How to Solve the Camping Problem of No Toilet, No Internet & More

How to Solve the Camping Problem of No Toilet, No Internet & More

We understand that camping is not everyone's cup of tea. You have to go without a lot of the modern luxuries we are now used to. Or do you? Whether you need to convince an anti-camping friend to come with you, or you're not too keen on camping yourself, here are some ways to make your camping trip (nearly) as comfortable as home!

No toilet

We know it's a scary thought for many people to go without our modern toilets but you can come pretty close to what you've got at home. There are many portable camping toilets available, from dry chemical ones to completely flushing ones. You can even bring eco friendly and biodegradable toilet paper. Problem solved.

No hot water

When you're out in the bush for a few days, sometimes the only thing you really feel like is a nice hot shower. If you've decided against an established camping spot with a shower block then this can be pretty hard to come by, but good alternatives still exist. For example, there are some great portable solar heated showers. Just hang the bag up in the sun, watch the water heat up on the thermometer and when it gets to a decent temperature jump in!

No fridge

You'll start having some respect for the way our ancestors lived when you go camping without a fridge. Fridges are essential for fresh fruit and veggies, cold drinks, dairy and meat. There's nothing like a beer and a good sausage sandwich when you're camping, so what can you do? We recommend getting your hands on a portable fridge and freezer. This one won the Australian 4WD Monthly magazine's Best Compact Fridge. Or if you're budget conscious, just grab a cheap esky!

No electricity

Even if you're at an unpowered camp site you can still bring some gadgets along to help you light up your site and charge your phone. We recommend either a sturdy generator or portable solar panels to keep lights, small appliances and laptops going. Other ways to get power are through solar powered and crankable torches and phone chargers.

No internet

Do you really need the internet on your camping trip? Really? If it's absolutely essential then you can bring a WiMAX device or get this cool tablet that uses satellite navigation even without 3G or a Wifi connection. There really are gadgets for everything these days.

Australia's best supplier for camping gears

Whether it's your first time to go camping or not, a good source of cool camping equipments is available online. Outbax ships products for free and offers some discounts. These gears also come with a 12-month warranty. Its website is very user-friendly and provides all the specs a camper needs.

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