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Everything You Need to Know about Inflatable Spas

Everything You Need to Know about Inflatable Spas

Is there anything more luxurious than having a spa in your backyard? Imagine going home after a long day at work and soaking all that stress away! It's no wonder inflatable spas are highly popular in the country. Who wouldn't want a home upgrade like this? 

According to research commissioned by one of Australia's most prominent hotel franchise groups, 82% of Aussies under 35 are experiencing some stress. This makes Aussies the third most stressed citizens in the world!

Given the piled worries about finances and societal expectations, many Aussies opt for relaxing activities, and dipping in a portable spa is one of them. It has been proven effective in reducing stress, helping soothe aching muscles and joints, and improving sleep quality. The emergence of inflatable spas, sometimes called a "blow up spa," paved the way for a more accessible, less expensive hot tub soaking experience. 

Are you interested? Before grabbing your phone to search for "inflatable spa Australia," read through this guide first to make sure you get the inflatable spa that is best for you.

Are Inflatable Spas Worth It? 

An inflatable spa is less expensive than its hard-shell counterpart but is not cheap either. This is why, before purchasing, it's understandable to ask, "Are inflatable spas any good?" 

Here's the good news, though: getting a blow-up spa is worth every penny! It gives you that authentic spa experience without paying as much. Whether you want some me-time on the weekend or a quick catch-up with a few friends, this is the perfect venue to ensure a fun time.

A blow-up spa is also easier to set up and operate while delivering impressive durability. In particular, our Bestway inflatable spas at Outbax are made of Tritech material and have double-welded seams for increased protection against punctures. They take a few minutes to assemble and are equipped with advanced features like touch control panels for easy settings adjustment. 

Lastly, a blow-up spa wins in portability. The easy-inflate/deflate feature allows you to easily take this to events, campouts, and vacation homes! If you love sinking yourself in a warm, soothing bath now and then, you'll love having this around at home or on outdoor trips.

Inflatable Spa vs. Hot Tub: Inflatable Spa vs. Hot Tub: Why Opt for a Blow-up Spa?

Dreaming of your own hot tub at home? Why not get a more portable version instead? While traditional ones are great, an inflatable hot tub or spa has its advantages, too. If you need help deciding which to purchase, read about some of the best perks of a blow-up spa compared to a conventional hot tub.


With an initial outlay of $500 to $1000, an inflatable spa is an affordable investment that anyone can enjoy. A typical spa treatment in any major city can cost around $125 to $200. This means that the price of an inflatable spa is equivalent to only three visits to a resort or luxury spa. Comparing this cost with a built-in hot tub, it will take a homeowner around 100 uses to recuperate the latter's installation cost. 

There is also a notion among homeowners that installing a portable hot tub will increase their home value. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Like swimming pools, adding a hot tub can increase or decrease your property value, depending on the home's location. 

For example, home buyers in the Southern Territory will likely be less impressed with a hot tub as they enjoy a much hotter climate than their neighbouring regions. This doesn't sound very reassuring, considering a hot tub can cost as much as $20,000 (for outdoor models). If this is the case, homeowners are better off investing their hard-earned money in inflatable spas, costing as low as $500.


An inflatable portable spa can be set up anywhere, while an installed, hard-shell tub stays fixed in one location. You also need to consider installation fees, timeframe, and materials here. In contrast, with a blow-up portable spa, you need to inflate and fill it with water in less than an hour. Easy. 

Also, imagine if you need to move houses. In this case, the chances of bringing your hot tub with you are nil. You'll have to purchase and install another one when you move to your new house. 

On the other hand, portable inflatable spas are considered personal property and can be brought wherever you go. Investing your money in equipment guaranteed to give you a significant return on investment (in spa benefits) is better than investing it in a home renovation that may or may not add value to your home.

As mentioned above, a blow-up spa is also easier to transport and allows you to enjoy a cosy dip wherever you like. Want to enjoy a relaxing spa while camping under the stars? Sure, just have a reliable power source to plug it in, and you can have that warm bath right away. 


You don't need to waste time or money regularly maintaining a blow-up spa. For hygienic reasons, built-in hot tubs require regular cleaning even when seldom used. 

An inflatable hot tub is relatively easy to clean. Just drain the water, thoroughly dry the spa, and deflate it. Some models even come with a bag for easy storage until you're ready to use it again. It's designed for convenience, allowing you to enjoy the spa more than maintain it. 


