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Top 9 Tips for Choosing a Durable Inflatable Spa

Top 9 Tips for Choosing a Durable Inflatable Spa

Owning portable and adjustable furniture and equipment can be very practical and convenient. This is especially true if you love moving things around and converting your space into different rooms once in a while. Not only does it save you from spending on high initial costs and succeeding maintenance expenses; it is also very useful for extended travels, camping, and other outdoor activities. If you're a home buddy, then having your own backyard resort can be fun.

You can install and set up these products anytime, anywhere, and without spending too much time and money. These products range from indoor furniture to outdoor recreation equipment, such as inflatable hot tubs, inflatable spas, air beds, and blow-up mattresses. There are several online sellers of these various equipment and camping gear. Many reviews are also available online. This can take many hours of research. The task of choosing the right brand and size at a reasonable cost may be difficult, especially if you're purchasing them for the first time. Knowing what to ask will help you figure out the right inflatable spa for you, your family, and your friends.

Quick guide to purchasing an inflatable spa

Online sellers, like Australia's Outbax, offer a variety of sizes, capacities, functions, and costs. The good news is that you won't spend more than $1,300.00 with this online supplier. If you've decided you want to buy an inflatable spa but haven't made up your mind on what model to buy, this list of factors may help you narrow down your choices.

1. Know the difference among above ground pools, portable hot tubs, and inflatable spas

Before investing in any product, it's often wise to read up about the alternatives. The first difference between an above ground pool and a hot tub or spa is that a pool is generally bigger in size.

Some above ground swimming pools are semi-permanent. Take note that they do not come with heating equipment and air jets. The biggest inflatable pools can accommodate up to ten adults and cost around $1,080.00.

Portable hot tubs, on the other hand, are made of heavy material and, hence, are less movable than blow-up spas and inflatable pools. They are costlier than the other two and weigh around 100 pounds or more.

Assembling and disassembling a portable hot tub may take more effort and time than inflating and deflating a blow-up spa. Air pump systems of inflatable spas only take several minutes to set up initially. Some blow-up spas have additional exhausts for quicker deflation.

Inflatable pools are cheaper and bigger than spas, and they are mainly because blow-up spas use thicker material and come with air jets and a heating system. You can also change the temperature of the water.

Another advantage with an inflatable spa is that you can use it indoors. It won't require much space inside your home. If you have a bathroom that's wide enough, you can have an inflatable spa for your personal use. Hot tubs and spas usually require around 800 to 1,000 litres of water, depending on the size.

2. Know the various types, functions, and advantages of an inflatable spa

Having an inflatable spa at home even if it's just for personal use serves several benefits. Inflatable spas can be therapeutic because of the relaxing bubble jets that help massage the body. Hydrotherapy helps blood circulation, relieves stress, and eases muscular tension. This is a good and cheap way to destress after a long day's work. This saves you from going out every week to visit the spa or the massage parlour.

Jet massage systems and the number of bubble jets vary from one brand to another. Bestway's smallest size has around 80 jets, whilst the larger ones have 120 to 140 jets. Remember that air jets differ from hydro jets. Tubs that have hydro jets tend to be costlier than ones that use air jets. The reason is that water flows differently, depending on the type of jet.

Hydro jets are placed at the bottom of the hot tub and are usually adjustable. This ensures that water flows around the tub at a wider extent. Temperature can be adjusted up to 40 °C. Heat increases around 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit hourly. Heating at maximum temperature usually takes a whole day but the heating system may be automatically turned on or off to save power and for energy efficiency.

Depending on the size of your blow-up spa and your water pressure, filling up would normally last up to one or two hours. The ease of set-up and portability of blow-up spas are truly appealing to its buyers. Setting up and deflating the product do not last an entire day but these vary according to brands.

During social gatherings and parties at home, converting your lawn into a temporary resort can bring more fun and excitement to such occasions. As blow-up spas are easy to carry, it won't be very difficult to bring them up your patio, deck, balcony, or even the rooftop of your home.

These blow-up spas come in both square and round types. Most inflatable spas nowadays use digital control panels. These control panels usually contain timer and temperature options.

3. Consider sturdy material that does not compromise your comfort and the tub's premium look

Different portable and inflatable spas are made from different types of material, such as rubber, acrylic, vinyl, plastic, and polyester. It is important to read up on these types of materials because some inflatable spas tend to stretch, soften, or collapse on the sides. Because inflatable spas tend to be moved around a lot and stored, the type of material and coating that can endure scratches and rough surfaces is useful information.

It's also helpful to find the ones that are stable, not flimsy, and are puncture-resistant. It may seem irrelevant if you're going to use your inflatable spa indoors for an indefinite period.

