Must Have Outdoor Gear for Family Camping

Must Have Outdoor Gear for Family Camping

Taking your family on camping trips is a great way to spend quality time together. We are often so busy with work and at school that we don't spend enough time relaxing and bonding with the people that matter most in our lives.

Camping is Australia's unofficial national sport it is a fun activity to do with the family. The drive to the campground, setting up a campsite, cooking food and exploring the outdoors all these activities are a guaranteed fun time.

Top outdoor gear for camping with family

But, first things first you need to make sure that you are properly equipped for this family camping trip. If you have never gone camping with the whole family before, and are at a loss about what you will pack for the trip, well you are in luck. We have listed the top three camping gear must-haves in this article.


We have said this a number of times before in this blog. Shelter is the very first thing you need to set up when you arrive at your campsite, and a family tent is certainly a must-have.

Make sure that tent you choose is made of sturdy, PVC material. This ensures that the tent will last for a long time. Also, check if the material offers some kind of UV protection as this helps keep the inside of the tent from getting too hot during the day. Remember, camping during the summer in Australia can be very hot and you'll want to keep the interior of your tent comfortable.


There are two ways that you can set up bedding for family camping: air mattresses and sleeping bags. Let us explain.

Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag is the traditional way to sleep while camping outdoors. These are easily packed and portable and are quite comfortable. Besides, kids just love to crawl into their own sleeping bags at the end of the day. It gives everyone the feeling that they are really sleeping outdoors.

Air mattresses

On the other hand, if you want to make your family camping trips more comfortable, bringing an air mattress to sleep on is not a bad idea. Air mattresses give you the comfort of sleeping in a bed, several inches off the cold ground.

It's a good idea to choose an air mattress that comes with its own air pump so you won't have to buy extra gear. There are also brands and models that come with an air pillow, so that's another item crossed off your packing list!

Portable power sources

Camping doesn't mean you have to rough it all the way. Having portable power sources mean you can run campsite lights at night to help keep you and your family safe. Portable power sources mean you can run fans to keep you cool and keep bugs away while you sleep. Portable power sources can keep your portable fridge or cooler running so your food stays fresh and your beers stay cold!

Having portable power sources also helps you save money when you are staying in holiday parks. Because you have your own power supply to run your lights and other necessities, you do not have to pay extra to stay in a powered site. Unpowered sites cost less and this adds to your savings.

There are two popular portable power sources that campers use: inverter generators and portable solar panels. Each one has their own advantages, and you can choose which type to get for your family camping trip depending on your needs.

Inverter generators

There are two things that make inverter generators quite popular among camping enthusiasts; they are quiet and they are fuel-efficient. They are also more portable but a little more expensive than their traditional counterparts.

An inverter generator's motor can adjust its speed according to demand. This means it only uses power enough to run whatever gadget you have hooked up to it. So, if you are using it to charge let's say, your mobile phones, then the motor only powers up to fulfill that need. This is what makes an inverter generator fuel-efficient.

Because inverter generators are so quiet you won't disturb other campers. This makes it ideal to use on holiday parks. You save money on camping fees and you make your campsite more comfortable.

Portable solar panels

A portable solar panel is ideal to keep your auxiliary batteries charged while you are outdoors. Harnessing solar energy to power up camping appliances and lights is easy, safe and 100% free.

Camping solar panels do not emit smoke or make any type of sound so again, they are ideal to use when you are staying in holiday parks where there are other campers nearby. Solar panels come in a variety of sizes so you can easily find one that fits your needs and budget.

If you are a little short in vehicle space, a solar blanket or a folding solar panel is ideal. If you are camping with an RV, then getting a fixed solar panel and installing it on the roof of your vehicle is a great way to go.

Summing it up

Taking your family on a much needed camping trip is a great way to unwind and get away from the stress of city life. Your kids can enjoy swimming in lakes or rives and explore nature with you. You can go on hikes and just enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your family.

And you can make sure that your camping trip remains stress-free by being prepared. Part of preparing for a camping trip is to know exactly what you will need to keep everyone safe, comfortable and happy.

Here at Outbax, we firmly believe that preparing for a family camping trip need not be stressful. If you are shopping for outdoor gear for the first time, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions about our products and help you get the best outdoor gear deals today.

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