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How to Set Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors

How to Set Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors

If you like the idea of relaxing in your own spa at home but you do not want to build a permanent hot tub, then an inflatable spa is what you are looking for. You can place your inflatable hot tub almost anywhere as long as it has a flat surface. It does not matter if you want it placed outdoors or indoors. You can even have it in your basement. This is because it is portable, and you can bring it anywhere.

If it is your first time owning an inflatable spa, you are probably still apprehensive on how to set it up correctly. You might be worried you could be doing it in an unconventional way. This is especially true if you are setting it up indoors. Setting up an inflatable hot tub indoors can be more challenging than outside your home where there is more ample space. Before we get into setting it up, is it okay to place your inflatable hot tub indoors in the first place? The answer is yes, as inflatable spas are highly portable. You can effortlessly transfer them to specific locations, such as your bathroom, basement, garden, or campsite. However, you need to check several things before you set it all up.

Water and flooring

When you get in and out of the hot tub, expect that water will drop off your floor constantly. This is not a problem when you install it outdoors. However, if you are setting your inflatable spa indoors, you should think about the flooring, especially if you have a carpeted or a wooden floor. You might see yourself mopping the floor persistently, as the water can damage it or spread to other rooms. If your flooring is made of tiles or concrete, it could cause people to slip. Good thing there is a temporary solution to this. Placing old towels on the floor will absorb the water, which can keep people from slipping over.


You must understand that hot tubs can heat up to 40 °C. When the steam is in use and the lid is not covered, this can cause the room to become damp. Imagine how your bathroom looks like when you are having a steamy shower. To keep this from happening, always make sure that the room is adequately ventilated and keep all the windows and doors open whilst you are having a dip in your inflatable hot tub.


Once the inflatable spa is filled with water, it will become considerably heavier. Knowing that, you have to make sure that the flooring is sturdy enough to bear and support its weight. With these things in mind, here are the steps to guide you through the whole process of safely setting up your blow up spa inside the comfort of your home.

1. Select an appropriate location

Before you set up your inflatable spa, the foremost step is to find a good spot for it. If you desire to place your inflatable hot tub indoors, it is perfectly fine as long as you have an accessible water supply and proper drainage. It is recommended that you place your inflatable hot tub somewhere inside your home where the floor getting wet is not an issue. The ideal room would be a ventilated one, which can support the weight of your inflatable spa, particularly when it is filled up with water. On top of everything, do not forget to clear the area before placing your inflatable spa. Watch out for sharp objects and rough spots, as they could puncture or damage your inflatable hot tub. You don't want your home to be filled with water.

2. Take the time to read the owner's manual

You might think that reading the owner's manual is a waste of time. However, setting up something that you are not familiar with without reading the instructions is rather an erroneous idea. Instead of doing it correctly, something could go wrong which could lead you to spend additional money and time. For instance, connecting something that is not really supposed to go there will only cause breakage or damage to the product. If you attempt to connect a cord incorrectly and force it, it can become jammed. You'll be wrecking the entire thing in a heartbeat. You will need to purchase a new one in order to replace the one you broke. This is where you have to invest more money and time, as you will possibly need to wait a couple of days before they deliver it to you. Do not skip reading the manual. Being keen on details will save you more time and cash compared to figuring out how to do it on your own. Aside from the manual, you may want to watch some videos on the internet to ensure that you are doing it perfectly.

3. Assemble it for inflation

The next thing you need to do is to take the inflatable hot tub out of the parcel, lay it out where you aim to use it, and fasten the inflation valve safely to the liner.

4. Start inflating it

Inflate the hot tub using the provided pump. Plug the pump in and fasten the inflation hose to both tubs and the pump. Switch on the pump and inflate the spa portions consecutively if there are countable sections (once more, check the instructions if you are not quite sure how to do it).

5. Affix the filter

Thrust the water filter into the covering and wrench the sheath onto the outlet valve and fuse. This is normally closer to the bottom interior of the tub.

6. Fill the inflatable hot tub with water

If the garden hose is accessible where you place your inflatable hot tub, it will be considerably more tranquil whilst you are filling it. If you are not sure how high you should fill it, most hot tubs include a fill dash on the inner wall.

7. Initiate the inflatable hot tub

This is the most exciting part. Locate the heat knob on the pump, press it, and you are free to adjust the water to your preferred temperature. If you are wondering how hot the water should be, almost all units can heat up to a maximum of 104 °C. This is the safe level in accordance to industry standards.

