Lights

39 Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Lights

When we hear about Christmas lights, the holiday itself instantly comes into our mind. As the most anticipated day of the year comes, people play Christmas songs on the radio and decorate their homes with green and red colours to reflect the ambience of Christmas. Do you know that aside from adding life to your Christmas tree, there are also multiple ways that you can use Christmas lights for decoration? It is not exclusive to the holiday as well. You can actually put up Christmas lights all year round.

Here are 39 creative ways of decorating with Christmas lights, indoors and outdoors:

1. Magical mirror

Add a twist to your full-length mirror by turning it into a magical reflector. This can simply be done by sticking Christmas lights around the corner of your mirror. It instantly turns it into something like a portal to another world.

2. DIY Christmas lights chandelier

To spice up your living or dining room with a bright and colourful ambiance, craft your own holiday chandelier made out of Christmas lights and a hula hoop. It will be a perfect addition to a lovely family dinner.

3. Enchanting garden

If you have plenty of plants in every corner of your house, this is perfect for you. Turn your house into an enchanting garden. Lighten up the mood by intertwining your plants with Christmas lights.

4. Lovely garland made of cups

Spruce up your house for the upcoming holiday by crafting your own garland out of Christmas lights and paper cups. This is a good way to recycle, while adding a festive atmosphere into your home.

5. Jars of fireflies

Look for your old mason jars and turn them into magical lanterns. They can be hung outdoors or can be used as a decoration in your living room. They can make a perfect bedside lamp as well.

6. A wonderful bed canopy

With a string of Christmas lights intertwined with your bed's canopy, bed time is certainly something to look forward to.

7. Shape of light

If you like reading quotes or motivational words, this is something worth your effort. Decorate your home with motivational words or quotes through the use of Christmas lights. You can also shape them into different figures like Santa or Rudolph. For a touch of snow in the summer, decorate your home with this adorable neon snowflake as well. Christmas Lights LED Snowflake

8. Lit-up fireplace

As Christmas coincides with summer in Australia, it does not mean you cannot use your fireplace. You can light up your fireplace with Christmas lights instead of fire, for a stunning view.

9. Awesome work of art

There are so many ways to create art and decorating your house is one of them. If you have unused or old canvasses piling up on a heap, now is the time to put them up. Turn your canvasses into a work of magic. Make patterns of holes on a canvas and insert Christmas lights on it. You can then display it on your wall for a majestic view.

10. Christmas tree alternatives

If you don't have a Christmas tree, that won't be a problem. You can craft one using Christmas lights and a few tree branches. You can also decorate your garden by making use of your unused tomato cages. Wrap solar outdoor Christmas lights around them for cute Christmas trees.

11. Christmas terrariums

This is another creative way of putting out your old and unused jars. You can turn them into adorable terrariums by stuffing them with Christmas lights, powder snow, and a few retro figurines accumulating dust in your shelves.

12. Breathtaking gallery

Looking back at the past would never be this stunning. If you have plenty of photos to display and an empty wall, you can brighten up the view. Turn your empty wall into a lit-up gallery. It is perfect for decorating memorable photos too.

13. Bottles of lights

If you are into cheese and wine, or just wine, you will most likely have a lot of empty bottles in your house. Instead of throwing them into the trash bin, you can put some Christmas lights inside those bottles. They could serve as a classic centrepiece on your table.

14. A bookworm's delight

Turn your bookshelf into a reading wonderland. Decorate your shelf with Christmas lights and get lost in the world of books and the sense of Christmas. With a cup of coffee and a good book, who says you can't have it all?

15. Floral lights

Do you have plenty of silk flowers? If you have, you can utilise them. Simply glue your tiny Christmas light bulbs in each flower and you have an instant, beautiful floral garland. You can hang them inside or outside your garden.

16. String of ping pong ball lights

If you have broken ping pong balls in the house, you might want to turn them into something magical for the holiday. Simply punch a hole in each of them and insert the Christmas light bulbs into the hole. It would be perfect for display on the corner of your doors. Plus, it won't cost that much.

17. Christmas outside your house

There are plenty of ways to decorate the exteriors of your house, be it your garden or front lawn. One way is to add a touch of Christmas on your lamp post. Simply wrap outdoor rope light around the lamp post for a delightful scene. Outdoor LED Christmas Cool White Rope Light Display You can also craft a grapevine sphere and decorate it with Christmas lights. It would be perfect to add them on top of your empty pots for a lighted topiary look. If you do not have time to craft your own decorations, you can get awesome solar Christmas decorations outdoors. They will save you time and energy. They can also beautify your house for the upcoming holiday.

18. Classic string of lights

If you get bored with the usual look of your old Christmas lights, worry no more. Turn your old Christmas lights into a classic display by painting them with a metallic gold paint. You can also rock your old Christmas lights with silver paint.

