Best Budget-Friendly Camping Mattresses 2022

Best Budget-Friendly Camping Mattresses 2022

Camping is definitely one of the best ways to unwind. Just spending a few days away from the bustling city and taking in the fresh air, beautiful nature scene, and peaceful surroundings can do wonders for anyone needing a good break. However, seasoned campers would know that this hobby can be quite expensive, especially if you're still a newbie because you would have to buy everything you need for the first time. These usually include a sturdy tent, a portable power source, emergency equipment, and other essentials. You're probably wondering if you should cut down on expenses by foregoing a bit of comfort such as a nice, soft air bed but don't go there just yet. You actually don't need a lot to give yourself a comfortable sleep while camping. Here are some of the most affordable, quality mattresses in Australia as of 2022 that you can choose from:

Coleman Queen Size All-Terrain Double High Mattress

For $99, you get a stable, comfortable bed that is spacious enough to accommodate two people. Boasting a 47% improved puncture resistance, this is perfect for camping when you can't afford to have your inflatable mattress damaged. It features a double-height thickness and extremely soft surface that will make you feel as if you're lying in your own bed. If you want more options on queen-sized mattresses, you can check out our air beds for sale at Outbax too.

AeroBed Active Queen Size Mattress

From the looks down to how it feels, this blow-up mattress screams luxury. The AeroBed Active also comes with an air mattress pump, specifically a NiCad/DC Dual Power Pump for easy inflation. The combination of velour flocked surface and puncture-resistant vinyl makes for a comfortable and durable mattress that retails for around $70 only.

Coleman Queen Size Double-High Quickbed

This one ticks everything you could want in an air mattress and it even has a built-in pumpall for $90! Made with heavy-duty PVC with a Rayon-coated top, it's a fusion of comfort and stability that is sure to give you many nights of comfortable sleep. Plus, you don't have to tire yourself with inflating it too, which leaves you more time to set up other things at the campsite. Want more mattresses with integrated pumps? Browse through Outbax for some of our best self-inflating mattresses for sale.

Coleman Queen Size All-Terrain Single High

If your tent cannot accommodate the Coleman All-Terrain Double High, this one will make a great alternative. Crafted with Coleman's trademarked PunctureGuard material to lessen the risk of leaks and provide extra strength against stretch, this is perfect both for camping and home use. Get one for your next outdoor adventure for $70 only!

OZtrail Velour Air Mattress

Another top-ranker and one of the cheapest air beds in the market would be this OZtrail mattress. It stands out with a two-stage inflation system and special air zones which all help in maintaining its shape and stability. Externally, it has a standard inflatable mattress design and comes with a repair kit all for around $45. What a steal.

If you still want to explore your other options, feel free to visit Outbax and have a look at our air beds for sale. We have some of the best and cheapest Bestway Air Mattresses in here, which retail for as low as $38! While you're at it, you might also want to check our range of camping gear such as inverter generators, lithium batteries, and solar panelsyou never knowthere might be something useful for your trip here.
Bestway Fortech QUEEN Air Bed Inflatable Mattress 25cm

Camping Mattress Buying Tips

Size it properly: It doesn't matter how soft your mattress isif it's the wrong size for you, you're never going to get that goodnight's sleep. Consider your height and size before buying one and if you have back problems, you need to take that into account as well. After all, who wants to sleep with their arms and legs hanging off the bed's edges?

Go for a lightweight one: A good camping mattress should not be difficult to pack. Check how portable your pick is before buying it. Some mattresses tend to be heavy even when deflated, and this won't really help especially if your campsite requires a bit of hiking.

R-value matters: "R" means resistance against harsh air and cold ground. If you're someone who gets easily cold you might want to consider a high R-value. If you're camping during the winter season you need an air mattress with an R-value of at least 5. During the summer, an R-value of 3 would be good enough.

Inflation and deflation: Your energy should go to enjoying your camping activities, not inflating and deflating your air bed. Opt for self-inflating mattresses with a built-in pump so you don't waste your time and strength setting it up and packing it away. Another option would be to use a tire compressor instead.
Bestway Tritech TWIN Inflatable Mattress Airbed 46cm with Built-in AC Pump

Ready to buy your inflatable bed? Keep in mind though, that you could get the best one and follow all tips on how to choose your camping mattress but half of its lifespan is entirely dependent on how you use and maintain it. Be mindful of where you're setting it up and how you store it. If you can, it would be a great idea to purchase a separate mattress protector for extra durability. For more comfort, you can also try adding your own mattress topper or quilt cover. Outbax has a section for air bed accessories as well, so you can visit this straight away after or while buying your mattress. Happy camping!

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