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Pool Covers

Swimming pools are the perfect way to greet the summer season or just cool down on a hot weekend afternoon. They are a popular outdoor item among Aussies too, which is why some of them have their own pools at home. Of course, as awesome as they are, swimming pools require a lot of maintenance and accessories such as pool covers.  Read more

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Swimming pools are the perfect way to greet the summer season or just cool down on a hot weekend afternoon. They are a popular outdoor item among Aussies too, which is why some of them have their own pools at home. Of course, as awesome as they are, swimming pools require a lot of maintenance and accessories such as pool covers. 

Pool covers vary in price as there are different types of these as well. Their main purpose is to maintain the quality of water in your pool and help avoid damages caused by dirt and debris falling in it. There are several outdoor or camping stores offering pool covers so you can easily get one whether you have an in-ground swimming pool or an above ground pool. In fact, a simple search of "pool covers bunnings" will give you tons of results from everyone's favourite hardware store. You can get a Daisy pool cover or an Elite pool cover as easily as getting groceries too. 

Here at Outbax, we have some of the best above ground pools perfect for your backyard. Check out our Bestway Power Steel Round Above Ground Swimming Pool if you’re after a family-sized circular pool or the Bestway Power Steel Rectangle Above Ground Pool if you prefer something bigger for larger groups.  

Of course, we have available swimming pool accessories too, including pool covers. What's special about our pools and accessories is that aside from excellent quality, they all retail for a more affordable cost so you get to have some budget-friendly splashing fun!

What Are the Types of Pool Covers?

Pool covers come in different forms, but here are the most commonly used ones so you get a good idea of what fits the pool you have best. 

Automatic: These are more on the high-end, expensive side. Automatic pool covers eliminate the need for pool cover rollers as they roll on top of the pool with just a click of a button. 

Manual: As the name suggests, these are any type of swimming pool covers operated by hand using a roller and a rope. A lot of pool owners go for these because they're generally affordable and do the job just fine too. 

Thermal: Heating is the top priority for thermal pool covers. They are ideal if your pool is not heated or fixated under a shade and you don't want it to be too cold during use. 

Solid & mesh: This type of pool cover is ideal for families especially those with children. It's made with safety in mind and offers a high level of security whenever your pool is not in use. 

Solar: Solar blankets for pools offer heating functions as well. They offer a more cost-effective way of warming your pool while providing extra protection on non-swimming days at the same time.

Above ground covers: This type of cover is more tarp-like. They are usually affordable and can be dragged over to the sides of your pool. 

Winter covers: Perfect for the cold, non-swimming session, winter pool covers double as safety covers too, just like the solid & mesh type. 

Do Pool Covers Cause Algae?

Pool covers alone do not cause algae. However, if you put them over water that's in a favourable condition for algae growth, you'd definitely see it turning green soon. Low chlorine levels, warm water, and high phosphate levels are the top causes of algae. Using a pool cover will simply make its build-up faster as the pool will get warm and accelerate its growth. 

One thing you can do is to mind your pool's condition before rolling out your cover. Aside from making sure your chlorine levels are good, you can use an algae starver to prevent the accumulation of phosphate that acts as a food source for the algae. 

After this, filter your pool for an extended period to remove the algae spores. The pool cover will basically be the final touch, so you won't top off your pool with more water, especially during the rainy season, which will eventually introduce more algae to it.  

Why Are Pool Covers Important?

Swimming pool covers are a must-have for a lot of reasons. In terms of water quality, these pool accessories slow down the evaporation of your pool water and help keep it warmer especially if you're using solar pool covers. It also keeps twigs, dirt, and tree leaves from falling in your pool which reduces cleanliness and might puncture your inflatable water toys too. 

Having a good pool cover cuts down cleaning time. You don't want to keep fishing dirt in your pool and constantly starting the entire cleaning process because it keeps getting dirty way too soon. It's tiring and of course a waste of water and pool cleaning chemicals too. For households with children, this also means added safety in case someone slips and falls into the pool.

Lastly, investing in a good cover helps minimise maintenance costs. Having a swimming pool is not cheap so being able to keep the extra expenses to a minimum such as heating bills and chlorine consumption makes all the difference. 

A pool cover usually costs around $60 to $10,000 depending on the type, but this is still a significantly lower cost than doing regular whole-pool cleaning and paying for repairs.

More from Outbax

Upgrade your swimming pool and visit Outbax for quality yet affordable pool covers now! If you don’t have that pool yet, it’s the perfect time (and the perfect store if we might add) to buy one now. Our above ground pools section is filled with lots of options for summer lovers out there. 

If you’re more of a heated bath person, try our collection of inflatable spas! Outbax is all about outdoor relaxation so we have all these leisure items and camping gear ready for anyone who wants to have a good time while enjoying some fresh air. We even have inverter generators, solar panels, and lithium batteries to power those camping trips!

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