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Summer is on the way which means many hours of outdoor fun and splashes in the pool. Adults and kids alike love spending summer in the cool water of your swimming pool.

If you don 't have a full-size, in-ground pool in your yard, you might fill up a kiddie pool for your kids to enjoy as the weather heats up. An inflatable kiddie pool can be a lot of fun, and is often the center of lively outdoor play. But just because it 's a small pool doesn 't mean it 's free from dangers. In fact, even the best inflatable pool should be treated as any pool: a major safety hazard.

Here are some tips for keeping your family safe if you have a kiddie pool.

DO ensure active adult supervision.

You might think you can leave your kids unattended in your inflatable kiddie pool because you only filled it a few inches. But this can be a grave mistake. Babies and toddlers have drowned in as little as one inch of water, even shallow pools pose a risk. If you fill the pool, even a little bit, make sure you or another adult is designated to actively supervise the kids while they use it. They should have their full focus on the kids, and not have any distractions during the duration of the water play.

DON 'T leave it full.

One of the biggest mistakes families make with kiddie pools is leaving the water in it. They might think it 's a hassle to refill, or they might think it 's easier since their kids are going to use it again later. A full kiddie pool left alone is an accident waiting to happen. As soon as your kids are out of the pool, drain the pool immediately.

DO put barriers in place.

Even though it 's not a full-size pool, it 's best to put as many barriers in place as you can. A self-closing, self-locking back door is a good start, as is a doggy door cover so small children can 't sneak outside without you knowing. A security system that beeps when someone exits the home can help alert you to potential trouble as well, and a kiddie pool cover is a good idea as well. The more barriers you can have, the safer.

DON 'T get complacent.

It 's all too easy to watch your kids play in a kiddie pool a few times under your vigilant eye and start to feel confident about their safety in it. The next time you fill it up, you might think it 's ok to dash inside to get some water or use the bathroom. We urge you to not get complacent. Active adult supervision is the number one safety protective measure available. And as it 's been said, “two seconds is too long.” It 's not worth the risk, so keep your children 's safety first.

Taking Care of Your Kiddie Pool

Although kiddie pools are smaller and you think they need less care, it is in fact not the case. To protect your swimming pool and your children you need be take special care, which unfortunately excludes your regular pool salt water chlorinator.

With your precious children spending a lot of time in kiddie pools, you need extra special care starting from pool filters and finishing with swimming pool pumps. You will need to pay extra attention to sanitary conditions of your pool and the personal hygiene of kids, therefore choosing the right chemicals is crucial.

Chlorine tablets:

The standard sanitizer for kiddie pools is usually chlorine tablets since zodiac pool cleaner or barracuda pool cleaners will most likely be too big for your kiddie pool. Use chlorine tablets at night after you 've finished using the pool for the day. This will give the tablet enough time to spread throughout the water. Always follow the instructions on the pack to make sure you are applying the sanitizer properly.

Bromine alternative:

You could use bromine instead, which is an alternative to chlorine. It is easier on people 's skin and lungs. However, remember bromine chemicals take longer to dissolve.


To keep your kiddie pool safe, you need to change water at least every 48 hours. Although kiddie pools are smaller and it seems to be easier to maintain them, children often urinate in the pool.

You need to monitor your kiddie pool all the time, supervising children when they are around it. While you are watching your children ensuring their safety, you can keep an eye on your kiddie pool making sure it 's clean and safe, and take action if otherwise.

All of our Kids Pools are made from quality materials that are guaranteed to be safe, comfortable and will last for a long time.

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