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Kids Inflatable Pools

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While it's great to go on a swimming outing with the kids, you have to admit that planning the trip alone can be a little overwhelming. So, why not bring the fun in your own home? Have a splashing great time with our pool toys and inflatable pools for kids. Very sturdy when inflated and can withstand the energies of up to 5 kids, they would have hours of fun right at your backyard!

Generations of kids have enjoyed kiddie pools during the dog days of summer. Here 's what 's worth knowing before buying one for your family.

What is a Kiddie Pool?

As its name implies, a kiddie pool is a small pool designed for children. It usually measures between three and five feet in diameter and is made of inflatable or hard plastic.

Types of Kiddie Pools

Inflatable kiddie pools are made of soft plastic that you inflate with air.

Hard plastic kiddie pools save you the trouble of inflating anything, but will take up more storage space. (On the plus side, they can double as sandboxes when not filled with water.)

Splash mats are typically made of inflatable plastic and feature a shallow pool area. They are usually inexpensive and a good option for small children.

Kiddie Pool Pros

Inexpensive. Even the nicest kiddie pools will cost far less than an in-ground or above-ground pool or a membership to a private club with a pool. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 for a basic inflatable plastic kiddie pool to more than $100 for one with lots of bells and whistles.

Easy to set up. Hard plastic kiddie pools require no work on your part while inflatable plastic kiddie pools can easily be inflated with a pump. (No pump? Try using the top half of a plastic bottle and a hair dryer on the cool setting to inflate.)

Many options. Kiddie pools range from simple to totally tricked out. Some of your options include slides, play centers, decorative arches and fountain-like sprinklers.

Readily available. Once the temperature starts to rise, big box stores will stock lots of kiddie pools. More options can be found at online stores like Outbax.⁠ Just know that hard plastic kiddie pools may be limited on the web because they 're tricky to ship.

Kiddie Pool Buying Tips

Only buy one that 's recommended for your child 's age.
Get recommendations from other parents or store associates.
Read online reviews.

Kiddie Pool Maintenance Tips

Generally speaking, it 's good advice to clean your inflatable kiddie pool briefly after each use. Just dumping out the pool and then wiping it out with diluted bleach or a soap and water solution will help. And after rinsing it out a final time, leaving the pool to dry in the sun for at least four hours is a necessary last step. It takes the sun about four hours to kill any remaining dangerous bacteria.

Because of the somewhat slippery nature of the pool surface, it can be harder to detect mildew buildup on the walls of an inflatable pool. This is why wiping the pool down with a towel after washing can also help. A dry towel will help remove any slimy buildup.

If you 've waited awhile between cleanings, a bleach or soap solution will still work. It may just take more time (and more scrubbing). But unlike cleaning a hard plastic pool, you 'll want to avoid bristle brushes, as these can rip the pool 's walls.

Kiddie Pool Safety Tips

Help check the spread of germs and viruses by having kids take a shower or bath before using a kiddie pool.
Don 't let kids who are sick or ill with diarrhea use the pool.
Remind kids to avoid swallowing pool water.
Supervise kids the entire time they are in the pool.
Learn how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults.
Completely drain the pool after each use to prevent an unsupervised child or pet from drowning.

All of our Kiddie Pools are made from quality materials that are guaranteed to be safe, comfortable and will last for a long time.

If you have never tried ordering Kiddie Pools online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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