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What is a Lithium Battery?

What is a Lithium Battery?

Lithium batteries have evolved a lot over the years and are now part of everyday life. This power pack can be found in your laptops for work, inside the remote control for your TV, in that golf cart you use on weekends, and of course, in recreational vehicles. Despite being widely used, not everyone knows the basics about these batteries, their benefits, and their usage requirements.

To start with a simple, easy-to-understand explanation, lithium batteries can either be rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. The usual AA or AAA batteries we use for most of our small devices fall under the non-rechargeable type, while recreational batteries as well as lithium-ion batteries are considered to be rechargeable types.

Yes, you read that rightlithium-ion batteries. Contrary to some assumptions, this is not the sole lithium battery type. It's one of the most popular though because it's usually used to power gadgets including laptops and tablets. Another famous lithium battery type is the lithium iron phosphate battery or LiFePO4 battery. This one is mostly used for the outdoors like camping and RVs.

A lot of first-time battery users think that these two are similar, but they actually have significant differences. For one, li-ion batteries are known to explode, while LiFePO4 batteries are designed to be incombustible. This means they also perform better in higher temperatures and have a longer cycle life that lasts for around 7 to 10 years with proper care.

Are Lithium Batteries Good For Camping?

Lithium-based power packs make great camping batteries, especially LiFePO4 batteries! Outdoor activities such as off-grid camping and road trips require reliable power sourcesmostly a 12V batteryand nothing beats LFP batteries in this category. Here are some of the most standout benefits of lithium when it comes to outdoor applications.

Lighter weight, more power

A 100Ah lithium battery can weigh as little as 12kg. There are also slimline lithium batteries that offer a space-saving solution to your power requirements. The continuous development of this battery composition has allowed outdoor enthusiasts to switch the traditional heavy, bulky lead-acid batteries for something that packs increased capacity without the added weight.

This lightweight feature is especially beneficial for those with limited space in their RV, boats with a weight limit, or campers that need to hike before getting to their campsite.

Extra user and battery safety

This one is more on LiFePO4 packs and their built-in battery management system (BMS). Aside from not exploding or catching fire, the integrated BMS in these power packs also provides automatic protection against common battery issues to further extend their service life.

These battery issues include overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. The BMS is also the heart of LiFePO4's quality since part of its job is to optimise the battery cells for stable, consistent performance.

Cost-effective for the long term

Lithium battery prices are much higher than lead-acid batteries like AGM batteries. However, you can treat it as a long-term investment in the sense that you can benefit from it for more years compared to a conventional, lower-priced battery.

Think of it this way: A single lithium battery is twice the service life of a regular battery, it has better quality, and is less vulnerable to damage. You won't have to constantly replace it plus, you get to ensure a good source of power no matter where the outdoors take you.

How To Charge Lithium Batteries?

Among the many pros of lithium batteries is multiple charging options. Now first things firstit's not a good idea to charge a lithium battery with a charger meant for another battery type. This is inefficient and may also cause damage to your power pack.

You can top off your lithium battery with the appropriate charger for it or via an inverter generator. There are several units with fitted outlets for charging batteries, such as the GenTrax generator range.

Pairing your battery bank with solar panels for an RV or caravan battery setup is also a good idea, especially if you're going off-grid. There's a reason why lithium RV batteries are so popular, and that's because they are the best partner for solar power use.

Most of the time, RV owners opt for a 200Ah lithium battery since most recreational vehicles have a handful of high-power appliances such as air conditioners. Getting a battery with increased capacity will give you extra peace of mind that you have enough electricity output to be able to run everything you need efficiently.

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