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Camping In Winter: Your Must-Have Winter Camping Gear

Camping In Winter: Your Must-Have Winter Camping Gear

The warm summer nights are slowly on their way out, meaning your next camping trip might be a bit chilly. Cool off by adjusting your camping must-haves. Make sure to include specific items on your checklist. You really don't want to freeze outside especially if it's your first camping tripthat's definitely not a good memory!

Winter camping is one of the best experiences you can have. The mornings are crisp and beautiful while the nights are filled with toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. To enjoy this fully, however, you need to ensure you're warm and well-protected from the cold. Here are some of the essentials you need to pack to stay cosy throughout your trip:

Portable Power Source

Super, super importantsince a big chunk of what will keep you warm & comfy are electronic devices such as heaters, cookers for your hot meals, and microwave ovens, you want to ensure you have a reliable power source to keep them running until your camping trip comes to an end.

There are a lot of equipment you can choose from here. Most of the time, campers use a portable generator, specifically an inverter generator for improved fuel efficiency. Inverter generators are also lightweight, perfect for bringing to outdoor adventures.

For RV travellers, portable batteries are more common, especially lithium batteries. You can either go for a standard 100Ah lithium battery or choose a 200Ah lithium battery if you have a couple more appliances to power.

Last but definitely not least, you can also opt for portable power stations to enjoy a convenient plug-and-play mechanism. This is by far the easiest to use, requiring no additional setup.

Air Mattress

You absolutely cannot go rugged and pack a thin sleeping bag during winter. Putting something in between you and the ground is essential for warmth and comfort, ensuring a goodnight's rest.

Inflatable Spa

Injecting a little luxury into camping can do wonders. Why not pack an inflatable hot tub the next time you camp or visit your off-grid home? A warm, soothing dip in a spa with hundreds of massage jets is just what you need after a long day of being out in the cold.

Warm Tent

When camping in Australia, it's not too often you will need to pack a four-season tent. Even in the middle of winter, a standard three-season tent should suffice. It is important to pack a high-quality tent when going into an alpine area, preferably something designed for the specific setting you'll be in.

Rain-proof Coat

While getting wet in the summer is no biggie, a splash of rain even in your clothes can leave you with a chill that is hard to shake. Always pack a raincoat or waterproof jacket with you for protection when you need to go out of your tent or do a little walking before reaching your campsite.

Insulated Booties

Choose booties that have a synthetic fill or foam in those soles for additional warmth. Boots and gaiters made from insulated rubber or leather, with a layer of wool, are ideal for walking in the snow as they provide excellent protection. The trick here is layering as much as you can to stay insulated throughout the day.

Where To Buy Premium Camping Gear

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