Must have Outdoor Gear to Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home

Must have Outdoor Gear to Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home

If there is one thing that is true about camping, it is the fact that it is not something that everyone enjoys. There are many that love spending days outdoors, far away from the hectic city. There are campers that enjoy sleeping in hammocks and swimming in rivers and are okay with skipping a shower for a day or two.

However, there are some that are uncomfortable if not completely horrified of being out in the woods with no running water to cook food or clean with; no electricity to keep their mobile phones and laptops charged, and no bathroom to take showers in.

If you have a friend or family member that just could not bear being without the comforts of home, we have listed some of the must-have outdoor gear to turn your campsite into a safer, more comfortable place to stay in during your trip.

The Best Outdoor Gear for Comfy Camping

Tents Shelter is the very first thing you set up at a campsite. This is important because you need to have somewhere to protect you from sudden weather changes, and well it is where you would sleep in. For solo campers, high-quality swag tents are a popular choice because it is lightweight and easier to set up. There is also no sense in bringing a larger tent if you are camping alone.

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Family tents on the other hand are more functional and have enough space to accommodate up to 4 adults. There are bigger tents with more space for added comfort. Choose family tents that are made from thick, waterproof material so you would not have to worry about rainwater from leaking in. You also need to check the quality of the poles and ropes that the tent comes with. Check how well these can keep the tent in place. You would not want to have your shelter falling down on you while you sleep.

Air Mattresses Most campers just lay down a tarp or thick blanket on the tent floor and tuck themselves in their sleeping bags for the night. For those who want to take camping comforts to the next level, sleeping in an air mattress, several inches above the cold, hard ground is preferable. Air mattresses come in a variety of sizes so you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

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Opt for an air mattress that has an integrated air pump so you can easily set it up. There are also brands that come with an air pillow so you do not have to bring extra stuff on your trip. Do not forget to bring a patch kit just in case you accidentally poke a hole in the air mattress. Use a tarp or blanket under the mattress to help keep the cold at bay.

Portable Power Source You cannot rely on your vehicle batteries alone to keep your campsite lights on all night, or your gadgets charged. You would end up draining your battery and will not be able to start up your vehicle to go home. This is why portable power sources are an important part of any camping gear. There are two popular options that you can choose from: inverter generators and camping solar panels.

  1. Why inverter generator? Inverter generators are popular among campers because they are more portable than traditional generators. You can get one that weighs less than 10 kgs and has a compact, easy to hold design that makes it perfect for camping trips. There are also bigger models with a higher output, so it is really a matter of determining what you need before choosing which type of inverter generator to get.

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Another reason is inverter generators are so quiet. These machines rarely go beyond 58dB which is about as loud as a normal human conversation. So, you do not have to worry about disturbing other campers or bringing it with you on holiday parks.

Most importantly, it can power camping essentials: lights, portable fans, electric stoves, coolers, and air compressor pretty much everything that will make your camping trip more comfortable. The electricity produced by inverter generators is also stable and safe to use on sensitive electronics like mobile phones and laptops.

  1. Solar panels for camping Harnessing solar power to keep your gadgets charged and to power up portable appliances is another popular way to go camping in comfort. Unlike generators, solar panels do not require petrol or oil to generate electricity. This helps you save more money for the trip and saves on vehicle space because you do not have to make room for extra fuel containers.

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Solar panels produce clean, renewable electricity however it is not stable. This is why using solar regulators that you connect to lithium batteries or power stations are necessary. Determining the best solar panels for camping really depends on what type of camper you are. There are panels that you can install on top of your caravan, while there are folding and blanket types that you can easily pack inside your car.

Cooking Kitchen While roasting food over a campfire is classic and fun, not everyone is fond of chewing through burnt meat all the time. There are also national parks that do not allow building fires. If you are camping during summer, building campfires is also mostly prohibited.

Bringing your own portable BBQ fire pit solves this problem. You can cook meals, keep warm at night using more controlled, safer equipment. There are also portable electric ovens and stoves that you can cook food in, which you can run on either your solar panel or camping generator.

Make sure too, that you have enough clean water for drinking and cooking. Portable water tanks that can hold up to 40 litres are perfect. Choose those that come with wheels so you can easily move it around your campsite.

Camping Bathroom Jumping into a lake and swimming in rivers to bathe is great and fun but, not everyone is down for cold baths during camping trips. And what if the campsite you are in does not have toilet facilities? For those that want to have these creature comforts, it is easy to set up your own camping bathroom wherever you may go.

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Camping showers are very portable and can hold enough water to last multiple showers. These can easily be hung from tree trunks, or if you want more privacy a shower tent. Opt for solar heated bags so you can have warm, comfy showers all the time. Shower tents can also be used as changing rooms or a place to put in your camping toilet.

Okay, so where is the best place to buy outdoor gear?

There are many brick and mortar stores that sell outdoor and camping gear. You can go to the mall and check out these places. If you do not have a lot of time to go shopping in person you can check out companies like Outbax that have been selling affordable camping gear for years. They have great customer support too, so in case you have questions about their products you can just ask for help.

To make sure that you do not forget anything, keep these few shopping tips in mind:

  • Set a budget for your purchase. You do not want to overspend and not have enough extra cash for when it is time to go on your trip.
  • Make a camping checklist. Try to categorize your list by function: shelter, cooking, sleeping, emergency, etc. Having this checklist helps you identify what you already have and what other outdoor gear you still need.
  • Research about the gear you are interested in. How are they used? What is the best outdoor gear for the activities you have planned? You can also take this time to compare prices and read customer reviews before you make a purchase.

Turn Your Campsite into a Home

Camping is a great way to commune with nature. It is an opportunity to recharge your batteries and spend quality time with people you love. While most campers are happy with sleeping in a hammock under a tarp, it is understandable that this would not work for everyone.

With the right gear, it is easy to turn your campsite into a home. After all, spending a few days outdoors does not have to be uncomfortable. Camping does not necessarily mean you have to rough it. So what are you waiting for? Check out the best outdoor gear deals that they have over at Outbax. Want to tell us all about how you turned your campsite into your home away from home? Follow us on Facebook or tag us in our Instagram photos!

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