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What You Should Know before Buying and Installing an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

What You Should Know before Buying and Installing an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a big part of the Australian home. They provide a welcome relief during the summer months when the temperature reaches 40 degrees. It is estimated that 920,000 pools have been installed across Australia since 2015. Perth leads the number of residents living in a household that has a swimming pool with 18%, followed by Queensland with 17%, Sydney with 16%, and Brisbane with 15%. Another 20,000 pools are added each year across the country, not including inflatable pools.

Why do I want a pool?

Before deciding what kind of pool to buy, you need to carefully consider why you want one in the first place. The purpose of the swimming pool determines the kind of pool that would suit you and would also ascertain if an above-ground swimming pool is the one for you. Owning a swimming pool will take up space in your backyard, would set you back a few thousands, and may or may not add value to your home.

1. A pool will help you relax

Nothing beats relaxation in the water and sipping your favourite drink. You may want a pool just to float in or to have a few drinks and chill in the water. You may also use it to have water yoga or just to be refreshed during the hot summer days.

2. It is good for your health and wellness

Swimming is known as one of the best forms of exercise. It increases your flexibility and helps remove toxins from your body. It is also a great workout for weight loss because you can burn as much as 500 calories when you swim for an hour. It also improves motor coordination and posture. Water therapies are recommended by many doctors, especially for those recovering from injuries caused by accidents, because the water buoyancy lessens the stress on the joints and bones.

3. It is fun

If you plan to have your friends over and have a summer cook-out in the yard, a pool is a good addition to your activities, especially when it is very hot outside. A dip in the pool can instantly make you feel refreshed and relaxed. This could also be a good venue for parties for the children and for their friends. As well, an inflatable kid's pool is perfect for your little ones.

4. It adds beauty to your home

Some small pools are built just to add aesthetics to a garden or a backyard and not specifically for swimming. It may add value to your garden and could also be its centrepiece.

Why above-ground swimming pool is better

Above-ground swimming pools have recently become more popular. Compared to in-ground pools, they are less-expensive and are very easy to install and disassemble. Inflatable pools are also easy to set-up or put away after the swimming season. Accidents at in-ground swimming pools are also five times higher than above-ground swimming pools, according to an analysis of drownings in Brisbane. There are three types of pools available in the market. A resin pool is made of resin materials, and its main advantage over the other types is that it does not rust or corrode. It also does not dent and warp. A hybrid pool combines resin and steel materials, whilst a steel pool uses galvanised material, zinc metal, or aluminium. As such, a steel pool is considered the most durable. Most above-ground swimming pools have the following components:


Galvanised steel is usually the material used for the walls. It is corrugated for added strength and then coated with vinyl to make it more attractive. The wall must be strong and durable enough to safely contain water weight.


The frame secures the wall and ensures that it is strong enough. As most of it is exposed to water and the elements, it is usually made of resin, aluminium, or coated steel.

Top rails

The top rails serve as the ledge of the pool. These connect the posts and keep them upright. Although it is the ledge and could sometimes go as wide as 12 inches, top rails are not made for sitting and walking.

Stabiliser bar

Also known as the top track, the stabiliser bar keeps the wall straight and the vinyl liner in place.


Posts are usually made of aluminium, coated steel, or metal. These provide an upright support to the swimming pool and strengthen the frame.


The plates serve as the base and top plate for the posts. They provide a connection point for the posts.

Vinyl liner

Most swimming pools have a vinyl liner inside because this is what keeps the water inside. Liners may be replaced after five to ten years because of wear and tear. You may use patch kits to prolong the life of the liner in case the hole is small and can still be repaired.

Pump and filter

Filter systems are needed for bigger pools. Inflatable pools where water is changed regularly need not have a filter.

Above-ground swimming pool accessories

To ensure that your swimming pool will last long, you need to keep it clean and well-maintained. Swimming pool accessories are a must in every pool. The Bestway maintenance kit comes with a lightweight vacuum and skimmer, chemical floater, floating thermometer, test strips, and a repair patch for only $49. Other accessories that you might consider getting are the following:


If you will leave the pool uncovered, pool lights are needed to ensure that everyone is safe. Floating pool lights are also available.

Pool heaters

Pool heaters are sometimes included in the pool package. If not, you may want to add them. Heated pools are best for sore and tired muscles and for relaxing after a long day.

Winter covers

If your above-ground pool cannot easily be stored during the winter months, look for winter covers to keep dirt and debris out.

