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Product highlights

  • Hassle-free oil replacement and maintenance
  • Extra noise reduction - 59dB @ 7m
  • Easy electric start function
  • 12V DC output and cigarette light socket
  • 1 USB terminal for charging electronics


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Product Details

Convenience and peace of mind. Two things that you can expect from the Gentrax 2.2kW Super Premium Inverter Generator. And we’re happy to elaborate.

Gentrax is widely known for manufacturing award-winning generators without compromising their customer’s budget. Their new line of inverter generators has revamped air ducts, housing and engine silencers, making it extra quiet. So whether you are using it at home or at a campsite, you can trust it to not disturb other campers or your neighbours.

The new generator design is easy to maintain, and you don’t have to disassemble the front cover to do regular oil changes. Added 12V DC and USB output sockets make it a must-have when you’re outdoors. Don’t worry about charging mobile phones or laptops with it, because the enhanced sine wave inverter technology protects sensitive gadgets.

This generator is powerful enough for handymen to use during on-site projects. Its upgraded overload reset function means you don’t have to do engine restarts. Just push the reset button and you can get back to work.

Give us a call today and our team of experts will be happy to answer any other questions you have about the Gentrax 2.2kW Super Premium Inverter Generator.

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Technical specs


Max AC Output: 2.2kW
Rated AC Output: 2.0kW
Start Type: Pull start, Electric Start
AC Voltage: 240V
DC Output: 12V / 4.0A
Number of AC Outlets: 2
Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4 Stroke, OHV, Gasoline engine
Engine Displacement: 114 cc
Engine Speed: 4500 rpm
Ignition Mode: C.D.I.
Fuel Type: 91 RON
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.1 Litres
Oil Type: SAE 10W30
Oil Capacity: 0.52 Litre
Noise Level: 59 dB (7m)
Spark Plug: A5RTC (TORCH)
Rated Continuous Operation: 3.5 / 3.2 hours


Dimensions: 555 x 320 x 465mm
Weight: 22 kg


1 x Generator
1 x Generator Cover
1 x Funnel
1 x Battery Charger Cable
1 x Maintenance Tools




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