What Is the mAh On a Battery?

What Is the mAh On a Battery?

You would often see the Ah label on bigger batteries, but have you noticed the mAh battery sign on smaller ones? These are seen on power banks and on the specs list of gadgets like phones and tablets. Unlike the Ah in battery boxes like LiFePO4 batteries that only come in hundreds such as a 100Ah lithium battery, mAh usually comes in bigger numbers.

The mAh on a battery stands for Milliamp Hour and is a unit used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. Generally, a higher mAh means longer run time, as your battery is able to store more energy. This is an important metric when choosing any battery-powered device because it can indicate how long you can use a gadget without requiring a recharge.

If you're canvassing for a devicethat iPhone 13 pro max looks really promising, it's important to note that mAh does not necessarily affect battery power, nor does it mean you'll get a faster charge. The charging speed of a battery can be measured in watts or amps.

Want to know more about the mAh meaning in batteries? Read on and you might just get a tip or two the next time you need to buy a new power bank or mobile phone!

Is a Higher mAh Battery Better?

Definitely. This means you can use your device for longer hours without having to find the nearest charging outlet. If we look at it in terms of mobile phones, the average mAh would be 4000mAh. This would give you a decent runtime and can last an entire day with moderate use.

If you want to crank it up, go for a model with 5000mAh. This is the same case with power bank mAhs. Something around this range can top off your battery a single time, perfect for every day or even a weekend trip.

Already have an existing battery with lower mAh? You can actually replace it! Just make sure you find a battery of the same type, form, and voltage but with a higher mAh for increased capacity.

What about laptops? Well, these devices use Wh or watt-hours to measure battery capacity. If you want to know its mAh unit, find the voltage information and use this formula: mAh = 1000 x watt-hours/volts.

How Many mAh Is a Good Battery Capacity For Power Banks?

Power banks are very handy and are usually the most popular power pack with an mAh capacity unit. If you're planning to get one, look at your options firstyou want to ensure you get something with ample capacity for its intended application.

Multiple Devices

A larger 27000mAh power bank will do the trick if you want to charge your laptop and a couple of mobile phones. These usually have several USB ports so you can top off your gadgets simultaneously.

If you're only going to use it for smartphones, you can have around 6 to 8 charges without having to recharge the power bank itself! This is also the best mAh to go for if you're going off grid camping or on any outdoor adventure where you have limited access to a mains power.

Laptops and Tablets

Smaller or medium-sized laptops and tablets have an average capacity of around 8000mAh. A 20000mAh power bank will allow you to charge these devices at least 1 time, which is decent if you're working somewhere without an outlet or if you want to take your iPad Pro on a beach day. You can even charge mini tablets twice with this but if you have a particularly large laptop like a 16-inch MacBook Pro, it's better to opt for a 27000mAh power bank instead.

Smartphone Charging

Charging smartphones every day can require something between a 5000mAh power bank to a 10000mAh power bank. The former can provide you with a single charge which is good for a typical day, while the latter is great if you use your phone a lot and would want an increased capacity to be able to charge it twice.

A lot of new phone models range from having around 4000mAh to 5000mAh battery, especially Android types. If in case you have more devices like an e-reader or earbuds that you want to charge, perhaps a 15000mAh power bank would be safer to bring on a daily basis.

Ready to buy yourself a new gadget for Christmas? Make sure to get a high-capacity one! It's reliable and convenient to bring whether on a normal day, a festival weekend, or a camping trip!

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