The Best Free Camps in Western Australia

The Best Free Camps in Western Australia

The Best Free Camps in Western Australia

Travelling with friends and family on a caravan camping trip is such a great activity to enjoy from time to time. If you are not planning to go elsewhere around the world, get to see the arid Outback in the western side of Australia with your camping gear.

Whilst it is true that going out could entail expenses, caravan camping allows you to enjoy a great time with friends and family and explore different parts of the country with minimal costs, especially if you visit free campsites. So, spend more time with them in the Outback and hit the road with your blow up mattress, inflatable spa, and portable generators in Western Australia.

Some of the best campsites in the world can be found on this side of Australia, which is known for the capital city of Perth, white sand beaches, magnificent bays, natural bushlands, and stunning vineyards. Western Australia is bound by two major bodies of waterthe Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean. If you want to experience an affordable caravan camping trip, you have to explore this part of the country.

The west side of Australia has among the best free campsites and low-cost RV camping grounds. You can find rest areas, cheap caravan parks, dump points, and visitor information centres that will guide you on your tour. You may also enjoy sightseeing, hiking, and doing various exciting activities along the way. Water availability, toilets, and other essentials would not be a problem in many camps. All you have to do is check the official websites for the best offers.

In the meantime, see which places would give you the best and free services for your campout plan. Free camping areas are good when you want to go on an overnight stay, and it's also quite ideal if you would like to hop from one place to another. Check out these camping destinations.

Lake Navarino or Waroona Dam

You can visit and camp out in stunning places in this area. It is known as a good site for skiing and freshwater fishing. You can also take a 4WD truck around the dam. Camping fees on the site usually range from $12 to $17 per person, but this depends on the season, the place where you want to set up a camp, and if you need electricity or not. You have got to see the magnificent Orange Gravel during sunset. Experience serenity as you enjoy the calm waters as the breeze blows smoothly.

Collie River

Bring your special someone to this side of Western Australia. Go for an amazing walk down the river, and take that dip together when the temperature is just about right. The Honeymoon Pool is just a two-hour drive south of Perth and situated 7 kilometres from the Collie township. You can also visit the nearby Stockton Lakea former coal mine which is now ideal for camping and swimming.

Betty's Beach

Betty's Beach is a secluded place located between Norman's Beach and Two Peoples Bay. The place is quite a relaxing site for fishing and is great for swimming. It is a small area, though, so if you would want to have a caravan out there, make sure that you have set up yours earlier than the others. Because there is no electricity available, you may want to bring a solar panel system to power up your gadgets. The site is located 17-km south of Many Peaks, East of Albany. You can bring your pets along and get to enjoy your stay for a day or two.

Torbay Inlet

This is quite an enclosed area, but it comes with a peaceful ambiance that you're going to love. Located 28 km east of Albany and 38 km of Denmark, you can get a shade here, and there are toilets that you can utilise. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, or fishing in the area. Prepare your tents, camping mattress, and all those camping gears for a weekend getaway.

Disappointment Rock

This place is quite the opposite of what its name implies. Curious and adventurous visitors are enthralled by the place's red soil, the rolling rocky hills, the native pygmy possums and dingos, and the eucalyptus. Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail in the Hyden-Norseman Road is a great adventure to take. Caravans and campers are welcome here anytime.

Lake Poorrarecap

Locals and visitors get to enjoy the various water activities available in this place. The shady camping grounds can accommodate caravan campers who would like to enjoy the fun freshwater challenges like canoeing, boating, sailing, and skiing. This place is about 42 km southwest of Cranbrook. If you're asking if you can take a shower, use a toilet, or build a campfire, the answer is yes. If you'd like to bring along your furry friend, the answer is no. Aside from the exciting water activities, you can also opt to go on a trail and see some interesting plants and birds that are endemic to the area.

James Price Point

The camping grounds at James Price Point nestle beside the world's largest humpback whale nursery, about 52 km north of Broome in the Kimberly Region. Here, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean brush the shores of its white sandy beaches. Bringing your camping gear and equipment could make your Outback escapade as exciting as the site itself. This place is made more interesting by the giant fossilised footprints which are believed to be imprints from Emu-Man. It is also known for the largest single dinosaur print or one of the largest impressions left by an extinct reptile. Apart from the stimulating sights of the past, you can go fishing for salmon and trevally or spot some dugongs and turtles whilst enjoying the sun.

