Top 10 Glamping Sites in Australia

Top 10 Glamping Sites in Australia

Have you ever heard of glamping? Most people, after hearing the word, would mistake it for a not-so popular sport or a new activity. Glamping is simply a portmanteau or blending of the words glamorous and camping. Together, glamping refers to a stylish form of camping, complete with amenities and modern services.

Some people prefer to call this outdoor activity comfortable camping instead of glamorous camping. For many people, glamping is enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing the comfort of a home. Some campers, however, frown upon the idea of glamping, because it is associated with the concept of glamour. However, many glamping followers insist that it does not diminish the essence of camping and that it is not only for the rich.

A short history of Glamping

Believe it or not, glamping has been practised by royals and military generals for many years. It was developed much earlier than the 2000s when the word became popular. Who started it, however, is still subject to debate. An online search would show that Turkish Ottomans used to put up extravagant tents to serve as a mobile palace or home for a sultan.

Another argument is that in the early 1900s in Africa, Europeans and Americans wanted to experience luxury and the safari at the same time. They brought king-sized beds and expensive items in the middle of the forest whilst hunting for wild animals. Some say that the idea came from the United Kingdom. Whatever or whoever created glamping, the activity is now popular, as many campers prefer to experience modern conveniences whilst exploring the Outback. If you want to understand modern glamping, Australia is one country you should look at. Glamping is now big in the Land Down Under and many campsites allow it.

Glamping in Australia

Every year, thousands of Aussies go glamping all over the vast continent. Australia is known for its rich wildlife and forests, which make the country a camping or glamping haven. These two activities have become substantial contributors to Australia's tourism, encouraging people from all over the world to visit its many destinations for adventure and fun. If you're intrigued with the concept of glamping, it is best that you try it yourself. You can even bring your family and friends. Having someone with you will surely be more fun and not to mention, cost-effective. If you have other people sharing the cost, you will be spending less whilst visiting more places. If you want to know what it is like to go glamping, it's time to visit the best glamping sites in Australia. Keep in mind that most camping spots in Australia offer glamping services, but to really enjoy the entire experience, you need to think broadly and openly. Be aware that as glamping is big in Australia, businesspeople have started capitalising on glamping hotels and retreats all over the country.

1. Tanja Lagoon Camp New South Wales

The Tanja Lagoon itself is a sight to see and is a perfect glamping destination for couples who might want to rekindle their relationship or celebrate their honeymoons. The main highlight in this glamping site is the luxurious safari tent bedrooms with modern furniture, a kitchen, and the lovely view of the lagoon. Other than glamping, you can do all sorts of activities in Tanja Lagoon Camp like canoeing, whale watching, surfing, wine tasting, and more.

2. Longitude 131 º - National Territory

This glamping site is referred to as a transcendent experience of discovery. It is located within the vicinity of the Uluru Rock. The Uluru or the Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone in the Red Centre and is one of Australia's most iconic tourismspots. This glamping destination is said to be not only glamorous, but spiritual as well. As a rule, an ideal glamping site should not only be spacious, but also broad and open. The fancy tents and the Uluru Rock aren't the only highlights of this site. When the sun sets, you get to enjoy an open sky and all the bright stars above. As it is free from the skyscrapers and smog of the city, you'll have an amazing view of the night sky.

3. Happy Glamper Victoria

Just reading the name of this place makes you want to explore and experience it. Happy Glamper is not like most stylish and glamorous glamping sites. It is known for its playful and beautiful charm. If you have your kids or any young ones with you, Happy Glamper offers several outdoor activities. Bell tents and lotus belle tents are available on the site which is located in the town of Somers in Melbourne. Happy Glamper encourages mobility. It means that you get to choose the area where you want the tent to be set up. If you want it surrounded by trees, it's your choice. If you want it on an open area for the night sky, go for it. If you need electricity for the trip, you may want to consider bringing a portable or inverter generator.

4. Ketchup's Bank Glamping Queensland

If there is something better than a glamping tent, it is an awesome glamping eco-tent. Ketchup's Bank took a more Australian approach with all the elements of camping, including the green initiative, and then brought it to another level. If you want to even be eco-friendlier during your stay at this site, why not bring portable solar panels with you? The glamping site is near the Eucalyptus Forest which guests can explore. The site also allows people to mingle and interact with each other. Guests can barbecue, whilst kids can feed wallabies and parrots. A campfire in the middle of the site is a can't-miss experience. People gather around, share stories, sing songs, and tell anecdotes. Afterwards, guests don't have to worry about falling asleep because everyone is comforted by spacious rooms and king-sized beds. Most tents have a small front porch, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. In terms of pricing, Ketchup charges more than $300, which is a great deal compared to other glamping sites.