However, it's helpful to know what material does not tear and rip easily when storage time comes. You don't want insects, pests, or other items in your storage shed poking holes into your inflatable hot tub. Remember that you'd have to store your outdoor inflatable spa during the winter. No material can resist the cold weather. It is advisable to look for an inflatable spa that has Tritech material as its inner and outer walls. Leatheroid walls are also durable. These materials make the outer layer stiff and less prone to collapsing, stain, and perforation.

To ensure that your chosen brand has a stable wall, avoid purchasing blow-up spas that have built-in pumps. With proper cleaning and maintenance, a durable inflatable spa, like a Lay-Z Spa, can last for years.

4. Choose the right size and weight

The smallest inflatable hot tub can accommodate up to four adults whilst the biggest ones can accommodate up to eight. If you're living with a few relatives who can chip in and split the costs, a medium-sized hot tub might be right for you. This fits up to six people.

If you often camp out with friends and you also use the inflatable spa at home, it's probably a good idea to get a medium- to large-sized one. Compared to inflatable pools, blow-up spas are shallower by one to two feet. Blow-up spas are usually two to three feet in depth, with a radius of around five feet. Blow-up spas, like the Lay-Z inflatable spas, usually have a package weight of 70 pounds for the small ones. The biggest size weighs up to 180 pounds.

5. Ensure the safety of its users and the sanitation of water

Be sure that your chosen brand conforms to Australia's Mandatory Safety Standards. Don't forget to keep your water clean. Some brands have dual filters and chemical dispensers that keep dirt away whilst some have salt chlorinators. These chlorinators convert your salt solution into chlorine.

Improper sanitation exposes you and other users to health risks. Keeping the tub's chemistry balanced can be tricky because of the different manuals and requirements. One brand's requirements cannot be used on another; thus, it's important to read the manufacturer's manuals, guides, and advice. You might also want to avoid buying the ones that have a single cloth cover filter. This type of filter lets dirt float back when the filter is switched off.

During the period the spa is unused, you will need to cover the material to keep leaves, branches, and dirt from accumulating. Frequent use of the spa requires that you drain and change the water more often. The good thing about some brands is that they have a quick drainage system. After draining the water, don't be too quick to pack your inflatable spa. Make sure to rinse the inner part with soap. It would be best to avoid strong detergents that may be abrasive to the material.

6. Schedule regular maintenance for your inflatable spa

A part of its proper maintenance is choosing the right location for your inflatable spa. Avoid hot areas and direct sunlight that may damage the material. Choose a spot that can handle the weight of your blow-up spa after considering its weight when filled with water. Clear the ground of leaves, small rocks, and debris before inflating your spa. This helps ensure that the ground is flat and helps avoid bumps which may puncture the material due to water pressure.

Also, remember to avoid spots that expose your spa to intrusive hedges, thorns, and other sharp materials. You may want to consider getting ground cloth or ground pads to ensure additional protection for the bottom part of your inflatable spa.

Although inflatable spas require little maintenance, it's still necessary to ensure that the filters are rinsed clean. Keeping the grime away from your pumps and air jets is essential. Come winter, the proper storage for your inflatable spa is also a huge consideration. You're probably asking how you'll be dealing with leaks. Online shops usually sell durable patches and patch kits.

7. Consider the availability of spare parts and accessories that may be useful to your inflatable spa

Online sellers usually offer replacement parts for your inflatable spa. Replacement filter cartridges can be easily purchased from Outbax. This helps ensure that your water is hygienic.

Depending on the frequency of use, filters are usually replaced twice a month. Check the filters for discolouration, which means you may need to replace them. Additional accessories such as LED lights, drink holders, snack trays, domes, shelters, and benches are also available online.

8. Plan a reasonable budget

Inflatable hot tubs are way cheaper than hard-plastic and permanent hot tubs. Their operating costs are also relatively lower. You also save yourself from spending for construction costsâ”hot tubs usually cost $20,000.00 to construct.

The smallest inflatable spas initially cost around $450.00, whilst the bigger ones are worth around $1,000.00 to $1,250.00. If your friends or relatives use and borrow the inflatable spa, it's wise to split the costs and the work for its maintenance.

9. Read the fine print and warranty terms of your spa

Terms vary per brand. Some brands offer half a year, whilst others provide a 12-month warranty. It would be wise to choose a longer warranty even if it costs a little more. You should also make sure what type of warranty is offered. Some warranties provide only technical support and service, whilst others offer full replacement of defective items. Make sure that you test your purchase before the warranty expires.

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