19. DIY Christmas star

Stars don't just belong on top of the Christmas tree. You can also decorate them all around your house. What you need are modelling wires and a string of Christmas lights. Simply shape the wire into a star and wrap the Christmas lights around it. This is perfect on your wall or door.

20. Festive wreath

Among the traditional symbols of Christmas are the adorable wreaths. Craft your own outdoor or indoor wreath with the use of Christmas lights and modelling wire. Complement it with a Merry Christmas sign to add a joyful theme in your home. OUTDOOR LED MERRY CHRISTMAS SIGN COLOUR CHANGE HOLIDAY DISPLAY

21. Lighted Christmas presents

With Christmas comes the sense of giving. With this in mind, it is ideal to decorate your house with lighted Christmas gifts boxes. With a few crafting tools, other materials. and a string of Christmas lights, you are set up to create your own lit-up Christmas presents.

22. Star gazing in your home

Star-gazing is one of the awesome things you can do at night. However, this is something we usually do outdoors, or in the open night sky. Thanks to this constellation project, star-gazing can now be done inside your house. You can stick Christmas lights on your ceiling for a lovely view.

23. Christmas deer

If you have a stuffed deer head decoration hanging on your wall, you can spice it up by wrapping Christmas lights around the deer's antlers.

24. Christmas tree on the wall

This is perfect if you don't have enough space in your room for a Christmas tree. All you need is a few Christmas decor accessories, glue gun, canvas, and Christmas lights.

25. Fairy baskets

If you have plenty of hanging plant baskets, you can put sparks on them this coming holiday by tangling Christmas lights around them. They could add a rustic touch in your place.

26. This window is lit

Add life to your room by decorating the corners of your windows with Christmas lights. Complement them with a pair of light coloured curtains and you are geared up for the holiday.

27. Event reception

If you are hosting an event in your house for a birthday party or just a small celebration, Christmas lights will easily convey the mood of festivity if you put them near the door. If you are hosting it outdoors, you can spice up the location by hanging Christmas lights around the trees and in your canopy.

28. Stairway to Christmas

Add a touch of Christmas into your house by decorating Christmas lights around your stairway. Add garlands and a few Christmas accessories as well. Each step you take with your newly designed stairway brings you closer to Christmas.

29. Tiny boxes of light

Aside from ping pong balls, you can also add magic to your Christmas lights by decorating each bulb with multi-coloured, tiny origami boxes.

30. Tulle ribbons

If you have an extra tulle fabric, you can use it by cutting the fabric into small pieces. Simply tie the pieces around your Christmas lights and you have an instant Christmas ribbons.

31. Snowflake lights

Just like the ping pong balls, origami boxes, and tulle ribbons, you can also attach bouquet holders to your Christmas lights for a snowflake-like view.

32. A hallway of stars

Add a starry view to your house by decorating your hallway ceiling with lots of Christmas lights that will make it look like a glowing tunnel.

33. DIY Christmas ball

This is a good way of recycling plastic cups, especially if you have lots of them. You can turn them into a Christmas ball by putting a hole in each of the cups and then inserting the Christmas light bulbs.

34. Heart wreath

There are a lot of designs you can craft out of wreaths. One of them is to shape a modelling wire into a heart and wrap Christmas lights around it. Add a few Christmas accessories and you have the heart of Christmas.

35. Cycles of light

You can also get your hands-on hula hoops, whether big or small, and hang them on the ceiling with Christmas lights wrapped around each of them. This would make a dazzling scenery and project an inviting ambiance in your place.

36. Layers of magic on a tiered tray

Add magic to your kitchen by decorating your old tiered tray. All you need are a few Christmas accessories and Christmas lights.

37. Adorable cage

If you have an empty bird cage in your garden, you can decorate it with Christmas lights. It would add a classic Christmas design in your garden and it is easy to do too.

38. Glowing basket

Do you have an old basket you barely use? Bring it into life by decorating it with plastic fruits, a few Christmas balls, and a string of Christmas lights. This makes a good representation of abundance in your home.

39. Adorable coffee table art

Decorate your glass coffee table with a rope light. Create a motivational word under your table using a rope light so that it reflects on the top.

Make It Happen

There are certainly many ways to decorate your place. All you need are the right materials, a little bit of creativity, and the motivation to get things done. If you do not have Christmas lights yet and you are planning to get one, Outbax has what you needâ”from solar Christmas lights to inflatable Christmas decorations. With Outbax, you will not run short of awesome items and ideas with which to decorate your place! What is more impressive is that we offer free shipping for nearly all items. We offer a 24-hour dispatch guarantee and special 60-day return. Shop now and get the decorations that will brighten you home!

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