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What's the Best Lightweight Camping Gear?

What's the Best Lightweight Camping Gear?

For certain camping situations, such as a Scout camp, you may be required to take along only lightweight camping gear. When having to walk to a campsite, carrying heavy, overweight items is not much fun and it will only take longer to set up. So what is the best lightweight camping gear to take?


First up, you will need to pack a light tent. This is where you'll be laying your head every night, so it's important you get it right. While ultra lightweight tents are ideal for long adventure walks and emergency shelters, they are not too great when the wind and rain set in. A general purpose tent made of lightweight material is probably your best bet and Bestway's 2 person Monodome Tent is a great example. Featuring a waterproof PE floor and weighing just 1.5kg, this monodome tent will keep your sleeping bag and personal items dry and you settled snugly for a night under the stars. The tent comfortably holds two people, is easy to erect and offers a built-in screen door to keep away the bugs.

Sleeping bag:

The next most important thing you will need is a sleeping bag. When packing a sleeping bag, you want to make sure that it's lightweight yet warm. Always look for a synthetic fill as should a down sleeping bag get wet, it will take days to dry and be extremely heavy in the process. To make life easy, the Comfort Quest 4-In-1 Fold ˜N' Rest Camping Bed is an airbed, sleeping bag, pillow and tent all in one. Made of durable terylene fabric and housing wide zipper doors and windows, as well as integrated storage compartments, the tent is both lightweight and sturdy. Velcro connectors attach an inflatable pillow and a 12 Air Hammer pump is included. The total weight is just 12kg.


You may be inclined to think that lugging a kayak with you to your campground is more than one person can take, but there is a big range of kayaks that are super lightweight and easy to transport single handedly. The Flinders kayak weighs just 25kg and has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg, a stylish design and is easy to climb in and out of. For keen fishermen, the Parramatta kayak carries up to five rods, has easily accessible front and centre hatches plus storage for your additional gear. Both the kayaks are self-draining with six scupper holes and plugs included. You'll also need a lightweight paddle and you can't go past the Outbax Super Lightweight 2 piece Alloy Kayak Paddle. Made of heavy duty Aluminium shaft with PVC anti-drip rings, these two piece kayak paddles weigh just 900 grams!

Light car gear for 4WDing:

If you're hitting the rugged terrain, the Outbax Camping High Lift Jack will get you out of trouble. Super lightweight (15kg), this jack can do any kind of job from lifting to winching and clamping. Its most impressive feature, however, is its 5,000 lbs (2268kg) rated capacity.

Australia's best supplier for camping gears

Whether it's your first time to go camping or not, a good source of cool camping equipments is available online. Outbax ships products for free and offers some discounts. These gears also come with a 12-month warranty. Its website is very user-friendly and provides all the specs a camper needs.