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Camping Kitchen

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Gone are the days when camping means roughing it. This is why a lot of extra camping gear is now very popular such as inflatable mattresses for restful sleep and also camping kitchens.  It would probably be a little odd to imagine how you'd take a kitchen to your campsite, but seasoned campers would know. There are indeed portable camping kitchens you could bring and pack easily, whether you're pitching a tent or staying in a caravan. 

These camping kitchens are usually foldable and then open up to an entire cooking area with table tops, storage, and sometimes even a sink! Can you imagine how easier it would be to cook an outdoor feast with this? You won't have to bring a lot to set up a cooking area anymore. Just pack one of these, bring a couple of camping chairs and tables, and you're all set!

How To Choose a Camping Kitchen?


A camper kitchen can either be small, medium, or large. The first thing you need to consider here is how many people you're staying with. A bigger crowd of around 6 people and above would definitely require a larger camping kitchen, especially if more than one will be doing the food preparations.


Here's a scenario your could picture in your head that will help you see how important a sturdy cooking area is: A collapsed outdoor camp kitchen, with all your dinner ingredients and utensils scattered on the ground. Not pretty, right? Aside from holding food items, you'll be chopping and cutting on this thing, so make sure you do good research on which materials are the most durable. 

Some camping kitchens are all-solid which is good but can be heavier. Others are a mix of hard materials with fabric storage pockets for a lighter pack. This doesn't mean it's less durable though-in fact, a lot of brands follow this design for portability. You just have to make sure the material used can withstand outdoor conditions such as aluminium for the body and Oxford fabric for the pop-up cupboards.

Storage Options

You want your cookware, utensils, and food items organised in separate pockets. This way, everything is easy to locate. See to it that your camping kitchen has ample space both while cooking and when it's time to put away everything so you can easily move around. 

Speaking of storage, check out our Komodo Deluxe Foldable Camping Kitchen. Featuring a top shelf, 2 work benches and 3 zippable cupboards, all your essentials can be neatly packed in here and you have a generous area to work on too. 

Overall Convenience

As much as possible, choose a camper kitchen designed for maximum convenience from set up to pack up. If you could get something with a sink or a hotplate, much better. You also want an easy-to-clean portable kitchen, especially during camping-you don't want to spend too much time getting grease and stains off it!

How Do You Organise a Portable Camping Kitchen?

Choose your spot

Decide where you want to put up your camping kitchen. Ideally, it should be a flat surface to avoid a wobbly station and somewhere you won't be interrupted by people coming and going all the time. If possible, place it near your dining spot and in a shady area for hot, afternoon lunches.

Create divisions

Make everything convenient from start to finish by having separate containers for everything-plates, pots and pans, condiments, etc. This way, they're all easy to unpack and organise in your outdoor camp kitchen as well as pack up neatly again after use.   

Position items correctly

Avoid the extra cleanup and see to it that all items are positioned well, particularly food products that spill. Keep your most used items at eye level and choose one with a sturdy camping kitchen table for holding your stove.

It's generally not recommended to set up your stove on the ground, so having a steady cooking station keeps you both safe and comfortable while preparing your food. 

Name your containers

Labelling jars and plastic containers might seem like a small thing but can actually save you a lot of time while cooking outdoors. This will also make it easy for your fellow campers and help minimise the mess around your campsite. 

Make use of boxes

Don't just chuck everything inside the zippable storage compartments of your camping kitchen. Keeping them in bins and boxes keeps your cooking area clutter-free, plus, it helps you avoid rummaging around when you need something. Remember, when it comes to the outdoors, you can never go wrong with being extra organised!

Go for a multi-purpose cookware

Whether you’re setting up a DIY camp kitchen or bringing a portable one, it’s always good if you can have all you need in one set. If you can find an available camp kitchen with sink, go for it-it's a lot more convenient than having to assemble a separate one!

Avoid unnecessary extras!

Aside from your cooking station, you probably have more to pack in a campout. You could be using an inverter generator or a lithium RV battery for camping power. There are probably a few appliances too. Planning what you’ll be cooking beforehand and only bringing what you need for it will lessen your overall baggage and keep your campsite spacious too.

Ready to buy your camping kitchen? Take your next outdoor trip to the next level and enjoy your favourite dishes hassle-free. Visit our website at Outbax for the best camp kitchen options and browse through more camping equipment as well. 

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