9 Reasons To Take Your Kids Camping In 2019

9 Reasons To Take Your Kids Camping In 2019

Yes, there is still time left this year to take your kid camping. And we have 9 good reasons why you should do it and we hope it would be enough to get you and your kids to bust out the camping gear, all rearing to go.

1. It teaches kids to holiday on a budget. It's never too early for kids to learn that they don't have to be rich to have a great vacay. Camping is a good way to show your children that they can have fun with their siblings, parents and even friends without spending a lot.

For example, why would you spend hundreds of dollars staying in hotels when you can set up camp in holiday parks for less than $50 a night? Oh and that $50 a night by the way are for POWERED sites. So if you have a backup power source like solar panels for camping or a portable generator, you can choose to stay in an unpowered site for as low as $15 a night.

2. Camping makes kids creative. Staying in an area that is hundreds of kilometres away from modern day comforts encourage kids to be creative. They get to figure out how to keep the campfire going even if it gets cold, where they can get firewood, how to best set up the tent, and more. And no - they do not have to use an app in their phones to help them do it.

3. Camping teaches your kids great survival skills. Far from the "survival skills" they get from playing Minecraft on their phones and tablets, camping teaches real-life, actual survival skills.

They get to build an actual fire. They get to cook their own food. They set up their own shelter. They learn how to keep themselves warm, stay hydrated and a lot of other skills. Okay, they would not have to fight off zombies but they do learn how to look after themselves in the outdoors, which is very important.

4. Camping teaches kids to appreciate nature. Spending time outdoors teaches kids to slow down and appreciate natural beauty. Take them exploring around your campsite and tell them you're going on a discovery hike.

They can name plants and flowers they "discover" after themselves. Not only is this a great way to nurture that childlike wonder and appreciation for adventure, you teach them to respect other living things, whether it be plants or animals.

5. Camping boosts confidence. Camping for the first time can be a little scary for kids. You are, after all, making them sleep away from the comfort and warmth of their own beds. But encouraging them to sleep under the stars and to not be afraid of the sounds of nature around them at night, actually builds character. They get to be more brave as the trip goes on and become more confident in their ability to deal with change. And oh, they get to brag to their friends how exciting it is to sleep in the wild.

6. Camping is a wonderful bonding opportunity for the family. Okay, this one's already been used so many times. But come on, it IS true. You really don't get to spend time with your kids on a daily basis - not even work from home parents get to do that.

Your kids go to school, they hang out with their friends after school and pretty much have lives of their own. Camping gives you the opportunity to chat with your kids, do fun things and create lasting memories in some great camping spots in Australia.

7. Camping = new friends. Developing confidence and a sense of adventure after every camping trip actually makes kids more friendly. They are not afraid to approach people, introduce themselves and make friends.

And if you're staying in a popular holiday park there's a good chance that your kids would meet other campers their own age. They get to make new friends and you don't have to spend the rest of the camping trip dealing with bored kids.

8. Camping teaches kids to be helpful. A sense of community is among the values your kids get when you take them camping. Seeing other campers come over to lend a hand pitching up a tent or starting a fire helps them realize that they too, can help others when needed. In a time when paranoia has become rampant, exposing kids to acts of kindness and generosity by strangers is a precious thing.

9. Camping is fun. It's really as simple as those three words. Camping. Is. Fun. Your kids get to enjoy freedom, they get to breathe clean air, go swimming, toast marshmallows and just enjoy being kids. It is an opportunity for them to explore and realize that their parents are actually cool and they can be themselves.

And there you have it. 9 reasons why you should take your kids to go camping. It's not too late - we still have 5 months left for 2019. What are you waiting for? Start packing and get the gang together already!

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