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Top 10 Facts About an Above Ground Pool You Need to Know

Top 10 Facts About an Above Ground Pool You Need to Know

You want your home to look immaculate, for sure. Most likely, you want an open floor plan, all rooms carpeted, the sunroom facing north, patio upfront, shed in the garden, and everything in its perfect place. An above ground pool or swimming pool will make your home an exciting one, as this will encourage the children to be more active and you can dip in anytime the weather permits.

Most people would opt for an inground pool or maybe a spa. Both are great choices, but they come with downsides. A backyard inground pool can take up massive space, is costly to build, takes months to construct, and requires high maintenance. A spa or an inflatable spa, despite the great relaxation it provides, will limit the kids' activities. You want your family swimming around, not just sitting in a tub. If you ever consider having a home improvement project, why not go for a more affordable pool? Here are some facts you need to know about above ground swimming pools. An above ground swimming pool is just like the traditional swimming pool you are familiar with, only it's built above the ground. This means the space for water was not excavated. People simply built the pool on or above the ground with the necessary materials. It is important to distinguish above ground pools from inflatable swimming pools. The latter can be set up anytime you need it, and then stored for later use. You just blow up the inflatable until it takes its proper form and fill its surface with water -- you have an instant pool. After its use, you release the air until the inflatable shrinks back to its storage form. Most above ground pools are installed permanently, although there are some that work like inflatables. Above ground pools are taking over Australian households. People are switching from inflatables to AGPs which is the next step for owning a pool. If you want to know why, here are some facts about an above ground pool:

1. Above ground pools are affordable to build and maintain

Compared to an inground pool, the installation cost of an above ground pool is cheaper. An inground pool will cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 in Australia. Imagine what you can do with that money. This is because you need to pay for the excavation services, on top of the materials you need. The size of the pool you want would generally determine the cost. An above ground pool, on the other hand, will cost you as low as $479 to $10,000, depending on the type, materials, and the size of the pool. The cost is much lower, because you would require less material and the installation can take only several days or a week. The manpower you need is also less. If you have the expertise, skills, and tools, you can even install or build your own above ground pool.

2. Above ground pools come in different sizes and shapes

Whilst the most common shape of above ground pools is the ring pool, you can also choose among circle, rectangle, square, and oval. Most people choose rectangle or oval because of the bigger spaces they provide. However, it is up to you to determine which size or shape of the pool blends well with the overall design or theme of your home. You also need to consider your backyard space and check if there will still be room for people to move around with a pool installed. If you choose the rectangle type, can the remaining space still accommodate the whole family in the backyard? Choosing a size will also depend on the material you want utilised for the pool.

3. Frame pools are awesome

There are above ground pools that are made entirely of concrete or cement. This makes the pool look exactly like an inground pool. There is another alternative which some people say is a better one: a frame pool. Frames secure the wall surrounding the pool, keeping the water intact. It is important that you use high-quality material for the frames. You can choose between metal or steel frames; both are good choices. However, most Aussies go with galvanised steel. It is advisable to corrugate the walls or the frames of a pool for strength.

4. An above ground pool has many parts

If you think there are only two or three parts that make up an above ground pool, then think again. Other than the wall and the frame, there are also the top rails, top track, base track, top plates, base plates, uprights, top caps, boots, vinyl liner, skimmer, the filter, and of course, the pump system. Each part has its own purpose and it is best you get everything. If you're worried that most of these parts or items are expensive, you can put your mind at ease. Most providers of pool products and services offer above ground pools with all the parts already included.

5. Above ground pools have many advantages over in-ground pools

The advantages of above ground pools are countless. Aside from being affordable to construct, they are also easy to maintain. This type of pool requires minimal maintenance and repairs. The installation process is quick and efficient. The pool also saves a lot of space because you don't have to excavate, which means your backyard stays as it is, only with an enormous pool in the middle. It is also easier to clean the above ground pool because of its filter system. Another big advantage is that an above ground pool is child-friendly. Parents and guardians don't have to worry about kids falling into the water and slipping through concrete. Kids will be running along the grass and the young ones may need assistance getting on the pool because of the pool sides. Pool sides or pool fences help parents and guardians better monitor kids by not allowing the little ones easy access to the pool. Another great benefit is home staycation. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to go to a resort. All you have to do is walk outside to your backyard and hit the water. You can also easily prepare the food and drinks you want for a barbecue party by the poolside.

