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Top 43 Camping Equipment to Take on your Long-Term Camping Trip

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Camping is a widely loved outdoor activity among Aussies. It mixes relaxation with many different adventures, like hiking or fishing. No wonder some campers even go on extended camping trips, packing all their long-term camping essentials.

If you're also planning to venture into the great outdoors for an extended period, it's crucial to consider your camping needs. Ensuring you're well-equipped with the right camping gear for your survival, protection, and comfort instils a sense of security and confidence, enhancing your overall experience.

Here is a list of the important camping equipment you should consider bringing in your next adventure, especially if you're camping for several weeks or months.

Long Term Camping Essentials for Prolonged Camping Trip

Camping Gear

1. Battery Pack

Battery packs are one of the best power sources you can take outdoors. Many campers use lithium-ion batteries, but if you're willing to invest extra for improved power output and safety, it's best to choose a LiFePO4 Battery. These are well-known for superior overall quality, thanks to a built-in BMS that provides improved cell optimisation and battery protection. 
A 100Ah lithium battery is usually suitable for a few days of camping, but for extended periods, you can opt for higher capacities, such as a 300Ah lithium battery.  

2. Portable Generator

Portable generators are popular among Aussie campers. These are lightweight and ideal for powering various electronic camping needs, including mobile phones, LED lamps, and kitchen appliances. 
For best results, choose pure sine wave inverter generators. These units are extra stable, safe for sensitive devices, and quiet, so you can power up without disturbing your fellow campers! 

3. Power Station

A power station is a must-have on your long-term camping essentials list. It is the perfect backup in case of issues with your main power source. Portable power stations' edge lies in convenience due to their easy plug-and-play mechanism. If you need to charge anything fast, this is the best power equipment for you.  

4. Camping Solar Panels

One surefire way to never lose power outdoors is to add solar panels to your long-term camping essentials. Whether you're tent camping or staying in your RV, it doesn't matter; this essential camping gear will supply you with reliable power and enough sunlight exposure. Pair it with a battery bank for storing energy, and you can enjoy quality power anytime, in any weather condition. 

5. Rope

Ropes are useful for everyday and emergencies. You can use them for tent pitching, as a clothesline to dry your things under the sun, hiking, or river crossing. You can even opt for a reflective rope to illuminate your camping area and avoid mishaps such as tripping over another camper's area.  

6. Fire Starter

Rubbing sticks may not be ideal in the camp, especially when it rains. Lightweight, durable, and small lighters can provide a quick fire. Other incendiary devices may include matches and solid alcohol with a stand kit. Solid alcohol is best as a non-explosive and non-toxic alternative to fuel. 

7. Toolbox

Power tools are handy for quick fixes in the campsite, and a sturdy toolbox to hold all your tools is perfect to keep them organised. A convenient case should contain screw tips of all sizes, a measuring tape, a long nose, a circuit continuity tester, and a wrench. Don't leave this behind if you are driving your vehicle on challenging terrain.

8. GPS Device

A GPS device or a traditional compass is indispensable for exploring an unfamiliar or remote area. For added convenience, go for a feature-packed model with multifunctional capabilities such as a voice navigator and multi-layered maps.

9. Handy Antenna

A portable antenna can be very useful, especially when the mobile signal is weak or non-existent in remote areas. You want to maintain a connection while exploring the off-grid side of the outdoors, especially in Australia! 

10. Emergency Kit

One of the most important things among all your camping needs is an emergency kit filled with necessities in case of unforeseen circumstances. It should contain first aid treatment for wounds like bandages and gauze, a survival whistle, a compass, and emergency lighting. Pack them in an easy-to-carry sturdy case that you can quickly grab when needed and store it in an accessible area.  

11. LED Lantern

Flashlights are great, but you don't want to be holding on to your source of light the entire time. Having an LED lantern that you can prop near you makes all the difference in comfort and convenience. A LED lantern is also best for safe and non-combustible lighting. 

12. Smartphone

Honestly, who would forget their smartphone in their list of long term camping essentials? It's got everything from entertainment, navigation features, and even weather forecasts to keep you extra prepared for anything the outdoor life throws at you.  

13. Multipurpose Knife

A multipurpose knife is handy for splitting firewood, clearing your way into thick vegetation, or saving you in emergencies. Choose something that can function as a knife, screwdriver, flat screw, and scissors for efficiency. This tool should also be lightweight enough and made with carbon fibre material for high quality.  

14. Sturdy Backpack

Your long-term camping essentials require a durable backpack for convenient packing. You'll bring much more here than your regular weekend camping trip, so choose a spacious backpack with lots of compartments. It is made of premium quality materials that won't easily get damaged, especially while exploring your way outdoors.    

15. Shovel

A long or mini shovel helps dig embers or logs, squash bugs, banging tent pegs, or design a temporary toilet.

16. Camp Shower

You don't want to miss a portable shower in your long-term camping essentials checklist. If you're staying out for an extended period, you need this to keep yourself clean. You can even opt for a solar-powered camp shower to enjoy a heated bath in the morning and start your day feeling refreshed!

17. Portable Toilet

Do we need to say more? Skip the hassle of searching for a place to do your business in the middle of the night with your portable toilet. This is easier to take if you have a caravan or car, but it is still possible to bring even without a vehicle.

