What Can a 3.5kVA Generator Run?

What Can a 3.5kVA Generator Run?

Are you considering buying a 3.5kva generator for home use or adventures? You're on the right trackthese portable generators are handy yet they pack so much power that they can run a wide range of appliances, perfect for camping or when you want to run essentials during a power outage.

At present, there are several generator units in the market that you can choose from. Inverter generators are particularly popular due to their fuel efficiency and many other advantages over traditional models.

Some of the most prominent names you might have heard of include the Kings 3.5kVA generator, Honda inverter generator, and of course, the famous Gentrax inverter generator. The advantages of inverter generators have been widespread that these are actually the first choice for residential or recreational use.

Now, back to what a 3.5kVA can runthese compact units can simultaneously power electronics like a small fridge and a laptop, or a microwave and a coffee maker. For a little overview, here's a list of items you can run with a single 3.5kVA inverter generator from Gentrax.


Laptop computer

Electric furnace

Power tools

Gaming console



Microwave oven


Understanding Max & Rated Power

You might notice labels pertaining to "max power" and "rated power" in an inverter generator. This refers to the maximum and continuous output of your unit. Before running your appliances on a generator, it is important to take note of these metrics as electronics require different wattage amounts during start up and usage.

For example, a large refrigerator may require around 1,200 to 1,600 watts to start up but can drop to 200 to 700 watts during regular operation.

It's also important to note that some appliances such as microwaves have static wattage requirements due to the nature of their operation, which is running for a short period of time with a larger watts usage.

How Do You Get Your Required Wattage?

A lot of people's first question when buying generators is: what size generator do I need? Each unit comes at a certain wattage, so you need to have a good estimate of your watts requirements first before choosing your model. Fortunately, most appliances have their watts stamped on or indicated in the user manual so you can easily list them down for calculation

Here are the key things to consider when it comes to wattage:

Simultaneous Run Times

If you're planning to run a couple of items at the same time, you need to note that down because these will pull a higher wattage compared to when they'll be powered separately.

Starting Wattage

As mentioned earlier, starting wattages are typically higher than the running watts so this should be taken into account as well. Remember, any equipment with an induction motor will have a starting wattage and therefore a higher watt requirement.

Maxing Out Your Generator

Leave at least 20% of headroom for your generator to ensure long-lasting, optimal performance. Just because you have a 3.5kVA generator doesn't mean you have to run it at max power every single time.

So, what capacity generator do I need, exactly? Here's how to work out what your final required wattage is:

All the individual equipment wattages of the appliances you'll be running simultaneously (x 3 if the item has an induction motor), + 20% headroom = required generator wattage.

For example, to run a 300W microwave with a 650W concrete saw, the computation will be:

650W (saw) x 3 (starting wattage) = 1950W

1950W (saw total) + 300W (slow cooker) = 2250W

2250W + 20% = 2700W total required watts required

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