The Best Portable Power Source for Camping

The Best Portable Power Source for Camping

the best portable power source for camping 1 A holiday from work or school gives you a great opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends for special bonding. If you are tired of the usual frolic and romp on the beach and want to experience a different kind of adventure, why not go on a camping trip?

Along with your friends or family, you can have a most memorable holiday camped out in the wilderness or the great outback. Whether it is for nature tripping, hiking, trekking, or just wanting to be away from the city to de-stress, camping is one exciting and reinvigorating adventure. However, before you embark on your camping trip, make sure you are well prepared, no matter what mode of transport you are going to take -- car, trailer, or camper van. You may even choose to travel as backpackers.

Convenient Holiday

If camping in the great outdoors is your idea of a perfect holiday, you do not have to totally disconnect yourself from the rest of the busy world. These days, you can set aside your worries that some problem may come up at home or in your office that would need your immediate attention, but no one would be able to reach you. Most remote areas are now covered by cellular network. To enjoy your rare holiday, let go of your fear that an accident may happen whilst you are in a remote place and help would not reach you in time. Banish these negative thoughts from your mind. Remember, your goal is to relax and have a satisfying break. We have good suggestions to make your dream holiday on a camping ground possible. For practical reasons, you don't have to isolate yourself entirely. You can bring along your smart phones, laptops, tablets, or any digital gadgets that would connect you to others instantly, if such a need arises. If you are going away for several days or even weeks, you don't have to worry about electrical outlets in the outback. As long as you get a lot of sunlight whilst camping, you can use your gadgets and even small appliances all day by generating your own electricity. Solar panels camping is widely becoming the trend in mobile power solutions. There is no need to worry about where or how to get your power supply. You can easily assemble and access your own handy power source.

How to be a Happy Camper

Become a happy camper by planning ahead. Set the date and make a checklist of items you need to accomplish or bring along in your camping trip. You can be adventurous without sacrificing comfort or convenience. One way is to make sure that you have a reliable power source device at hand. This way, you can do and enjoy all the outdoor activities in your campsite as long as you want. If you get lost and have to use GPS for directions, you can be confident that your phone is fully charged or has access to a charging device. the best portable power source for camping 3

Decide on the type of camper you will be

Are you bringing your own car or hiring a trailer van? Maybe you plan to just bring a backpack containing your tent and camping essentials. Knowing how you will reach your campsite and the size of your team will help you decide on what kind of camping solar power system you need and why you need it. As a backpacker, you can bring a lightweight, portable solar power for hiking. This is all you need to power up your smartphone and a small lamp. On the other hand, if you are car camping, you may need a portable power device that can serve as emergency backup. This type of device can have the essential feature of jumpstarting your car in the event that the battery dies. Meanwhile, you can choose a heavy-duty portable power device like a solar panel for camping trailer if you are looking forward to enjoying a road trip with your family and friends in your RV.

Your destination should also be a major consideration

Solar power devices are fast becoming trendy in this age of high environmental awareness. You do not have to carry petroleum fuel to power up a generator. However, there are locations where solar power is not very accessible and cannot be put to optimum use; hence, bringing along a lot of devices and gadgets that can be charged using solar power for campers may not be a wise idea. Nevertheless, there are specific panels you can use to maximise solar energy generation. It will also depend on where you mount or install the panels.

Decide on who's coming with you

Will you be a solo camper, with backpacker friends, or are you going to take off with your family in your RV to a popular campsite or to some off the road sight-seeing adventure? The members of your group (including their age) will help you determine the best power device for you. If you are a large group, you may need a power source capable of charging several devices and gadgets simultaneously. If you are bringing along children, make sure that your power device is also safe for them to use. You don't want any accident ruining your vacation and finding yourself or a loved one in an emergency room instead of the great outback.

Decide on the type of devices you want to power up

Once you know where you are going, how you will go there, and how many of you are going, then you are ready to choose the appropriate type of power source for your needs. You will also be able to calculate the amount of power you will need during your camping trip. Backpacking may be the simplest as you may only want to bring your smart phone and other essentials. If you bring your own car, you can load your phone, a laptop computer, and a few small appliances which you think will be of use to you, like a water heater and bread toaster. You may have equipped your RV with top-of-the-line devices that will help you enjoy the convenience and comfort of your home. You can turn your RV into a second home by loading it with AVR facilities, kitchen appliances such as a microwave oven and electric cooker, as well as heater or air conditioner.