8. Do not over inflate your inflatable hot tub

When you are in the process of inflating your hot tub, always keep in mind that you should not over inflate it. Here are the two reasons why: First, if you over inflate your spa, you are depositing strain on the seams. Performing this can weaken them and can result in leaking or even ripping. If you examine the reviews on websites such as Amazon, you will discover reviews stating that their inflatable hot tubs leaked immediately. It is highly probable that these people were not mindful of this tip, and they have over inflated their inflatable spas, leading to the water leaking out of the seams. Second, when you fill your inflatable hot tub with water, there should be a compact give in the inflatable spa walls. The reason is that the water can be as heavy as 2,000 lbs. If the walls are too stiff from retaining too much air, the entire weight will deform the shape of the inflatable spa. Furthermore, this can also dump stress onto the connectors and seams which can result in leakages.

9. Keep the water sanitised by adding chemicals

As the owner, you are required to maintain the water on your Bestway pools sanitised and at the right pH levels. This is to keep your inflatable hot tub running properly. This is also beneficial to your health, as dirty water can cause health problems. According to SA Health,the most necessary part in spa care is keeping the water disinfected and clean at all times. With the proper use of pool chemicals and the healthy management of the disinfection, recirculation, and filtration setup, a well-maintained Bestway pool can supply you hours of enjoyment. Take note that if your spa is not properly maintained after each use, it can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms, which can be a starting point for terrible illnesses. By implementing these steps, you can have your pump working properly without dealing with hard water build-up. You are keeping your water clean and sanitised and prevent the population of green algae from increasing.

Recognise the benefits

After identifying the steps in setting up your inflatable hot tub indoors, you should also be aware of the advantages it could bring to your life. One of the benefits you could acquire from having an inflatable hot tub at home is that you will be able to use it in frigid weather. If you are currently living in a cold state in Australia, trying to keep your inflatable spa warm when it is cold outside is not an excellent choice nor is it an easy task. Besides, you could end up damaging your hot tub, particularly if some parts end up freezing and getting disfigured. Placing your inflatable hot tub indoors will allow you to continuously cherish your hot tub during the colder seasons. When it comes to maintaining its cleanliness, your inflatable spa shouldn't be that dirty when it is placed indoors. However, it still needs to be covered and cleaned when you are not using it to maximise its use. As previously mentioned, you have to include chemicals and check their levels, so the water won't start to cultivate bacteria, which could cause skin irritations. Another advantage of choosing an inflatable spa over a permanent hot tub is that you can conveniently purchase one online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. It excludes further costs and saves you time from personally going to stores. If you are longing to acquire an inflatable hot tub but the work-intensive shopping and long-drawn-out system procedure discourages you, then consider the job done with Bestway pools.

Suggested inflatable indoor hot tubs

Majority of inflatable hot tubs are safe to place inside your home along with appropriate planning and safety measures. However, some of them require more to setup for indoor enjoyment. Lay-Z-Spa Miami is an excellent hot tub and was made for indoor and outdoor use. It only requires 10 minutes to set up, and you do not need to use any tools. Other inflatable hot tubs easily accumulate infectious bacteria, whilst the Lay-Z-Spa Miamiis properly self-sterilising. This inflatable spa is also perfect for you if you are into camping.

Make your move

Having an inflatable hot tub at home is not only good for your family and friends, but it is also beneficial for your overall well-being. Relaxing in your inflatable spa relieves stress, headaches, muscle pains, and joint injuries. At the same time, it increases blood circulation and offers other health benefits. You can also use an inflatable hot tub for parties, whether it is summer or winter. Your family and friends will surely love taking a dip in it. To enjoy the full benefits of an inflatable spa, seek the best one.

Typically purchasing a fragile or low-quality inflatable hot tub only makes things worse. Fortunately, OutbaxCamping offers you high-quality inflatable spas that will save you cash from repeatedly investing in a breakable blow up spa. On top of that, we also offer durable and high-quality camping gear that can last for years. For your peace of mind, we provide you a 24-hour dispatch guarantee, along with a special 60-day return. Aside from this, you do not need to worry about paying for the shipping fee, as we deliver for free in certain locations. What are you waiting for? Browse through our products today and find the excellent inflatable hot tub and camping equipment that will accommodate your needs.