6. An above ground pool is also covered by Pool Fencing Laws

There have been cases of drowning that led to injuries and even death in Australia. This is why the government implemented the Pool Fencing Laws. These measures require homeowners who have a pool or a spa to build a fence around it for everyone's safety, especially the kids. In some states like Western Australia, people are required to acquire a permit from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. Safety barriers around swimming pools are a must for both inground pools and above ground pools. The government takes a cautious approach with this safety precaution in consideration.

7. Quality above ground pools offer warranties

No matter how affordable and awesome the above ground pool you're about to purchase, the question is, does it come with a warranty? Some dealers in Australia don't offer warranties for their products including above ground swimming pools. It is best to ask the dealer if a warranty is on the table. A warranty is part of an above ground pool's advantage because it reduces the cost of repair and maintenance. The good thing is most dealers who offer warranties don't get much warranty calls or claims. This is because they offer quality materials and services that last long.

8. You can install your own above ground pool

With knowledge, tools, materials, time, and space in your backyard, you can install your own above ground pool. There are several tutorials or guidelines online that will give you all the information you need. If you are not an expert on pool construction, it is advisable that you seek the help of professionals when installing your pool. This way, you are well informed about the entire process of installation. It is also best that you know what each part's purpose is. Professionals share tips for minor or simple repair jobs. With this information at hand, there is no need to call for help when it comes to small issues and problems. A well installed and maintained above ground pool can last for a number of years with only minor repairs and maintenance. Just make sure to take good care of it and keep it clean all the time.

9. You can choose from different sizes of filters

Like above ground swimming pools, there are different sizes of filters. A filter should always be next to a pool and connected to the skimmer with a flexible and sturdy hose. If your above ground pool is medium-sized, then you need a medium-sized filter that can accommodate it. If your pool is big, then you need a bigger one. However, some households tend to use smaller filters. These filters will do the job but will take longer to work. You need the right size of filter for efficiency when it comes to cleaning the pool. Most dealers offer pool cleaning tools in packages. This means you get the filter, skimmer, vacuum, hose, and other equipment in one transaction.

10. Grass landscape is not good for above ground pools

Grass is not advisable if you're going for an above ground pool. Grass can grow through the liner or the surface of the pool and may result in damage on the structure. This is a common mistake in Australia. A rock or cement landscape is perfect for an above ground type. With a rock landscape, it would be easier to install a pool and you don't have to worry about bugs and wasps flying around and infecting the water.

Focus on the long haul

Most people are still reluctant to go for an above ground pool, especially if they don't see its value. Some people would go for inflatables instead, whilst others would opt to visit water parks or pool resorts all over Australia. Consider this. It would cost you hundreds of dollars a day in a water park, whilst you can use an above ground pool in your home anytime you want. You can also make sure that you are the only one using the pool and the water is clean enough for swimming. Swimming in clean water has a lot of health benefits. It is good for your muscles and cardiovascular system. It helps reduce stress and improves your stamina, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming is an all-body workout, which is like running or going to the gym. Some studies also show that swimming helps with weight loss because it burns calories faster. It is a great exercise for people with arthritis because you can move your joints easier in the water. An hour of swimming will improve your blood circulation and help you sleep better at night. Swimming also boosts happiness as you become one with nature. It is suitable for pregnant women. Most of all, it is engaging and exciting for the whole family which means it can strengthen your bond. You can discover more health benefits in swimming, for sure. Think about all the fun you will have with your family and friends and the money you will save with an above ground pool. If you want, you can even have it installed in the front yard for the whole neighbourhood to see.

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