18. Radio

A radio should always be part of camping essentials in Australia, especially given constantly changing weather conditions. It's one device that will help you stay connected to relevant news, particularly if you're staying in a remote area.

19. Extra Batteries

In addition to your battery bank, it's important to have extra AA or AAA batteries for devices that might need them, such as flashlights. Keep these in your emergency kit to ensure your most needed devices always stay powered.

Kitchen Equipment

20. Cooking Ware Set 

Portable and organised cooking ware, such as pots and pans, will allow you to cook various meals during your camping trip. Tip: Prep the meals you want to cook during your campout so you know exactly which cooking ware to bring.

21. Thermos Bottle

Instead of bringing a kettle, choose a thermos bottle. It's easier to work with and just as effective in keeping water hot or cold so you can enjoy your drinks as you unwind and take in the nature surrounding you.

22. Water Container

Water containers are a must-have for your long-term camping essentials. Make sure you get a sturdy one that won't easily break and avoid the hassle of finding a store in the middle of camping to get a new supply of clean drinking water.

23. Water Filter

If you don't have access to clean water, a filter can turn any non-potable water source into safe drinking water. It can remove microbes, microns of particles, and the chemical aftertaste.

24. Coffee Maker

Coffee isn't a part of everyone's camping needs, but for some, it's crucial to start the day. If you need a cup of coffee to start functioning, go ahead and bring that coffee maker—there's no judgment here!

25. Jar of Peanut Butter

Yes, peanut butter. This tasty treat is a good source of protein, perfect for quick meals and has a long shelf life. Now, isn't that perfect for any camping adventure?

26. Foldable Grill

Who says backyard BBQs are the only way to go? Pack that portable grill in your RV and get cooking in your campsite. We know that meat tastes extra good when you're relaxed, surrounded by nature, and your camping buddies!

27. Leak-proof Cooler Bag

No campout is complete without your favourite ice-cold drinks, so pack a durable cooler bag that will hold multiple cans and bottles to keep them fresh, chilled, and ready to enjoy.

28. Portable Camping Stove

Your long-term camping essentials need a handy stove. Where else would you cook your meals? While it looks cool to make your fire, it may be less enjoyable if you stay in camp longer.

29. Collapsible Beverage Dispenser

A collapsible beverage dispenser is one of the many ways to store your drinks without taking up too much space. Get one with an adjustable faucet to avoid spills every time you get yourself a drink, clean and fold it up after use, and then store it away.

30. Foldable Table

Having a table at camp makes all the difference whether you're eating, catching up, or prepping your meals. There are many foldable camping tables online, which you can easily store after use.

31. Portable Camping Chair

We love the rugged life at camping, but sitting on logs or rocks for hours can be uncomfortable. Invest in a portable camping chair, sit back, and relax wherever your adventure wheels take you.

31. Basic Utensils

Pack forks, spoons, and kitchen knives with you. Camping life can sometimes be a struggle—you don't want to have a hard time eating, either!

Comfort Must-Haves

33. Hammock

Again, this one isn't part of everyone's camping needs, but if you're going to be outdoors for a while, you better make the most out of it. After all, is there a better way to lie down and enjoy the outdoor breeze than in a hammock?

34. Tent

Ah, your home away from home. When choosing your camping tent, consider durability, ease of assembly, and space. Pro tip: Determine the number of people staying in one tent and size it up to avoid being cramped and crowded inside.

35. Sleeping Bag/Mattress

Quality sleep is your fuel for days of adventure ahead. Pack a comfortable sleeping bag or air mattress along with your other long-term camping essentials for restful slumbers, and wake up each day extra ready for what the outdoors has to offer.

36. Pocket Blanket

Bringing a pocket blanket protects you from cold and insects. Even better, pocket blankets are mostly sized to easily fit your body, which also helps you save space inside your sleeping quarters.

37. Portable Fan

Pillows and blankets can get easily dirty outdoors, and it's not like you can bring a whole laundry machine with you. If you're taking an RV, it's best to pack a few extras to replace your used ones.

38. Extra Pillows and Blankets

You can protect yourself from mosquitoes and other bugs or from the cold with this pocket blanket. Your body can easily fit into this pocket blanket without the worries of folding or heaviness. For utmost convenience, consider bringing extra blankets and pillows.

Personal Items

39. First Aid Kit

Don't go camping without a list of portable medical supplies. Whether it's your go-to headache pills or antihistamines, you can never be too prepared when it comes to these things. Pack wound cleaning solutions and bandages in case of minor injuries.

40. Survival Whistle

Survival whistles are great for calling the attention of others when you are in distress, such as being in a dangerous area.

41. Hygiene Essentials

Make sure that you have your hygiene must-haves among your camping needs. There is no need to go all out—just stick to basic essentials for cleaning up, like bath products.

42. Sunscreen

Everyone knows how harsh the Aussie sun can be, so only head out with your most trusted sunscreen. You don't want to go back from your trip with a nasty sunburn!

43. Insect Repellent

Last but not least, protect yourself from insect bites with insect repellent. Nature-surrounded areas tend to have many insects, so spray away to keep your campsite bug-free.

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