5. Karinji Eco Retreat Western Australia

Karinji National Park offers some of the best hiking trails in all of Australia. Most trails will take you to the gorge and there, you will be greeted by nature's giftsnatural pools, waterfalls, and greens all over. Most people who choose this site spend most of the day hiking and exploring the massive park. After the tiring but rewarding hike, everyone is able to rest in comfy tents that are set up in the open. The eco retreat along the vast wilderness of Hamersley Range is one of the best, if not the best, glamping site in the country. The retreat has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Google with more than 100 reviews.

6. Ikari Safari Camp South Australia

One argument about the origin of glamping is when Americans and Europeans went to Africa for a safari, but sought the comfort of home. The Ikari Safari Camp in Wilpena Pound is all about naturethe bushland, the trees, the body of water, and the animals. Everything that exists on the site is breathtaking. If you want to get away from the city, the noise, the traffic and the stress, head straight to Ikari and embrace nature for what it truly is.

7. Naked Cubby Co Australian Capital Territory

Naked Cubby offers services related to glamping, caravan, camping, and holiday parks in Pialligo, Canberra. Most people go here not simply for glamping, but also to have a taste of the amazing array of wines at the vineyard. The landscape view from your tent will take you back to simpler times. Remember to check the temperature before hitting the road. This site may be more suitable for adults who want to unwind and hide away. The outdoor dining area is complete with furniture.

8. Mile End Glamping Western Australia

One glamper who's been here said: Completely brilliant, absolutely beautiful set up and an absolute joy to stay at. Close to everything yet far enough to feel like you are surrounded by nothing at the same time. Most tents that look like igloos are a perfect accommodation for two. Mile End offers great wine as well, and it has an easy access to some of the best local destinations at Margaret River, Dunsborough, and Busselton. It is also a great place to read a book. You can enjoy a cup of hot beverage under the open sky to fight the cold breeze. Going to Mile End is a wise choice for glamping.

9. Paper Bark Camp New South Wales

Jervis Bay is a top destination not only in New South Wales but also in the entire country. It is famous for the Oceanic Bay, the coastline, the crystal blue water, and the whitest sand you will ever see. You'll get all of that with all the amazing features of glamping. The site is surrounded by eucalyptus and paperbarks. You can feel the sea breeze from afar all the way to your hardwood-floored tents. The tents in Paperbark Camp are solar powered, so you can recharge you mobile phones and other gadgets. If you want to kick things up a notch, you might want to consider bringing an inflatable spa. This is an acceptable idea, by the way. People who go glamping don't have to bring tents and equipment, so they can bring an inflatable spa instead.

10. Wildman Wilderness Lodge National Territory

Wildman Wilderness Lodge in Arnhem offers the ultimate adventure in the New Territory. The lodge's tagline is Welcome to Australia's Last Frontier of Unique and Unspoilt Adventure. The area is covered with trees, and the body of water is a source of cool breeze. If you want to witness the magnificence of the Mary River wetlands, head on to the Wildman Wilderness. As a bonus, the lodge is just a couple of minutes away from Kakadu National Park. You can also get up close to Australia's wildlife, as long as you promise to be cautious and responsible. One individual described Wildman as the window to wonder. The lodge in the park is known for its excellent dining experience. You get Australia's best dishes, wines, beers, and desserts. The food haven is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The lodge's signature vodka by Archie Rose is something you should try once.

Ready to go Glamping?

There are more glamping sites in Australia and some are not even on the internet yet. This is why you need to keep exploring and share your experience with the rest of the world. What is good with glamping is that it eliminates the burden of carrying around heavy equipment and tools, allowing you to focus on relaxation. This does not mean that you can't build your own glamping set-up. All you have to do is gather all the things and resources that you'll need for a getaway. Glamping is not for the rich alone. Just like camping, it has become a part of Australian lifestyle. People come and go, chasing after an unforgettable outdoor experience with their loved ones. Today, glamping in Australia is embracing an eco-friendlier approach. Solar powered tents, with the help of solar panels, are making quite a noise in the glamping business.

It is best that not only the providers, but also the customers, take a more responsible and green perspective on glamping. If you need a head start, try to visit one of the glamping sites listed above. Next, be eco-

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