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200Ah Lithium Battery

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Stay connected during your outdoor adventures with a 200Ah lithium battery. It can keep you powered during your outdoor adventures with close family and friends. Our lithium batteries support parallel connections to ensure you get adequate power for extended excursions with family and friends. They also have integrated battery management systems to protect against overcharging and short-circuiting. 

Their innovative architecture eliminates the danger of acid leaks associated with lead-acid alternatives like a deep cycle battery. Moreover, these batteries charge up to six times faster than conventional solutions. You can expect them to perform optimally for up to seven years with no maintenance!

Our lithium batteries are housed in heavy-duty cases to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are compact and lightweight, allowing you to store them in your van easily. In addition, their robust design makes them suitable for any outdoor terrain and weather.

Outbax is dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality gear. We make it easy to shop for recreational equipment from the comfort and convenience of your home. You can find everything you need on our website, whether you are into camping, caravanning, or boating. Order a 200Ah lithium battery now!

How long will a 200 amp lithium battery last?

There is no certain way to determine how long a lithium battery can last because your daily energy consumption can fluctuate. Moreover, other factors can affect the run time of your battery, including temperature and discharge rate. Nevertheless, you can get an estimate by calculating the load connected to the battery.

That means you need to consider what appliances you will use it for and work out how much power they draw from the battery. If you have a recreational vehicle or a boat, you may be surprised to know how little power their components actually draw.

A 200Ah slim lithium battery can easily run a portable refrigerator or air conditioner for more than a whole day. You can even use it for power-intensive equipment like treadmills, coffee makers, and vacuum cleaners.

The following are some of the most common uses for lithium batteries:

  • Recreational vehicles: It is common for recreational vehicles to have two batteries: one for starting the engine, and another for powering the appliances in the vehicle. You can use a lithium battery as your secondary battery to run your devices even when your vehicle is not running. You can even use it to start your engine if your main battery fails.
  • Boats: The compact and lightweight design of lithium batteries makes them great for boats. These batteries add very little weight and can easily fit into confined spaces.
  • Tiny homes: Tiny house dwellers who live off the grid can use lithium batteries to power their homes. They can store the energy produced by solar panels to power lights and appliances in tiny houses.

Lithium batteries offer many advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries. The charge and discharge efficiency of these batteries is superior to any other option, so you can use their full capacity without affecting their performance. Their fast charging rates can also reduce downtime and boost efficiency.

What size charger do I need for a 200Ah lithium battery?

The ideal charger-to-battery ratio for lithium batteries is 30%. That means a 200Ah lithium battery requires a 60A charger for optimal performance.

You should also make sure that your charger profile conforms to the recommended levels for charge current and voltage - otherwise, you can compromise the longevity and health of the battery. The same applies to minimum charge requirements. If you follow the recommended charging parameters, you can maximise the performance and extend the service life of your battery.

Outbax offers lithium batteries with integrated displays to show the remaining charge. This feature will let you know if you need to charge the battery before going to bed. Order the best 200Ah lithium battery from us today!

How to extend the life of a 200Ah lithium battery?

It is generally true that lithium batteries last longer compared to other alternatives. The batteries from our line can perform optimally for up to seven years without losing capacity. These products require no maintenance, but you can follow some best practices to ensure they live up to your expectations:

  • You can extend the battery 's life by discharging 20% to 30% and then recharging it instead of discharging 80% to 90% and then recharging it.
  • An excessive number of full discharge cycles can reduce the lifespan of your battery.
  • Make sure to store the battery in a cool and dry place when not in use. 

Outbax offers high-quality lithium batteries with extended warranties. View our entire collection to find the right battery for your needs.

If you are new to lithium batteries, feel free to contact our customer service for all the information you need to know. Our team would be happy to answer your enquiries. Order a 200Ah lithium battery from our website and start planning that outdoor trip with family and friends!

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