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Why Choose An Inverter Generator?

Why Choose An Inverter Generator?

Inverter generators are indeed one of the most in-demand portable power sources. In fact, you'll see them almost everywherein camping grounds, worksites, and homes. These handy units have significantly upgraded from the traditional bulky and loud standard generators.

At present, they're a staple mostly in outdoor leisure activities for their ability to provide sufficient power to run essential appliances for a good amount of time.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is considered the most modern type of portable generator due to its ability to produce converted AC power suitable for running most devices and appliances. You heard that rightit first transforms raw energy from fuel to DC power, and then this DC power is converted into the standard 60 Hz, 120V AC electricity for a more stable, ready-to-use output.

Due to its many advantages over conventional models, numerous inverter generator brands are available everywhere. Some of the most prominent names would include the Honda inverter generator, Yamaha inverter generator, Gentrax, and so on. These units can be pricey, but the overall quality they deliver makes them worth every penny.

What Are the Benefits of An Inverter Generator?

High Power Output

Inverter generators usually have massive fuel tank capacities that allow for extended runtimes. Some models are even parallel-compatible, allowing you to hook up another unit in case you need additional output!

Fuel Efficiency

Unlike conventional generators that run on speed constantly, inverter portable generators produce power depending on demand, consuming less fuel and emitting less smoke. You can also find brands that incorporate an eco-mode which helps you save on fuel consumption.

Cleaner Power

Inverter generators produce power in pure sine wave format, meaning continuous smooth waves. Aside from uninterrupted electricity, this type of power is also safe enough to be used for running sensitive electronics such as laptops and mobile phones.

Discreet Operation

Inverter-type generators are quiet generators. They run more silently than old-style units that blare during use, producing an average noise between 50 dBA to 60 dBA. A lot of portable generators are also now designed with noise-reducing features for an even more discreet performance.


Compact and lightweight, inverter generators are a top pick for outdoor lovers because they're effortless to carry. No need to lug a heavy, bulky unit that's even harder to pack up once you're done using it!


Portable generators emit carbon monoxide (CO), which poses serious risks if the unit is not used properly. Inverter generators address this issue with upgraded models that emit reduced CO and protective features that automatically shut off once the CO builds up to dangerous levels. They're also safer for the environment with less emission and designs that adhere to the emission standards in Australia.

What Can An Inverter Generator Power?

Built for on-the-go and backup, inverter generators can power a range of appliances depending on their capacity. They come in different sizesyou could get a 3kva inverter generator, a 3.5kva inverter generator, a 6kva unit, and so on. If sized correctly, you can run daily electronic essentials including air conditioners, microwave ovens, lights, and so much more.

Where To Get the Best Inverter Generators?

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