What to Look for in a Portable Power Source

The following are the important factors to consider when you look for a portable power source for a camping trip: the best portable power source for camping 2

Type of power it generates

One of the most popular portable power source devices that you can use are solar panels for camping. Take advantage of sun power. Maximise the use of the sunlight other than for drying wet clothes. Solar panels can help you convert solar energy into electricity. Even if you are in an off-grid location, you can be sure that there is enough power for your phones and other electric devices.

Amount of power it generates

Power output is normally measured in milliamp hour (mAh). You may have to generate around 10,000 mAh to completely charge three smart phones, though it may vary depending on the phone model.

Storage capacity

Some power sources are simply charging devices, whilst others have built-in batteries like most solar powered devices. You would want a solar charger that can double as a power bank, so that even if it rains in your campsite and the sun hides from you, you can still access the power stored in your battery.


Handy sizes are best suited for backpackers, whilst those travelling in cars and RVs can opt for heavy-duty devices that can generate a higher power output and capacity. Now you are ready to pick solar panels camping kits to take along on your trip. There are several brands and models available in Australia, but before heading to the store, here's an ultimate guide for you. Make sure that on top of affordability, you are able to check out the following features:


Size, weight, and design matter when it comes to the portability of your power source device. Foldable solar panels for camping are ideal for people who want to avoid bulky loads. Using flexible solar panels camping is a breeze, as you can load them in your backpacks with your other supplies. Heavy-duty solar panels are also not necessarily heavy. Manufacturers are now producing light, high-quality, and durable materials to ensure that these devices can be moved easily.


In a camping trip, you cannot avoid a sudden downpour. Make sure that your solar panels are weatherproof or waterproof and are protected from inclement weather. Some models are even shockproof or drop proof, so you won't need to worry if your unit accidentally falls from the roof of your camper or the high ground you have placed it on.

Quality and Flexibility

Most solar panels are now made of top quality materials with modern, lightweight designs. Whilst there are single port devices ideal for backpackers, there are also multiple port units that can simultaneously charge your devices and appliances, including a portable TV set. These are preferred by large groups of campers such as big families or friends who go on an outing.

Charging Technology

You may want a unit with fast charging technology, so you do not have to wait long hours to completely charge your devices. Note that higher efficiency chargers are usually priced higher than slow charging devices.


Some products come with warranties as long as 18 months. This is good news for you because the longer the warranty is, the greater the manufacturers' confidence in the quality and reliability of their products is.

How to make the best choice of portable power source for camping


If you are hoping to get that one ideal solar kit that lumps all the best features at an affordable price, do some research. The current models available in the market have their own advantages and disadvantages. One may be lightweight and affordable but has no capacity for storage, which may be your priority. In this case, ensure that you select one that would give you the best service, according to your need, preference, and budget.

Check out product reviews

Ask friends to give recommendations based on their experience. You can also look at the comments section of a store's website. Satisfied customers are the best advertisements that companies take pride in. They make sure that prospective clients would know how their clients feel about their products. Outbax is one of the best and largest stores in Australia that carry solar panels. The company guarantees that theirs are the lowest priced in the market. Because of this, their products are fast-selling. They carry a number of models of monocrystalline portable folding solar panels, which have higher efficiencies.


Camping can be a lot of fun such that some of you would do it anytime and whenever your schedule permits it. You may not even be the typical outdoorsy type. Maybe you will go on a camping trip to build camaraderie with friends, enjoy quality time with your family, or have some quiet âalone❠time. You can also be on a job that requires you to do a lot of work in the field. As such, it won't hurt to have a handy power source kit that can easily fit in your luggage or bag or one which you can leave in your car trunk for emergencies. If you are a regular camper who loves to trek, hike, or spend nights in the great outback, you need more efficient and durable type solar panels. Get more value for your money and get a heavy-duty and long lasting but portable device so that when you get the itch to get away, you have the appropriate gear and equipment to bring along. Whatever camping solar panels you need, go to a reliable and reputable store like Outbax. You are sure to get your money's worth with their products. Visit their website today.

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