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Top 10 Bushwalking and Camping Spots in Australia

Top 10 Bushwalking and Camping Spots in Australia

Do you want to chill out in the cold air or enjoy the warmth emitted by the bonfire and toast some marshmallows into it? Do you want to gaze at the vast sky of dazzling stars? If you're looking for fun outdoor activities that won't cost much, then camping is definitely for you!

Australia, the best place to witness breathtakingly relaxing panoramic views, is blessed and filled with jaw-dropping camping spots. These campsites offer a variety of pleasurable activities from star-gazing to bonfires to bird-watching. This is why Australians love to go outdoors. The sceneries are just so awe-inspiring that you would only want to go inside merely for restroom breaks. The most recent results from Roy Morgan Research states that 7.3% of travelers are reported camping in a tent and 6.0% stayed in caravans or campervans during their last holiday. Angela Smith, Group Account Director of Roy Morgan Research, also said that the favourite activity among many Australians, especially the younger ones, is camping. To have the best experience in camping,you need spectacular campsites. Reconnect with nature and relieve all your stress in these great camping spots that are waiting for you to discover.

Camping Spot #1: Three Capes Track in Tasmania

The Three Capes Track, ninety minutes from Hobart, is a relatively recent addition to the Tasmanian walking repertoire. If you want to climb and reach the peak of the mountains, reveal nature's hidden gems, and for your heart to be filled with tremendous joy and amazement, then you should absolutely wander through the huge forest, green willows, and colourful coastal heath of Three Capes Track in Tasmania! Once you check in, you'll receive your copy of complimentary Encounters on the Edge, which serves as your guidebook throughout your days of adventure. It includes daily walk notes, maps, and forty extraordinary stories to match your story-seats.

Camping Spot #2: Bay of Fires in Tasmania

The Bay of Fires, which extends over thirty-one miles from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north, is known for its sapphire blue water and orange-hued granite rocks. If you are wondering why these stones have this colour, it is actually due to the lichens that produce it. Ignite the explorer spirit in you with the fiery rocks along the coastline!

Camping Spot #3: Great Ocean Walk in Victoria

The name says it all! Great Ocean Walk, situated in Victoria's southwest coast in Australia, does not only offer a magnificent view but also numerous opportunities for you to see and witness wildlife in its natural setting. Let the rhythm of the waves make you feel at peace and put you at ease. Take note: Before taking this walk, be sure to first check the tides to ensure your safety.

Camping Spot #4: Wentworth Falls in New South Wales

Wentworth Falls, approximately sixty-two miles west of the Sydney central business district, rewards you with a chance to view the breathtaking falls and its very own birds such as the distinctive Gang-gang Cockatoo, which can be identified easily by its attractive red scarlet colour. If it has a red head and crest, it is a male Gang-gang Cockatoo, but if its fluffy grey crest is small, it is a female. Do note that this walk is not suitable for you if you're inexperienced or have reduced mobility.

Camping Spot #5: Main Range, Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales

This walk takes you on an amazing adventure of exploring the natural beauty of Mount Kosciuszko. It is at 2,228 metres above sea level, making it Australia's highest mountain.However,it is snow-covered from June to October, that is why it is not best walked during the said season.

Camping Spot #6: Lincoln National Park in South Australia

Lincoln National Park, which is about 155 miles west of the state capital of Adelaide, is famous for its impeccable water and alluring white sand. If you want to spot migrating Southern right whales, go to this area during the month of May. Be sure to book in advance and prepare a little amount for the vehicle entry and camping fee.

Camping Spot #7: Glass House Mountains in Queensland

Glass House Mountains is a remarkable group of thirteen hills that is just under an hour from Brisbane. Walk under the tall trees, breathe in fresh air, and make unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on watching the mesmerizing sunset!

Camping Spot #8: Litchfield National Park in Northern Territory

Litchfield National Park enthralls over 260,000 visitors annually with its lush green trees and clear water. However, you must observe additional preparation and precautions if you intend to go there, as not all bodies of water are safe for swimming, and there may be some animals roaming around.

Camping Spot #9: Honeymoon Pool in Western Australia

Deep in the dense forest of Wellington National Park lies the Honeymoon Pool. It is recommended that you stop along the way for a refreshing dip in the waters of the Collie River where there is no danger. Note that you can light campfires only between 15th April and 30th November because a fire ban is otherwise implemented on the campground.

Camping Spot #10: Six Foot Track in New South Wales

If walking through a swing bridge thrills you, the Six Foot Track walk through Blue Mountains National Park from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves should be on your bush walking bucket list.


There is no denying that Australians have an undying love for two things ” bush-walking and camping, the ultimate Aussie get-away. Whilst you're at it, don't forget to keep a few things in mind: always be prepared; ensure your safety by taking a medical kit and other supplies with you for self-sufficiency. As the saying goes, A bad day camping is still better than a good day working. You will be creating the best memories by having fun and relaxing in the outdoors. Well, having the best set of camping supplies can enhance your experience! Purchase the best camping supplies and gears at https://outbax.com.au.