Peak Charles

Get to see the broad shrubland habitat bordered by the salt lakes across the horizon. Peak Charles Park is about three hours north of Esperance and is something you should not miss. This is a granite peak with a height of about 2,000 feet. If you visit it during spring, you get to see orange and yellow flowers that are native to the place. The scent of the blossoms that you'll never find in any other place will compel you to stay for one or two days. You can also enjoy the sight of interesting birds that revel in the camping area which is a great sight to behold.

Benedictine Monastery Oval

If you are in for a quiet and reflective mood after that long week at work, you can head to 132 km north of Perth, or approximately a two-hour drive. This part of New Norcia is Australia's only claustral town. When you get to the place, go to the Visit Centre and ask for permission to a campout in the oval. With permission, you can set up your camping tents, gears, and equipment including the self-contained vehicle you're bringing with your family.

Whalebone Bay

There are four camping sites distributed across the coastal areas. Each would be about 10 kilometres in distance. These camping areas are on Whalebone Road, off Shark Bay Road and located about 25 kilometres southeast of Denham. Only camping stoves are allowed in these sites. Remember to secure the permits before camping out here. Contact the Visitor Centre for a more convenient arrangement.

Monkey Mia

This is a part of the 2.2-million hectare Shark Bay World Heritage Area. The name doesn't really imply the presence of monkeys. Instead, the untouched area offers you an opportunity to get close to the bottlenose dolphins in the morning, as they get their morning share of fish from the rangers. Located around 865 km north of Perth, this place is also a good area for a campout if you're in for water adventures. The drive would lead you to a seaside haven in Denham. You can also go on a tour, cruise, or better yet set off to the Hamelin Pool and look into the rock-like stromatolites which are believed to be the oldest form of living organism, already around 3.5 billion years in existence. It will surely amaze you and teach you a thing or two about biology.

Francois Peron National Park

The great combination of red, white, and blue is an enticing sight to behold and to be explored. The red sand dunes that are lined with the white sandy beaches against the blue sea are such a great sight. Indeed, it is a beautiful location for a great walk and campout. You can set up your tents, air beds, and camping equipment on the naturally red soil.

Lake Indoon

This place is popular among regular campers. People who come from as far as northern WA or south-east WA would always go to this site for recreational activities aside from camping. Lake Indoon is a brackish, freshwater lake that covers 130 hectares. Its depth could go from 1.5m to 5m depending on the rainfall. It is fed by the Bindoon and Erindoon Creeks. The lake offers you campgrounds around the basin from where you can go boating. It also has a picnic and barbeque area where you can enjoy your catch. The area has an ablution block where you can freshen up and a drinking water tank to quench your thirst in case you run out of supply. If you're bringing your pets, make sure that you have the leash. Be reminded that all campfires are banned in this area all-year round. If you're bringing your off-road or 4WD vehicles, make sure you stick to the designated tracks. A representative from Shire is always on-site to monitor the campers' safety. There's a nursing post and an ambulance at Eneabba.

Cosy Corner Camping Area

If you plan to bring your family or you're going out with a big group for the weekend, you can expect to have a good time away from the bustling noise of the city in this place. The presence of picnic benches, camping facilities (toilets, barbeques, and others) and the unspoiled, clean beaches will make you feel cosy and relaxed. The road that extends south of the lower area in Denmark will provide you easy access to the beautiful beaches. Cosy Corner is located down Denmark Road and is north of West Cape Howe National Park. Overlooking the southwest end of the beach is the Migo Island. If you want a grand view of the Torbay Head in West Cape Howe National Park, which is in the southern tip of Western Australia, stay at Shelly Beach. Here, you will enjoy the beaches and the meals together. If you feel like having a hot cup of coffee and those sweet treats that go well with it, Cosy Corner is just a few distance from a nearby cafe.

Cosy Corner is also close to the world's long-distance walking trail which is the Bibbulmun Track. You might like to wind up your day with a great walk on the historical site. This track could lead you from Albany to Perth, Western Australia. A small camp area offers you the best sea views as well. Capture the view from the top of the park, and you'll have one of the best souvenirs during your stay. This is a lovely free camping area on this side of Australia. Despite the ample space, though, you need to find ways to come to this place early in the morning to get the best spot near the beach with a great shade. The popular area gets full with visitors quickly.

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