Automatic timers

Automatic timers can help you save money and they provide convenience. You may set a timer for the filtration system or the heating. This eliminates the need for always checking on your pool.

Filtration system

Commonly used pool filters are sand. Sand filters dirt and debris in the water before it flows back to the pool. They need to be changed at least once in five years. Cartridge filters, on the other hand, are easily maintained compared to sand filters. You just need to rinse the cartridge with water and detergent. Lastly, diatomaceous Earth Filters (D.E.) use the porous exoskeleton of diatoms.

What you should know before buying an above-ground swimming pool

Consider size, shape and depth

Will this be a pool that your family can use and will the children be able to use it? If the children will be using the pool, look for one that has a shorter wall and has better support on the walls. Consider, too, the number of people you are expecting to use the pool and how they will use it. If someone is going to do lap swimming, an inflatable pool is not the best choice for you. The size and depth of your pool will also determine how much water will be used to fill the pool.

Know the cost

When you get a quote, make sure that it includes delivery, the needed accessories, and installation. A pool shell may be as low as $1,500 but a resin pool would cost around $4,500 to $8,500, depending on the size. A good filtration system may be bought separately for an additional $600 or more if you have a bigger pool. If you want a heating system, you will also have to pay more. A deck and a fence are required for above-ground pools, and the cost will depend on the size and type of deck and fence you need. In some states, a pool inspection is required before you can use your pool. All in all, it could set you back $10,000 to $20,000 to build an above-ground pool. This is still cheaper, though, than an in-ground pool which would cost between $50,000 and $100,000. If you do not want a permanent above-ground pool and you are on a budget, you may try the Bestway inflatable pool. For only $499, you already have a spa that is portable and inflatable and that can fit two to four adults. This also comes with a heating system and 81 massage jets that are perfect for relaxation. If you are looking for a bigger pool for your family, you may get the Bestway above-ground pool. At only $479, this is made of heavy-duty PVC and sidewalls that are three-ply polyester. It also has a swimming space of 15 feet and comes with a pool ladder. Remember that skimping to save money might not give you the best swimming pool. You have to consider all the possibilities and include them in your budget instead of adding them later which will be more expensive in the long run. It is better to overestimate than underestimate the budget.

Prepare for installation

Inflatable pools are very easy to assemble and use. You may install smaller above-ground pools by following the user installation manual. If you are unsure what to do, it is best to contact an installer. Bigger above-ground pools will need a professional installer. The installer will also advise you on the permits, fences, decks, and other accessories needed.

Know the best location

You should carefully consider where you will place the pool. You should also include additional space for movement, decks, and fences. If you plan to sit around the pool and entertain guests, there should be sufficient space, too. Making changes after the pool is already installed would mean additional costs. Check local building laws to know if there is a required distance from the house or roads. It should also be accessible enough but secure for young children. Look at the surrounding trees and plants that may drop leaves and flowers or block the sun. Consider elevation and the ground at the same time.

What you should know before Installing

Building permit

You need to get a building permit before you install a swimming pool or a spa pool and the safety barrier. Before a building permit is given, a registered surveyor has to confirm that your proposed pool and safety barrier comply with building standards. In Western Australia, a compliant barrier is required for all private swimming pools that are 300 mm deep. If your above-ground pool is deeper than 300 mm, you need to have a pool fencing as required by law. You may also need to have a council approval first. To make sure you are following the Australian Standard and all the laws of your state, get in touch with your local council.


Before installing your above-ground pool, you need to prepare the site and make sure it is level and not sloped. The soil should be compact and free from weeds. If the material you are going to use is easily damaged by stones and sticks, make sure that the area is cleaned and ready. If you are going to install a permanent above-ground pool, the ground should be treated so that weeds will not grow. Ensure, too, that wherever you install the pool, you have a ready access to water and drainage.

Dirt and chaos

If you choose to install an above-ground pool, it does not mean that you will not be digging and that it will not be dirty. You might need to sink in a part of the pool to help with the levelling and stability. Installing a swimming pool is an investment. It could set you back a few thousands, but if you are really decided on having a swimming pool, weigh carefully all your options. Outbax.com.au has the best choices for your swimming pool needsâ”from inflatables, a spa, a basic above-ground pool, and swimming pool accessories. Prices are right for your budget--from $249 to $1,399, and they all come with a warranty, so you can shop without any worries. All the things you need for an above-ground pool, including the accessories, are just a click away. Shop now!