What Solar Panels Are Better For Caravan?

What Solar Panels Are Better For Caravan?

Are you a caravan owner? If yes, then you must have considered adding solar panels as a portable source of energy at least once. The benefits are enough to convince youit helps you save up, it's more environment-friendly compared to other power sources, and it allows you to camp out even in remote locations if you want to avoid crowds of campers.

You don't just buy solar panels for caravan, though. A caravan's roof and power needs are a lot different than that of a house. There are certain solar panels that are more suited for recreational vehicles and knowing which ones to select will help you a lot in maximising the returns you get from switching to solar.

There are three types of commonly used solar panels: glass, mobile, and folding. Glass solar panels are more commonly used in households instead of for camping. They've been around for the longest time and come with a rigid frame attached to the roof. These types of fixed solar panels have a pretty good reputation but are more vulnerable to damage due to the material. Mobile solar panels, on the other hand, offer more flexibility. These are slightly curved and can be positioned well on non-straight roofs but cost four times higher than other solar panel types. If you have the budget, this would be a great option for your caravan too.

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Last but definitely not least, we have folding solar panels. They are popular among campers and RV owners because of their portability, allowing them to easily "chase the sun." Simply take them out, position them in an area where there is most sunlight, and you have your renewable source of energy to power your camping essentials directly or store in a solar battery for later use.

Which Solar Panels Are Best For Caravans?

Every caravan and solar panel setup is different. While there are undeniably efficient solar panels that will provide you with ample power, the best type for your caravan largely depends on your system and preference. For instance, fixed solar panels are great for withstanding extreme weather conditions plus, they are safer from being stolen compared to portable ones. They require installation too and can be on the expensive side. If durability is your top concern and if you want your panels to operate constantly, this is a good pick for you. If you want to skip installation costs and want something that can be tweaked when you need it too, it's better to opt for flexible solar panels instead.

Flexible solar panels are quite popular among those who love travelling in their RVs because they are less expensive and easy to move. Since you can quickly place them wherever the sunlight is, you can park your caravan somewhere shady plus, they also have the potential to be more efficient than other kinds of solar panels. However, they are not as durable and require storage space with their wiring inside your ride.

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Another thing to consider when choosing solar panels is the material used for construction. This is divided between monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline solar panels win on efficiency even in low-light settings but have a tendency to be affected by interfering shadows. They cost higher than polycrystalline solar panels, which are less efficient but are more popular for those who are on a budget. Between the two, experts recommend mono solar panels more mainly because of their compact size which is perfect for any vehicle. Despite needing to be kept away from shady areas, the efficiency rate of this solar panel makes up for its few cons, including the higher upfront cost.

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