Massage jets? Rapid heating? Comfy seats? You can get all this in one blow-up spa! That's right, the continuous advancements of inflatable spas have now made it possible for users to enjoy most features found in traditional hot tubs. 

In fact, some spas even go the extra mile. For instance, our Bestway inflatable spas at Outbax have models with LED lights! You can also add some inflatable spa accessories, such as drink holders and shades, for an even better experience.


An inflatable portable spa is also designed for easy use, in addition to a quick, convenient setup. This is especially true with newer, more advanced models equipped with digital control panels for easier settings adjustment. 

Many inflatable hot tubs on the market also feature a rapid heating system to enjoy your warm bath without the long wait time. Need more convincing? Check out our Bestway inflatable spas at Outbax for the best features, including a filtration touch pump to help keep your hot tub water clean with minimal effort.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Spa

A quick search of "inflatable spa Australia" will give you a lot of information and shopping suggestions. To help narrow your choices, here are some of the top factors to consider when choosing an inflatable portable spa.

Size and Capacity

Yes, size matters when it comes to choosing an inflatable spa. Lucky for you, these products come in various sizes that can easily accommodate 2, 4 and up to 6 adults at a time. So it depends on how much space you have available at home and how many people will use the spa.

It is essential to understand that the capacity printed on the box or product description is the MAXIMUM number of adults that can fit in the portable spa. If you want space between yourself and other people who will use the inflatable hot tub with you, make sure you buy the next size up.

Here is an example: suppose you want to buy an inflatable spa that will fit your four-person household. We suggest buying a six-person spa instead to get that extra room. However, you must also remember that a larger blow-up spa will cost more to maintain. If you want to prioritise your budget over comfort, you can choose a two-person spa or a four-person spa instead.


Inflatable spas are also available in various shapes:

Square inflatable spas are perfect if you have little space in your home. This can be set up in a corner of your property or indoors.

Round inflatable spas are ideal if you have space to spare on your property. They tend to be bigger and occupy more space than square-shaped spas.

To help you determine what shape to choose, measure the area where you plan to set up your spa. This will allow you to determine just how big of a spa you want and ultimately decide on its shape.

Filtration System

Some portable spas have a water filtration system as an additional feature. Water naturally contains minerals that can cause deposits in the form of sludge. This can significantly reduce your unit's shelf life, so it's important to check whether your chosen brand and model have one as an accessory.

There are also inflatable spa models that include a floating chlorinator or a sanitising system to eliminate any bacteria that usually reside in water. 

Heating System

No portable spa is complete without a sound heating system. However, while heat is excellent, you must ensure the unit can sustain a comfortable temperature, or you'll be forced to soak in too cold or too hot water. As a rule, the water in a spa (regardless of whether it's built-in or portable) should not exceed 104 °F or 40 °C.


Your inflatable spa's control panel should be easily accessible, simple to understand, and effortless to operate. After all, having a hot tub at home is relaxing and relieving stress. Dealing with confusing controls defeats this purpose entirely.

Ensure the control panel is conveniently located within arm's reach while in the hot tub. It's counterproductive to constantly get up to adjust settings like temperature or air jets.

While built-in spas typically come with their control panels, inflatable spas primarily rely on digital interfaces. A straightforward push-button system allows users to control temperature and water jets easily. Unfortunately, not all brands prioritise user convenience in their control panel designs. Some require users to leave the tub just to adjust settings.

Additionally, ensure that the display on your inflatable hot tub is bright and easy to read, eliminating the need for extra lighting to operate the controls.

Pump and Jets

The pump is the most critical component of your portable spa, as it is responsible for circulating the water, inflating the tub, and powering the jets. The pump and heater are in the same place in a typical setup. The pump is also armed with a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter to avoid potential electric shocks.

Because all inflatable spas come with bubble jets, this is another essential factor to consider. You would want a unit with hydro jets to get a great massage as you soak in the warm water.


Additional inflatable spa accessories add comfort to your soaking experience. Below are some of the most popular add-ons you can get if you plan to buy a portable spa: 

  • Cover
  • Headrests
  • Seat cushions
  • LED lights
  • Drink and snack holder
  • Extra patch kit


Always consider your budget when shopping around for an inflatable spa. Sure, you want something to help you soak the stress away, but blowing through your budget is stressful, and spas can be costly. Take your time to compare spa sizes and features to get the best value for your money.

It also helps to read product reviews online so you would know exactly what you are about to spend your money on. Check out warranty information, accessories, and other features to be sure you will get an inflatable spa that fits your needs and budget.

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