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Outdoor Lounge Settings

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The majority of Aussie homes usually have an outdoor setting or an outdoor space where you can spend the day relaxing, hosting parties, or having a BBQ. Whether big or small, this area is often well-maintained and even styled to keep it presentable & ready for guests or weekend family bonding.

A typical outdoor lounge setting would have a couple of outdoor furniture in it. You can have wicker chairs, garden tables, an outdoor dining set and a few ornaments or you could also go all out and turn it into one big entertainment area. Some homes even add an inflatable spa or above-ground pool for parties or school holidays.

If you're currently looking to design yours, it's crucial to prep well. It takes more than choosing beautiful pieces to do this and of course, you'd want to get the best value out of your money so pick wisely and plan carefully!

What Materials Are Used For Outdoor Setting Furniture?


Wooden outdoor lounge furniture brings a natural, fresh beauty to any space. It blends beautifully with most backyard and front lawn hues, contributing a balanced overall look. Wood is known for its durability and resistance to elements. Rustproof and resistant to erosion due to its natural oils, this is sure to withstand outdoor elements. 

Maintenance is also relatively easy with wood. This material can last for years with its original colour still vibrant given proper care. For best results, choose teak or cedar—these are some of the most durable hardwoods and are weatherproof as well, ensuring years of use.


An outdoor setting made mostly of metal furniture guarantees durability that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminium in particular is a standout with its sleek, modern appearance and excellent sturdiness. Go for a powder-coated one and you won't even have to worry about rust and corrosion. This is an overall great choice, particularly if durability and resistance are a priority to you. 


The best thing about plastic is that it's extremely lightweight and easy to maintain. Plastic composites are a mix of materials such as resin or wood fibres in addition to the plastic itself, resulting in sturdy, weather-resistant furniture. This material also has some of the best designs, making it a win-win in both looks and quality.

How Do You Style An Outdoor Setting?

Planning is the key

Assess the space you currently have. How much furniture and leisure items can you fit in it without crowding the area? This will also determine how big of an outdoor set you can purchase. 

There are tons of options in the market from a 3 piece outdoor setting, a 5 piece outdoor setting, or something even bigger so make sure you consider the measurements first to avoid having to repurchase! You might want to consider if you'd like to put add-ons too, such as a outdoor lounges or a pool as these take up a huge space as well.

Position your furniture well

Don't go searching for an outdoor furniture sale yet. After measuring your available space, plan where everything goes next. It doesn't have to be fancy, just have a rough sketch of where to place the items. 

For dining or lounge sets, we recommend prioritising comfort and view when choosing an area—this way, you get to make sure you and your guests enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

Stick to a specific style

A mix of furniture styles can be nice as long as they complement each other. There's nothing inviting about a space that looks uncoordinated so decide on a specific look first. Do you want a fresh, natural look, a boho style with lots of wicker outdoor furniture, or a minimalist appearance? If you want to combine more than one style, keep everything balanced and still pleasing to the eyes. 

You also need to take into account your entertaining style. If you love hosting dinner parties, a big outdoor table set would be perfect for you. Prefer chill catch-ups over coffee and snacks? Perhaps a smaller outdoor setting would do. Want the best of both worlds? Choose flexible pieces that can easily be adjusted according to your gathering's needs!

Prioritise quality

Cheap outdoor furniture may sound like such a steal, but trust us, it's bound to cause more trouble in the wrong one. Invest in high-quality, weather-resistant pieces for long-lasting use, guaranteed comfort, and great value for your money!

Aim for an all-season outdoor setting 

You and your guests should be able to enjoy your outdoor setting rain or shine. Keep it well-ventilated and shaded during the summer season and with ample cover when the rainy months come pouring in. Have an outdoor bar cart filled with drinks perfect for whatever weather it is. This way, it remains an enjoyable space all year round.

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